GWC Mil-Trailers for SnowRunner

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Well, it was inevitable. I decided to take a crack at my own trailer pack. After building a few custom trailers for a couple of my trucks, I decided to build a few more to build up a full pack. These are not direct copies of any particular IRL trailers. They are simply inspired by military design and function. You may see the same frame work and suspensions brought over from one to the next, this was done purposefully as the US military does the same with certain parts. Design one frame that works well and adapt it for multiple purposes.

So what is in the pack?

A 2 slot service trailer. 2 slots for cargo, plus a large fuel tank, plus welding/cutting equipment for in the field repairs. This is a bumper pull trailer.

A 3 slot sideboard trailer. Bumper pull sideboard that can be used to expand the capacity of trucks using a flatbed over the usual 2 slot bumper pull cargo trailers.

A 4 slot low saddle. Has 2 spare tires and unfolding rear ramps to load vehicles up.

A 5 slot low saddle. Has 1 spare tire, 2 fuel cans, and some repair points in the side toolboxes. No ramps for this one.

An 8 slot high saddle. Has 8 slots, an additional center mount winch point and loading ramps that unfold from the rear.

A Radar trailer. Bumper pull without the difficult dolly to maneuver around with.

A Generator trailer. Also bumper pull without that annoying dolly to make reversing much easier.

Original models from DesireFX (3 slot base tray/suspension, 2 slot/4 slot/8 slot/radar/generator suspension) and Sketchup (5 slot suspension). Accessories and all other modeling by me. Thanks to DIESELADDICT66 and @MrBusses for testing this pack. As always, please dont rip my stuff. If you ask nicely, I will most likely give it to you. If you think someone has ripped something from me, please send me a message rather than confronting them directly. If you want to keep tabs on what Im working on, check out my channels in both The Modders Forum and CTFT Discord servers...

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RogerStryker @rogerstryker

I forget which, but one of the shorter flatbeds seems to have the same winch points as the longest flatbed...meaning, winch points floating way out back, off in space. Think it was the four-slot with the twin spare tires. Seemed like they could all use a few more winch points along the sides, in general, but I might not be remembering quite right---maybe only two or so would benefit from more winch points.

xiGeox @xigeox

I guess the 5 slot is staying stiff as hell. πŸ˜”

xiGeox @xigeox

Is the 5 slot flat bed going to stay with stiff race suspension??? It’s quite awful.

wolfsouthwind @wolfsouthwind

These trailers are great! Especially the 8 slot with the ramps & winch. Easily winch a stranded vehicle onto it, and load up with extra freight too. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Actually, after using it for a bit I noticed the 8 slot gets it's wheels hung up everywhere, and even melted into the ground a few times becoming immovable. Had to delete the trailer, and lost my freight too. :(

xiGeox @xigeox

These are a keeper for sure. Some trailers might need a little suspension work because they are a little stiff. The 4 slot suspension is perfect from what I could tell. But yeah a keeper trailer pack. πŸ‘

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console ✌

Brianbmn @brianbmn

Hello! I absolutely love these trailers, the only problem I found is that the generator and radar trailer hitches do not seem to be visually connected to the trucks. Other than that, it's one of my top 3 favorite mods! good job!

Rustyzz @rustyzz

Is this coming to counsels

TatraPhoenix38 @na11581880

-consoles- and I am pretty sure it will.

blueButton61100 @bluebutton61100

Im pretty sure it is if you have facebook look up maine_mudrunner they post daily updates showing what has been approved for consoles and what is in testing

thomascurtislloyd @thomascurtislloyd

DOPE trailer mod though, Finally have a trailer for my loader, ALSO AMAZING job on the HEMTT and the M1083! :D

thomascurtislloyd @thomascurtislloyd

Is there anyway to make the generator trailer to make products "out of no where"? Or is that not possible in the game?

Glitchworks @glitchworks

That isnt possible with how the generator is coded. It only works in crafting areas.

fiestoman @fiestoman

5 slot flat.... Please remove central mudguard on the back of the trailer... Please

P.S and the 4-slot version of this trailer would be perfect

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Beautiful! Yes, an off-road capable radar trailer, new fav. Maybe the sideboard hitch trailer should have been centre-axle to relieve stress on the hitch?

DreamOnBaby @dreamonbaby

Smaller tilted trailer would be nice...

Armoredp @armoredp

Looks like a good diverse range of trailers, doesn't hurt they look good to boot ;)

R3DNECK_D0GE @r3dneck-d0ge

The army trucks will finally look better now

REALBrownHunneds @realbrownhunneds

do you know if these trailers are compatible w other trucks or mods

FD1985 @fd1985

Nice work GWC.