GWC 2001 Desperado for SnowRunner

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Published by Glitchworks (mod ID: 1073780)


UPDATE 12/16/21 - Total rebuild of 90% of the truck. The entire undercarriage is all new. The entire interior is all new. The only original parts of the main truck is the body, grill and headlights. Redid all of the main truck textures as well. Added more addon parts like spare tires, a couple of rear bumper options, a roll bar, and fender flares.

UPDATE 9/21/21 - Added new dev coding to correct camber issues

Howdy everyone. We are back with another commission build based of my clients IRL truck. This client is a console player and therefor this mod needs to be made public. Please keep in mind this was built specifically for one person. It most likely will not suite everyone's tastes. The saying goes... "You can't always please everyone"

This one is a 2001 Desperado 1500. In typical GWC fashion, we have an assortment of goodies we can play with on this truck.

3 front bumper options... stock, lightweight brush basher, and a weighted heavy duty bumper to help with heavier towing.

3 engine options... 5.3L Vortec, 6.0L Vortec, and a massive 8.2L Vortec

4 suspension options... stock, 6" lift, 6" lift stiffened for towing, and Extreme 10"

3 gearboxes... default 5 speed, 6 speed highway, and 4 speed offroad.

Numerous tire and rim combinations in 3 sizes

And plenty of cosmetic upgrades to be able to personalize it and make it more your own

Model originally from Sketchfab. Interior from Sketchup. Some accessories from Saber Interactive. Bone Structure by Fredswayne. Everything else was made by me.

Please dont rip my stuff. If you ask nicely, I probably will let you use it. If you happen to see someone that might have something of mine, please message me with a link rather than calling that person out publicly.

Thanks to the CTFT crew and The Modders Forum crew for the support. Be sure to join and watch my channels on each server to keep up to date with what Im working on next.

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n3rn3r2000 @n3rn3r2000

soo... not to sound picky or anything but how about a touch up on the grill and headlights also the fpv with the hood once again sorry but it would bring the mod together

Godzilla1098 @godzilla1098

Where is the nintendo switch version

john_king0125 @john-king0125

I thought this was a Dodge Dakota because of the name and the front end oh okay so this means I can probably make a Dodge Dakota dbranded of course for console into the game.
Great truck for light trails and not very heavy mud areas.

wolfsouthwind @wolfsouthwind

I'd love to have a commissioned truck built by you. Your IRL customer builds are always gorgeous. 👌🏼

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Hit me up in a few months. Im taking a break from commissions until March so I can focus on some of my own personal builds.

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

What makes a great "community" talented modder stand out above others?

Is the fact that guys like Iceberg101, Rng3r, bartelbi7, Glitchworks, JohnJohnHotRod, DocBugsy, Poghrim, yansors and OlSom don't waist them talent building "BS" everything they bring out is a masterpiece, useful and fits right away into this game! Beside spending them free time building us amazing mods they listen to the community, come back to you when you ask something, fix asap any problem with the mod, try meet the needs in the game, are always open for new ideas, improvements and requests, answer your questions and really appreciate when you give them the thumbs-up and your honest feedback "good or bad"!

Thank you guys for all of your hard work, time and talent💯👍🏼. You guys are amazing and really make this game so much better👌🏼.

I wish you all happy holidays and i "we" really hope you guys keep modding for this game in 2022.

Cheers guy,
PS4 player

Rnantz454 @rnantz454

Wonder if the hauling suspension spring rate could be a little more stronger to handle the concrete load because that looks like a scale 18000 pounds it’s hauling.

Shyne11282 @shyne11282

Can you get this mod ón ps4

Glitchworks @glitchworks

It was approved for console (out of recheck) today, so yes, it's on PS4 now.

Rnantz454 @rnantz454

The hauling suspension makes this thing act as a 2500 HD and the 8.1 makes it realistically more powerful for hauling small loads not to mention the 8 lug pattern on 2 of the rim set ups makes it look like a real HD. PS all this thing is missing is the HD hood and she’s perfect.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

There will be another small update on Monday morning to fix the missing texture on the rear bumper and the missing bits of the roll bar.

Jo_l @jo-l

Any chance you could fix this first person bugs? Its a gorgeous truck on the outside but the inside just leaves a black mark on this beast. The steering wheel is football shaped and i think thats the reason why the steering animation is so wonky, the left arm in particular bugs out really bad, not sure if anyones noticed it before.

The mirrors dont work and arent even connected to the body. None of the dials work either. The engine sound is also kind of bugged in automatic, dont think ive noticed this issue in Hi/low gears. These arent really major flaws, but i just thought id mention them. A little more attention to detail couldve taken this truck to the next level is all im saying.

Really like it from the outside tho, so great job there. Really glad i found this little gem. Thanks for your hard work

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Its all updated now... no more glitchy arms, gauges all work, mirrors work, even got Beans on the dash

Jo_l @jo-l

Woah man.. you definitely didnt have to do that. I really appreciate you putting in the extra time and effort. Seriously.. i wasnt expecting you to update it at all. So huge- huge thanks

Glitchworks @glitchworks

I had planned on rebuilding it anyhow, and the original client also asked if I could rebuild it, so it got pushed up the schedule and came out quicker than I had originally planned.

Glitchworks @glitchworks

I originally released this truck 105 days ago, which is well over 3 months. At that time, I didnt fully understand how to make the mirrors work, I did give it an attempt and remember failing miserably. After discussing it with the client, he didnt care about working mirrors or gauges (another part I was unfamiliar with), so that was not a priority. Basically I was doing the best I could with the skills I had at the time.

The engine sounds are identical to most of my other pickup trucks, literally the same sounds files used. So if the glitch appears here, it appears in all of them. Snowrunner's sound engine is totally janky and extremely hard to get sounds to actually sound natural because of the way they layered up certain things. Ive attempted to rebuild the sounds and this is the best I can get them, any other changes just make things even worse.

The shape of the steering wheel has 0 bearing on the drivers animation. They are not connected in any way, shape or form. I could delete the steering wheel and his hands will remain in the same spot they currently are in and will still move in the same rotation that they do. What is happening is the steering wheel position is actually ever so slightly too far away from the drivers seat, so his arms are stretching a little bit when turning the wheel. That stretch can cause unnatural looking animations to happen. The only solution is to move the drivers body closer to the steering wheel, which in turn means moving the seats, which means rebuilding other parts of the interior. In a more detailed explanation, we as modders get to define where the drivers body is in 3d space as well as where his hands are in that same 3d space. We try to line things up to match the model of the truck as best we can and occasionally things dont quite fit the way we would hope for.

Jo_l @jo-l

Yeah i wasnt try to hate or anything, i know its pretty difficult to add those little details, i sure as hell wouldnt be able to, i know that. Its still an incredible truck, especially if its one of your first ones.

And my mistake, i just assumed the shape was affecting the animation. Im just glad you actually took the time to add it in at all, ive seen plenty of other mods (great and not so great) that didnt even bother adding the character model or a working steering wheel. So its still really nice to have it. Cheers again buddy, looking forward to using this some more and your other projects as well

GTA_WHIPZ @gta-whipz

Glitchworks where do we go for commission mods?

daboi69 @daboi69

Bro the name looks like GMC

Nas814 @nas814

A fun truck to drive, only thing I have noticed is there is the truck looks as if it is 2wd without a modeled front differential.

PimplyPig @pimplypig

Since he made the truck to look like my IRL truck, which had a skid plate on the front, hence why you cant really see the front diff.

GMT-400x92x @gmt-400x92x

And it looks like an S10 not a full size lol