Heritage 54 Ramp Truck for SnowRunner

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Heritage 54 Ramp Truck

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Presenting the first ramp truck in SnowRunner! Based on an old COE (Cab-Over Engine) Truck, this mod was designed to be a support hauler for smaller vehicles. It has been built to be realistic within the world of SnowRunner. As such, cargo is limited to trailers only. Depending on the size of the vehicle loaded on the ramp bed, you may be unable to attach any trailer. The Ramp Truck is capable and surprisingly stable, but stay away from deep mud and extreme off-road obstacles. This truck has real limits and will not do everything.


  • Ramped bed for hauling smaller vehicles (Most scouts and smaller trucks such as the CAT TH357 or TUZ 16)
  • Custom 4WD conversion including transfer case and solid front axle
  • Selectable 4WD and Diff Lock
  • Exclusive "Huscarl" (All Terrain / Chained) and "Fenrir" (Off-road) PogTires featuring custom wheel tracks and finishes courtesy of Poghrim
  • Onboard repair points, fuel and spare tires
  • Active Haul and Raised suspension options
  • Access to scout trailers
  • Animated fan in the engine bay
  • Realistic cab-on-frame flex
  • Custom landmark model
  • Detailed interior with working mirrors
  • Realistic crane and winch points
  • Interior and exterior customization options
  • 36 different colors to choose from

Known Issues:

  • Some vehicles may clip through the ramp bed after travelling to another map. A quick Unpack/Pack may correct this.
  • Some vehicles may exhibit highly compressed suspensions when traversing over repeated rough terrain. A quick Unpack/Pack corrects this.

Future Plans:

  • Angry Visor
  • Cab Lights
  • Texture Improvements


  • Base model is from cgtrader
  • Custom wheels, tires and associated textures are by Poghrim
  • All other textures and model alterations are by me

Special Thanks:

This is my first true "truck" into the game. This mod has been in development for over seven months. Everything I've learned so far revolves around this truck. It is far from perfect in my eyes but I'm proud of how far I've progressed to finally see it in the game doing what I envisioned. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this project and encouraged me to keep pushing even when motivation stalled. There are a few people that I need to explicitly thank though:

  • PuppyMaster - You planted the seed and got me hooked. You inspired me to get my feet wet and I jumped in head first. Thank you for your friendship, knowledge and support during this build and over the past year.
  • Poghrim - You have taught me so much and continue to tutor me as I improve my skill set. Thank you for trusting me with your knowledge and for once again, the amazing wheels and tires.
  • Maxmike181 - Thank you for rigging the truck and helping me understand the process better. I appreciate all the ideas and feedback you've passed on during development.
  • Quasimiyao - Thank you for all the encouraging and supportive messages along the way even when I hit road blocks and wanted to give up. Thank you for helping me learn things with blender I never knew before as well as all the wonderful tips and tricks.
  • DeathCoreBoy1 - Thanks for all the supportive chats and helpful tips along the way. Thanks for helping me add some additional polish.

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Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

Poghrim updated his trailer pack, he added a sweet little 2 slot single axle 5th wheel trailer. If you could work with him on suspension height and tire size, that trailer would be awesome on this truck!!!

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

First thing I thought was.... Jeepers Creepers style repair body with flat power wagon style fenders covering the outside dually. Excellent mod man, thanks.

Ps Poghrims tires need to be on everything... Especially the Fenrir's!

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console 🤘

DemonicChaosXIII @demonicchaosxiii

Damn, that was quick. Pc version one day. Console next. Hell yea!! Niw for the devs to give it to us!!!

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

HELL YEA. Devs, don't F*CK THIS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gearhead77 @gearhead77

Thanks for caring about us console people!

MockPepper22627 @mockpepper22627

Cause it’s for console

Bobepic @bobepic

When is it coming

JacobKeithLittle @jacobkeithlittle

I think you'll see this one sometime during the week. Just my opinion though.

itshythens @itshythens

U cant tell and thats for all mods

JacobKeithLittle @jacobkeithlittle

I guess I could tell, what do ya know? It's not the first time either. They have a testing process and they are focusing more on new mods. I have talked to the devs about it, I told them to maybe prioritize new mods since they get released and everyone on console sees them and wants to use them as soon as they can. I also asked if they could prioritize johnjohnhotrods mods as people seemed to want them and the next four days they were coming out. I think people maybe just need to ask without saying how much of a ****** job they did and they listen to some degree.

JacobKeithLittle @jacobkeithlittle

Is it really?

Nightkiller56 @nightkiller56

lets go console.