GWC G925 5-Ton for SnowRunner

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Published by Glitchworks (mod ID: 2022153)


So, I wanted to round out my military truck line up, what was missing? The classic M925 5 ton. I honestly wanted to build both the M925 5 ton, and the M35A2 2.5 ton, but the M35 was actually a little too small for Snowrunner specs when scaled correctly. It wasnt wide enough for cargo and even if I stretched the bed, it wasnt long enough for 2 slots without a TON of rear overhang, so I scrapped it and focused purely on the 5 ton.

So, here we have my vision of what the ANK ***** have been, even with the newer civilian version being available. Its got 3 engine options, 3 gearboxes, 4 suspension settings and all the brute force you guys have come to love with Goliath and the M1093.

It's got a custom 2 slot flat bed, a custom M936 rotator crane, 2 different front bumpers and 5 different color schemes.

Original M35A2 model from Sketchup and heavily modified by me to become an M925. All other assets by me. Special thanks to MrBusses for the dually tires.

As always, please dont rip my stuff. If you ask nicely, I will most likely give it to you. If you think someone has ripped something from me, please send me a message rather than confronting them directly. If you want to keep tabs on what Im working on, check out my channels in both The Modders Forum and CTFT Discord servers...

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WUREAPER90 @wureaper90

Oh now dats nice

PavelKirilovich @pavelkirilovich

Had an opportunity to go over this truck, just what I was looking and hoping for. Suitably "grunty" in all the right ways a five tonner should be.
Only thing I could ask for would be the CARC three colour NATO paintscheme or, even better and as a thumb in the eye to the Mk,.38, the old MERDC "Winter US & Europe-Verdant" scheme.

Brian02242003 @brian02242003

Has the development team stopped putting out mods?

Darkeldren @420ss2176

I use this truck on PS4, and I have to say that it is a great help on tasks. The only problem I have experienced so far is that with the heavy wrecker add-on attached I hooked it up to the GMC in the Highway trucks and it lifted the front of the wrecker up, and I couldn't tow the truck. If there were maybe weighted front bumpers to offset the increased weight in the Rear. Other than that I love the truck.

PavelKirilovich @pavelkirilovich

I've been waiting for this for a while, and from what you're saying you had the same thoughts and frustrations with M38 as I did. Looking forward to checking this out, thanks a lot.

Trucker271 @trucker271

amazing truck. I cant get the trailer to work

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Oh man... there isnt supposed to be any custom trailers with this truck. I just looked and that was a left over file from the M1093. I will have to repack the files and update without that one rogue file in there.

Rob000 @na8169186

Glitchworks If you're at it with uploading, maybe reposition the low saddle overt he rear axles, not behind them.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

I tried doing that, but there isnt enough clearance between the end of the frame and the trailer. It limits your "over angle" when cresting a hill.
I totally made that term up btw, I dont know what the actual term is called.
You can see here that the trailer wheels AND the front wheels are off the ground because the trailer is hitting the frame at the back of the truck and can not articulate downward. If that trailer was loaded, the front would be a whole lot higher and steering would be impossible any time you went over a slight hill. Adding a weight to front (which is part of this next update) would only make the trailer come up off the ground more (if the weight was heavier than the load and leverage from the length of the trailer). Basically, where I currently have it is the optimal place for it due to the frame length. Why not shorten the frame you might ask? Well, then you wouldnt be able to pull any of the pull behind trailers with the bed attached because they would interfere with each other.... so having the low saddle out behind the axle is the least of all the evils in this scenario.

Rob000 @na8169186

I feared that exact reason for placing it there. I used this truck it to drag the very heavy cat770 semitrailer on the aspen map and it showed the limitation over all those crests, thus placing it further would clearly be a nuisance.
If I may share an idea for future vehicles because probably this one won't receive much more effort as it's good enough anyway:
Making a chassis extension addon piece to install the 2x slot addons, but not install it when using with the saddle. I've seen a few mods that use this idea for the extra piece at the end to allow some addons.
Best regards,

schum198217 @schum198217
Donaldw @donaldw

Really great truck

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

If you still wanted, you could always make the smaller truck purely as a support vehicle. Covered or uncovered beds full of drums and/or jerry cans of fuel, boxes of parts and tools, etc. Not every vehicle needs to be able to handle cargo, not every vehicle needs to be a jack of all trades. Some can be specialists of different sorts. Exploration, or service/support, instead of cargo.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Eh... part of building this truck was the frustration I first felt when I got the ANK and the fact it was basically a one trick pony that liked to tip over constantly. Now granted that was two years ago when the game launched, but those memories still linger. I mean, I still have the 2.5 ton model, not like it would be difficult to build it out. Just harder for me to justify the amount of work that goes into building a truck for something like that. Consider me on the fence about it.

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Understandable. Fair enough.

Kyekingsborough @kyekingsborough

Decent mod just needs a weighted bumper on it and light bars

milan1989aa @milan1989aa

ayomiles08 @ayomiles08

Is this available for console???

mark.rowe74 @markrowe74

now on console (PS4) and added on a Saturday too, devs must be well behind with approvals.

ayomiles08 @ayomiles08

Yeah im using it right now and its awesome thanks

mark.rowe74 @markrowe74

I will try it out later, love the Goliath so I'm sure to like this too.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

It will be on console when the devs test and approve it