Heavy Haul - the cargo weight realism tweak for SnowRunner

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Published by Gumides (mod ID: 166087)



Warning! This mod increases the difficulty of the game considerably!

  • It is easier to get stuck in the mud and tip over, mistakes will be punishing.
  • Your fuel economy will suffer, and deliveries will take longer.
  • It will require route planning, truck and trailer choice matters more.
  • Some trucks won't be able to carry cargo AND tow a trailer.
  • There is a logical progression of weights achieved to keep it realistic, wood is lightest and concrete super heavy.
  • But all of that makes the gameplay more tense and satisfying, so if you're up to the challange, welcome :)

At first i was planning to input realistic values, however that wouldnt work in reality of the game, without a huge rebalance of engines, suspensions, tires, trailers and cranes.

But i still wanted to make the game more difficult, especially if using tweaked/modded trucks that make it too easy.

So instead i have decided for a mix or reality and gameplay so it's perfectly balanced, as all cargo should be.

I've also taken great care and long testing to make sure even the heaviest cargo is deliverable even with Vanilla trucks.

It's almost mandatory to use the OFF ROAD TRAILERS by the incredible FOXCRF450RIDER.

Wisconsin Phase 3 Update!

  • Added the 4 types of new cargo to the mod
  • Logging untouched for now, it works differently then others and seems fine anyway
  • Sequoia 5 slot is now the heaviest thing to transport, i feel Phase 3 and new trucks demand increase in difficulty.
  • Updated spreadsheet added, consult for all new values, diffrent colors for each DLC.

Installation Instructions:

I take no responsibility for damages if you didnt back up!!

It can be combined with other inital.pak mods as long as it doesnt use the same files.

  1. Make a backup somewhere safe of .\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\initial.pak
  2. Unpack my mod with winrar
  3. Open initial.pak from your game with winrar, and then drag and drop the [media] folder from the mod you want to activate
  4. Load the game and test
  5. ???
  6. Profit in better experience!
  7. To update, just override with new files, it's perfectly safe.

To reverse, replace the initial.pak with your backup.

Many thanks to Tazmanyak for his incredible amount of help with testing and ideas.

Happy trucking!

Try out my other mod, since you will be spending more time in the mud :)

Immersion and Realism

















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archichoice @archichoice

This is one of the best mods for people who love complication. I hope that in the fourth phase it will be updated. Thank you for the mod!

Hichigo002 @hichigo002

hello can u put this mod in console plz

Galawieprzowa @galawieprzowa

Hello , the mod is great, and I'm really enjoying the game right now but I think that medium logs are slightly too light ( CAT 745C is unnaturally bouncing no matter if unloaded or loaded) ,long logs are pretty fine anyway :)

denizmahmut @denizmahmut

Thank you very much for the update. But just now they released a new update 12.2. Can I just copy your files and continue playing? Or do you have to update again?

Gumides @gumides

you can use it, the update didn't change anything relating to cargo so it still works fine :)

denizmahmut @denizmahmut

Thank you very much! It feels strange playing without this mod once you get accustomed to it :)

Gumides @gumides

Update now released.

rostden1 @rostden1

Для крайней версии будет обновление?????

c.wert @cwert


cody206 @codyalexander206

Is this coming to console?

Krakenous @krakenous

Guess this needs updating for latest update 11 again? Although perhaps not looking at patch notes, just a re-installation of the files lol.

Hurikan87 @hurikan87

Hi, is your mod compatibile with Realism Overhaul V2? I use this mod and when i instal your, then all cargo from trailers disappeared and cargo in factory is unavaible.

Gumides @gumides

Hurikan87 It used to be... even Realism ovehaul v2 linked to my mod in his description, and i haven't updated in a while so i dont know what changed. ask him :)

Alex.furkay @alexfurkay

It's a good modification, thanks for normalizing the game!

lnomsim2 @lnomsim1

Hello, when trying to use your mod with off-road trailers, the trailers disappear from the map and I can't load cargo into the trucks.
I haven't tried playing with only your mod yet, but any idea where the problem might come from?

sehmisaab @sehmisaab

Bro your Mod is flawless. Yesterday i found a problem. With your default mod i wad having hard time lifting Fuel Cargo woth CAT Telehandler. it was too heavy for it. even if i it will rollover. Instead of making loads lighter can u make telehandler little more powerful.?

Gumides @gumides

Thank you sehmisaab!! :)
The Telehandler is too light and too weak to barely handle even the base game cabins for which it was added for :D
Sadly i cannot add a tweak to it since its a Season Pass (DLC) Vehicle and that is still forbidden. I'll see if i can maybe improve at least the forks or something.

Staam_AP @staam-ap

Этот мод надо назвать " Я задрот конченый и играю только хардкор". Не думаю что такое задротство даст положительный эффект от игры.


Alex.furkay @alexfurkay

Чел тыы. Вспомни оригинальный Spintires, или же Mudrunner, разве в них было такое? В Mudrunner так вообще только хардкор, средняя скорость около нуля блт, а этот ваш полупиорский сноураннер слишком, намного слишком облегчён, я практически не застреваю даже будучи фулл гружёным и на не очень крутых колёсах. Эта версия игры требует усложнения, она сейчас не приносит мне такого, как было раньше: ауеть я проехал это бесконечное гвно осталось всего ещё 6427814 таких же и я доставлю эти 4 бревна. Вот тебе пример. Начальная зимняя карта - Аляска, задание привести огроменный полуприцеп с буром, длиной в три урала и высотой в ~8 метров (увидишь - поймёшь). Я взял лёгкий грузовик, и чисто на спокухичах этот "тяжеленный" груз перевёз, и это блт совсем не норма. И ещё кое что, "я казуальщик конченный и играю толбко в изимоды". Мораль думайте сами

narcosha @narcosha

У тебя просто руки из жопы растут, облегчая игру в десятки раз: создавая машины, которые значительно облегчают игру, что подчеркивает твою рукожопость!

Quasimiyao @quasimiyao

This comment should be called "I know best and decide how everyone should play this game". I don't think such comments will have a positive effect on the game.