Highrock County for SnowRunner

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Published by Remoh667 (mod ID: 144963)


You need to be in the public test server to use the map at this time or you will not have fuel stations or any of the new update items

Update August 3

I have added 5 new missions (total of 15, many having multiple stages to complete) added new roads and points of interest, fixed many terrain and road issues, added lighting and road signage.

Thanks to Tazmanyak for helping me clean up a bunch of issues

About The Map

A mix of terrain from sand to swamps to rock crawling with a long winding paved road system. 15 missions you need to find with varying difficulty(from repairing a ski lift to building an oil derrick) 6 Watchpoints (no animations yet), 1 main garage and repair/fuel hubs around the world. Lots of hauling and lots of trailing to be found.

If you have any suggestions or things you find are out of place just let me know and I will see what I can do to improve the world

Have a good adventure









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wegnerlathe @wegnerlathe

Very nice map. Looks more beautiful than the last one. I exspecially like the harbour and the sandy beaches of the river to the west. Bridge building animation works great.
Good is the reduction on starting cars.
Sugestion perhaps for next time just american cars for an american themed map.

Remoh667 @na2088304

Subscribe should work. Just use the PTS server

busterblox5 @busterblox5

Does subscribe work? or i have to manually install it?

aitorgallastegui @aitorgallastegui

Hola me gustaría jugar este mapa pero no se como hacerlo.
He descargado el mapa por suscripción y aparece en los mods pero no lo encuentro en el juego,si alguien me puede
ayudar se agradece.Gracias

Remoh667 @na2088304

Let the map save, close the map and reopen it again and you should have the mod tools. Use the public test sever too

Remoh667 @na2088304

Are you using the public test server or the regular game? You have to be in the test server for the missions

addy007 @addy007

Installed map after the new update but it won't load, just keep sending me back to the main menu. Too bad, I have already played it before the update, it is an awesome fun map

Kapitaenosavrvs @kapitaenosavrvs

Beautiful Map! Thanks and keep up the Good work. Has a nice Atmosphere and is totally worth playing :) I just had the Problem with a not working Garage, so i couldn't recover or change anything to the Vehicles. Deinstalled it and am trying again afterwards. Still. I Had a Ton of fun until now. I LOVE the mixed in sandy Parts!

Remoh667 @na2088304

Thanks for the great comment. The garages are hit or miss right now but it will work soon enough. Thanks for subscribing

Kapitaenosavrvs @kapitaenosavrvs

Thanks for that. I was a bit stupid, too. I forgot that you have to start the Map, then leave to the menu and click on continue, to have the Dev Kit available. Works this way for now. I need to write something positive again. Its the overall Design of the Map. Its not just random Stuff. E.g. the Bridge Mission. It is so well done. You have to cross the River at the crossing parts to deliver the Steel to the other side and so on. It is kind of forced, which is great Missiondesign! Bridge works now, after reinstalling the Map. This is by far the most fun modmap to date for me. Thank you for that. Also the smooth Pavement roads, which are great for testing Roadwheels for the first time, haha.

JurpoT-44 @jurpot-44

Beautiful map! Even when I tried to recover a flipped truck, it spawned another one on top of the overturned one...

Remoh667 @na2088304

Haha. Definitely still the test server. Thanks for checking the map out

99966669999966699669 @99966669999966699669

Whenever I load the map I end up back on the main menu.

Edit: okay thought "public test server" was literally a server. Im dling the pts now.

Edit2: Was able to load the map successfully on the test thingie. :)

Remoh667 @na2088304

Glad you got it working. Hope you have a good run

campbellsoup3030 @campbellsoup3030

it downloaded on the regular game but it just says in queue forever on pts

Remoh667 @na2088304

Thanks for the heads up. The pts seems a little wonky with the maps after the last update the other day. Im hopefully going to update the map this evening with a bunch of fixes so hopefully that will help

campbellsoup3030 @campbellsoup3030

thanks it works now! definitely my new favorite map no doubt about it. great job man.

guille2226 @guille2226

hola amiguitos...como se instala el mapa???

Remoh667 @na2088304

You just need to subscribe to it. It takes a while to download, large file size

guille2226 @guille2226

ya estoy subscrito...pero el juego me dice q no puedo conectarme a los servidores....ayudaaaaaaaa