GWC 2010 G350 Crew Cab for SnowRunner

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Published by Glitchworks (mod ID: 2001349)


4/27 - Minor Update: Added repair points to the service bed and adjusted winch points

Good day to everyone. Here we present to you, the GWC G350, based on the Ford F350. This particular model is a 2010 Crew Cab version, dually rear, and carries 3 variants of the PowerStroke motor that came in this truck. This truck is a commission build. All design choices were made at the clients request. Please do not ask why things were done this way, that way, or whichever way you might think is "wrong" or "could be better".

Features of this truck are:

  • 3 front bumpers
  • 2 rear bumpers
  • 3 engine options... 6.4L Stock, 6.4L Tuned and Deleted, and a 6.7L Swap which has been Bulletproofed.
  • Interchangeable Rear Bed/Service Bed/1 Slot Flat Bed
  • Compatibility with my Wrecker Pack and IR's Gooseneck Trailer Pack
  • Various Custom built accessories like a sun visor, roll bar, lumber rack, snorkel and others.

Built from a combination of 5 different models from Sketchup. All addons built by me, with exception of the snorkel, which was made by Timothy. Thanks to @Mrbusses for the use of his dually tires.

As always, please dont rip my stuff. If you ask nicely, I will most likely give it to you. If you think someone has ripped something from me, please send me a message rather than confronting them directly. If you want to keep tabs on what Im working on, check out my channels in both The Modders Forum and CTFT Discord servers...

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rykerthestriker @rykerthestriker

Hey Glitch! This truck is a beast especially the sound, I was wondering if you do commission mods? If so could you ever see yourself doing and old power wagon or a 3rd gen Dodge?

Glitchworks @glitchworks

I sent you a DM on here about commissions, but yes I am taking commission builds.

MarksManDan83 @marksmandan83

Just one minor issue. When in first person view, the drivers seat glitches, blocks my view on the road. That tree hurt that i hit. Lol. Besides that, she's a good string work horse.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Yeah, I hate how the camera moves in first person when going fast. If I move the camera forward to avoid the seat, it's too far forward and looks like your sitting on the steering wheel. So, it's literally a "cant win" situation.

dieseltruck6.0.2006 @dieseltruck602006

welcome to swicth

Codeyabcpowdercoat @codeyabcpowdercoat

This is amazing mod. It amazes me how many great modders this game has. Glitch you are def one of them

jdkzombie @jdkzombie

I know it may never happen, but god it'd be cool as hell to have a Quasimoto set of Aggi tires for this. With an exception made. Single skinny upfront (like what comes with the dually Quasi tires) and a 36" wide super single for the rear (the big fatty wide one).

Or at least the option for other tires rather than the same old worn out vanilla looking ones.... Cool truck though, drove one as a wrecker operator back in 2008, the interior definitely brings back the memories.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Are you implying that the 8 custom tires that I have on this truck (beyond the actual vanilla tires) are "worn out" and over used? There are only so many types of tires you can create before they start to become similar in design and if they are similar, why go through the work of making new tires when they are already in my repository of wheels and tires?

I also did not put any single tires on this truck (besides the monster tires) because the client who commissioned this build was very specific that the truck be a dually only. He was even skeptical about the monster tires until I showed him a picture and even then he was more in line with "Eh... I guess we can leave them in".

_Drift @drift26

Hey, Glitch I don't think he was implying that your custom tires are worn out, I think he was saying that the vanilla tires are worn out and overused because of the mod restrictions on Playstation and Xbox all of the really cool mods have the same basic vanilla tires and like 3-4 sets of custom tires. All through I've never made tires, I understand it takes a long time so I get why you are a little upset at this but the mod is awesome the way it is so only change it if your client wants it or if you feel it would better suit your mod.

coolkidjake @coolkidjake


ZR2DUDE2010 @zr2-dude-2010

Good job! I am a switch player but I watched TC9700gamings video on it can’t wait to hopefully play around with this truck and many other mods on Nintendo Switch.

PeopleKind @peoplekind

Any chance for a non dually version of this some day? I absolutely adore this truck, but a non dually version would be sick

aiden.w.hay@eskymos @aidenwhayeskymos

hopefully this thing gets apporved soon! waiting for the new update. im also a switch player

Rnantz454 @rnantz454

With that service body all it needs is 300 repair points realistically because it would make a good work truck around semis it’s just a quick note that I saw other than that this thing is great.👍 Another side note the service body would be a good add on for the g3200.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

I honestly forgot to put repair points into the service body. I also need to adjust the winch points, so there may be an update coming either tonight or tomorrow to fix those two oversights.

Rnantz454 @rnantz454

In the long run I just love the fact I finally have a real service body for a dually setup I just hope it makes it to future dually projects because it’s a perfect setup instead of the vanilla utility bodies.

Glitchworks @glitchworks Guess this service bed and dually wheels doesnt count as a real service bed for a dually setup... Poor truck never got any love.

MrBusses @mrbusses

ahem. cough*F750 roadbuster* cough not to take away from glitches awesome work but I did make a service body for the F750

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

This thing is absolutely, amazing, it’s great work machine/toy depending on the way you build it I really like this truck, only thing I noticed is you may wanna edit the tailgate n ditch the superduty off the tailgate I don’t know if that’s a ford trade mark but I’d hate for this thing to be slapped with a ban hammer it’s too good for that!!!

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Super Duty is apparently perfectly fine, just as XLT (or any other trim designation) is. It's the make and model that are off limits for console use. If I thought it was going to be a problem, I would have removed it before launch, but after checking with other modders who have built Super Duties, we have confirmed that it's accepted.

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

Either way fantastic truck!! Thanks for the quick reply

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

*^ I wouldn’t change a thing about this truck, just noticed the superduty n worried bout branding issues