Hummer H2 JBE for SnowRunner

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Published by Jboosted (mod ID: 307404)


The Hummer H2 didn't live very long (2003 to 2009). Just a reminder this is a scout. This build might not be everyone's cup of tea. Nothing should be locked, but let me know. Make sure to read the description of items in the garage. Some items work with other items in the garage and some rear bumpers don't have tow hitches but still tow.

Should work with Subscribe only.

Any custom assets contained in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the artist. They are used in this package with explicit license extension for this use. DO NOT attempt to utilize them in any way in your own mods. Violation of this can and has led to account bans, and further actions will be taken as necessary.

Tweak List:

- Default transmissions untouched but added JBE transmission

- Did some light work on this truck (3rd brake light, better reverse lights. Default reverse lights look terrible)

- Adjusted engine specs

- Increased fuel capacity from 22 gallons to 42 gallons (80L to 157L)

- More paint color options

- Adjusted default suspensions and added JBE flex suspension

- More Miscellaneous items. (Lots of supply options, In-cab supplies. I try to turn a lot of empty, unusable space into usable space on my builds)

- Added a Stronger and Longer Autonomous Scout Winch

- Few more front and rear bumper options

- Scout trailers, 2 JBE trailers, if subbed to BM17 build + trailers (no semi trailers)

- Handbrake is connected to front and rear

- Added a variety of wheel/tire options

- Added Quasimiyao wheels/tires (Permission to use)

- Weight of vehicle tweaked

dolesen Addon color mod:

FOXCRF450RIDER Off road Trailers mod:

Poghrim Custom Trailers:

Again, let me know if anything is bugging or not working. Let me know if I should adjust anything or add something. Thank you ; )

12.26.20 Updates 0.7

- Added new custom JBoosted rims in Black and Silver with Poghrim tires (Amazing work by Poghrim)

12.22.20 Updates 0.6

- Updated all UiNames for wheels (Example: H2 Rim 1, H2 Rim 2)
- Minor lighting tweaks
- Adjusted wheel specs on Quasi and JBE tires

Updates coming:






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ArefTheGreat @arefthegreat

Hey there dear JBE!
I am really happy to see you back here!
considering that you seem to be revisiting your previous mods, I wanted to suggest considering the front axles of the H2 IRL are independent, it could be cool if you could also tweak the front axles on this guy to be also independent!
However, dealing with the camber angles and tweaking the weights might be a hassle.

Pinky_pig215 @pinky-pig215


tonterijuha86 @tonterijuha86

Console release?

wemustang808 @theyoungs

this mode I'm looking forward to come to console

Dovemcc @dovemcc

You working on anything lately bud for the console ps5 โœŒ๏ธ

Seviyaniko @seviyaniko

Consola ๐Ÿ™

JuicyFruits @juicyfruits

i don't think it will make the cut due to branding

nicouruz7 @nicouruz7

salut; pourquoi dis tu ca ? toutes les marques du jeux de base sont disponible en mod sur ps4; quelle serait la raison?

JuicyFruits @juicyfruits

No brands of trucks that are new mods are allowed on consoles and only select brands are allowed on consoles as vehicle tweaks but hummer is it one of them

RebelTrx01 @rebel-trx-01

Hey JBE have you thought about doing a modded white western star or the p12 sorry if this has been asked already or even the gmc mh9500

GazaBadIndian @gazabadindian

Console please !!!!

CoRRin203 @corrin203

Hope to be able to add this to my line up for console. Looks like a lot of fun to use and keeping my fingers crossed.

BoostedGT @boostedgt

Het buddy love your Mods on PS4 any idea if and when this will be arriving ?

KYPATRIOT76 @kypatriot76

Cant wait for this on xbox my friends and i are really enjoying the tweaked version of regular vehicles in game ......its actually makes the game fun to play again so thanks for the mods

Bolyhoska @balazsmozes

Nice work! I really like this mod. I suggest a small change: the headlight is very strong. Disturbing in Alaska.
Is it normal that I can't lift the H2 with the PC-320 heavy crane?

Jboosted @jboosted

I'll adjust the headlights. I did add weight to this build.

kajonrage @kajonrage

What a next beauty are you preparing for us? I think all of us are just too much excited for your next work :33 <3

PBC56aCe333 @coffeymachine333

Like it, now I'd also love to see the H1 with suspension lift, big tires and a military look

RobsGotAGun @robsgotagun

Jboosted Hopefully this Update you made will Kick it to Console Approval, it's past Due for JBE Mods!! Lol

Jboosted @jboosted

I was just informed that Modded/Tweaked GM trucks wont be heading to console anytime soon. Working on the P16 and Tuz 420 to head to console though.

Jboosted @jboosted

haha, I know. I decided to DM them and ask why I didn't have any mods on console. I got some updates to do on my other builds now.