GWC G-One (2 pack) for SnowRunner

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Update 10-4-21: Reset wheel positions for both trucks, fixed jerrycan placement, fixed lightbar clipping with roof racks, readjusted wheel and tire fitments, added glowing gauges at night

We have fully redone this truck and added a boatload of new or fixed stuff. Before you sits the GWC G-One 2 pack.

First is the normal independent suspension version (which is all new to this truck). Then we have the straight axle conversion.

People have asked, why a straight axle? Where is the independent suspension? Well, it went into the trash after it was damaged from driving over an IED in Afghanistan. After buying it at auction, the new owner decided it was less expensive to adapt the straight axles he had laying in the barn than trying to source out the mil-spec parts to rebuild it.

We have 3 motor options, 3 gearbox options, 3 suspension choices, custom winch options, and a bunch of optional parts.

By optional I mean you might not need or even want this stuff where you're going. We are talking we can take the doors off, we can take the rear roof off, we can install a slant back, many different custom tires and wheels, roof racks, snorkels, and even a rear ladder. Did I mention custom camo paint jobs?

The gearboxes are a little more unique as the High gear selection is actually the faster than the top gear in auto mode (unlike how the stock trucks do it).

The original model for this was found on sketchup and was in pretty poor shape to be honest. A lot of work went into rebuilding the entire interior of the body, hand crafting parts like the slant back from scratch, and piecing together the suspension due to the horrible "thing" they called a suspension that was under this model (seriously, it was a couple of blocks and a single shock sticking through the floor boards). The new independent suspension was fully modeled by me from scratch. New engine, transfercase, and center diff models were found on Sketchup.

Again, many thanks to all of those who are willing and patient enough on Discord to teach me what they know and help out along the way.

Full Change Log for 2.0 update....

  • All new Independent suspension version
  • Remodeled the straight axles, leaf springs, and shock mounts
  • Added mass to the truck for more realistic feel
  • Adjusted the overall scale of the truck
  • Added a full interior view with working gauges (note mirrors are impossible to have functional as they are part of the removable doors, trust me, I tried)
  • Added new custom made roof racks, light bars, and rear ladder to replace the vanilla parts that were being used
  • Revamped the majority of the textures
  • Retuned the suspensions to work better with the added mass
  • Added a whole new variety of tires and wheels
  • Probably some other odds and ends that Im forgetting

You can check out my channels on The Modders Forumand CTFT discord servers to keep up to date with what Im working on next.

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Godzilla1098 @godzilla1098

Where is the nintendo switch version

Sharecropper27 @sharecropper27

FYI, I am building a M1114 like the model I drove in Iraq. For someone who knows and notices the difference it will be a separate model entirely. I have purchased some of the model from various artists. However, I am also modeling a large amount of addons and options to set it apart but still provide usefulness as a mid-range scout. I thank you for your understanding and wish you the best.

johnburns936jb @johnburns936jb

I've noticed that it likes to slide on solid ground for some reason which causes a massive decrease in traction when turning im not sure what causes this but I'm using 4 speed gearbox and chained tires plus the suspension seems a little too soft also the red jerry can isn't placed properly it needs to be raised a little higher, that's all i have to say for now

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

I just tried the hummer out but when I purchase it, it doesn't show up in the garage on console. I uninstalled the mod and redownloaded it but it still doesn't work. Its one of my fav trucks so I hope this gets resolved.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

I can get both versions of the truck to spawn in the game without issue on PC. Not sure why you are having troubles. If it were an issue with the mod itself, there would be dozens of comments complaining, so I think its somehow an isolated case. I can only say to try unsubscribing fully from it and resubscribing again to see if that fixes it for you.

PBSGhost @pbsghost

thank you very much and appreciate the hard work and effort that you and your friends put in and those who helped you complete this mod.
I hope you continue to develop it and I have some suggestions
As shield regulations on doors and windows as found in the official HMMWV (search on google)
Taking care of the details inside HMMWV such as steering wheel, chairs and hares radio device
Work on the sound and improve it as it sounded in reality
I have cleared all scout vehicles mod
And I will only play with the
Hummer H1
Thank you very much and I wish you continued success 🙏😊

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

Love the solid axle hummer.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Well thanks. Like Loco pointed out, it does need another update, so maybe next week I will fix the tire/rim issues that it has.

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

Well done on the independent suspension if I was you I’d ditch the solid axle model a lot of the rims aren’t centred and the axle doesn’t connect so you can see straight threw them into wide open nothing

Glitchworks @glitchworks

You are correct. I was already reworking my entire rim and tire library (already spent over two hours adjusting everything today). When I finish up, I will upload another update to this (also moving the wheels to be properly centered). I thought I had them lined up, but perhaps that change was lost when I lost power the other day while working on things. I kept the straight axle because people already had it and may have grown to love it more than the independent variation. I did debate on dropping it, but then realized it wasnt a whole lot of trouble to make both into one truck pack.

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

Either way I’m throughly impressed man and was also happy to see the small changes to the GWC PreRunner aswell, I enjoy it a lot, keep up the hard work your mods get better with every release 👍

PBSGhost @pbsghost

Hello man there are a lot of problems after the update
Please fix this as soon as possible
We can't play with Hummer now

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Well, that is really specific /sarcasm... what problems are there? Its currently in recheck for the devs to send it back to console. ---- I just checked it on my single player and it wasnt showing up in the store, but I unsubscribed and resubbed and it showed up and works fine now on PC

PBSGhost @pbsghost

I did exactly the same as you and it worked. We have two types now
Thank you

ReaperVeteren @reaperveteren

Hey glitch does it or no?

Glitchworks @glitchworks

I didnt change any of the engine sounds from what it had before

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

Sweet. Cant wait for the update to hit console. Love this rig.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Its good. It drives far better than it did because of the added mass

Baroneln @baroneln

Gibt es keine Innenansicht

johnburns936jb @johnburns936jb

Chain tires are a huge help looks like i was wrong about traction issue and i sincerely apologize for saying that there was I would like to say that i wish the rear didn't sag like it does make it look a little off other than that i have no issue with it other than camo colors and and "damaged" look of the paint where you can see the bare metal being a constant thing would be ok if it was only for the stock paint and not for all of them plus if you do change the camo colors could you make them as realistic as possible that would be great as the current ones don't look all that great