HD-750 for SnowRunner

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Published by JohnJohnHotRod (mod ID: 1964570)


The HD-750 is a medium-duty rig built to ultra-scout specs.

This is on the extreme side of medium-duty trucks with its wide stance chassis, large tires, and widebody fender flares which increase the width of the main cabin by over 1 foot.

If you’ve ever seen one of these trucks IRL with a service body, they are massive… this is BIGGER.

These trucks are pretty popular to customize for people willing to drop 200k or more on a rig and you’ll typically see them with custom flatbeds or stock pickup beds.

To make things a bit more interesting I built a one-off service body with styling cues from the manufactures HD lineup. It also has open/close tool cabinets and a tailgate.

*If you like No Damage suspension then make sure to add the Coilover Reservoirs addon with my new Damage-Control setting… OR you’ll find a No Damage suspension option under the Damage-Control addons section. This is in the experimental stage. I’m trying to reduce the redundant damage/no damage suspension options and get rid of that annoying red spring when using a standard no damage setup.

*This is my second semi mod and based on the feedback from my last truck, the 69 Tilt-Cab Special. I reduced the power on all of the Stock-ish tunes and tire specs. This is by no means a vanilla performing mod but based on the build it wouldn’t perform like a stock truck IRL anyways. This is JohnJohnHotRod vanilla.

This was tuned using the current game and the Season 7 Public Test Server version of the game. There are a ton of great physics changes coming our way, but some of the settings didn’t quite play well with the current game. So I will probably re-tune this before the Season 7 wide release.

Some of the other cool stuff to check out:

-Custom single cargo unit recovery flatbed
-Custom recovery service body (open/close animated doors)
-Custom front bumper options
-Custom headlight options
-Custom roof rack
-My new 6.7L triple turbo diesel engine
-Custom exhaust options
-Hood has open/close animations
-Built on my new ultra-scout semi chassis
-Coilover reservoir options (also minimize suspension and tire damage when equipped)
-2 new scratch-built tires and one new semi beadlock wheel
-Custom dash-mounted radar system (visuals are in 1st person view)
-Custom trail-wear paint jobs
-3 Tire grip categories included specs for each (Stock-ish, Redline, and Cheater Specs)
-Has all the standard tow hitches including the [IR] Gooseneck Trailer Pack (Thanks IR)
-And more…

Like most mods, this is a work in progress so there may be some changes along the way.

For those of you wondering. This mod is using a highly modified cab from my EarthRunner mod and part of the interior from my Baja Crew mod. The Service body was made from scratch along with the flatbed and most of the addon parts.

Credits: Truck Model. Tires: Mine and CGTrade. This is the base engine I used, but I made many changes to modernize it, reducing polys and converting it from a 5.9 to a modern race 6.7l engine. Some of the misc items like hand tools are from Sketchup and CGTrader. All the textures are done by me like all of my mods.

Finally, thank you to all the map makers for creating all the amazing places for us to abuse our trucks. Massive respect for all your work, time, and creativity.

See ya on the trail…

BTW…It should go without saying but please do not steal or reupload any of my mods or assets. Thanks, and have a nice day.















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Brantlya7 @brantlya7

Switch mods have not came out for wnowrunners ready for it just for this truck

logface54 @logface54

Coolest Nintendo mod for sure

GunnarSekira @gunnarsekira


nicouruz7 @nicouruz7

Hello; I thank you very sincerely for having created modules which allow to cancel the damage; it is a real pleasure to jump in the parks without the red damage displayed on the screen; do you think you can do that on your old 4x4s like the hooligan for example?? I use and love your good old school hold; if in addition you add this option of damage you would be a real magician; congratulations and thank you for your work which we greatly appreciate!!!!

Sigizmund_30 @sigizmund-30

Dear author, the mod is just super. Please add the ability to add weight to the bumper of this masterpiece, or add mass to it, because it lacks handling for full enjoyment.

GRIMLOCk4551 @grimlock4551

Any way to see whats upcoming

k.todd47 @ktodd47

Love this truck I have 6 of them in my garage, keep up the awesome work, love your vehicle’s.

chiefrobber @chiefrobber

Это мой любимый грузовик.Мод просто пушка! Офигенная машина,красивая,функциональная. Едет очень круто. Для нее просто нет преград.

Buddy2101649046185 @buddy2101649046185

Could you possibly add a wrecker/tow truck add on, it would seem very fitting for the truck

ETRUndersteer @richard-vernier

Just installed this mod last night on my console, and GOODNESS GRACIOUS, this thing is an absolute BEAST.

Saying "job well done" is just insulting. This thing is incredible. From the small add-on details, all the way to the performance and capabilities of it, it is just that awesome.

Definitely plan on keeping this one in the arsenal for a very long time.

Fordking1 @fordking1

Welcome to console

Ryebud6969 @ryebud6969

I turned off all the mods i had installed and still cant turn this mod on, just like the jeep gladiator console version mod

PANTHERLYFE1 @pantherlyfe1

Idk who to ask or anything and not trying to be a prick... but can anybody, anyone, please make a gooseneck inclosed 4 slot trailer.. almost like a horse looking trailer.. but obviously for cargo.. i know there are trailers that are inclosed (box trailers) for big rigs... but i would love to see one for gooseneck purpose.. im writing in this mod because holy poop is this a bad *** truck.. im maine again and the HD is simply bad ***. The look, sound, options. I wouldn't change a thing on it and i hope to see more like this in the future.. great job 👍👍

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

The flat deck mounted gooseneck doesn’t work with IR’s trailers, but it’s an amazing rig otherwise 9/10

WarBanger @warbanger

Attach saddle low in frame options and then it will work. Saddle low will always except IR gooseneck trailer pack

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

I am aware of that, I was just stating his gooseneck hitches don’t attach so it’s misleading if you install it and try to use it is all I love running this truck regardless

blueButton61100 @bluebutton61100

Absolutely love this truck ngl its your best looking sounding and handling truck you've made so far but i do have one complaint it need a heavy bumper i was hualing 3 steel rails and i went up a not very steep hill in black badger lake and all it wanted to do was wheelie. A heavy bumper is all this truck need and it'll be the best truck on snowrunner

WarBanger @warbanger

Welcome to console!!!

Remoh667 @na2088304

Your builds are getting better and better everytime. This truck is great. The options are plentiful as always. You put out some top notch work. Keep it up. I always look forward to your releases👍

jandjoct3108 @jandjoct3108

Looks like another day of the same mods being updated and moved about. Hopefully we get new mods agian tomorrow. Really looking forward to roll playing with my 12 year old with this truck.

WarBanger @warbanger

Yeah I believe they must be on vacation for the last three weeks sadly. They are more in to dead rechecks then keeping the content fresh and new unfortunately

jandjoct3108 @jandjoct3108

All we can do is wait. This rig will be worth it.