GWC 1998 Desperado for SnowRunner

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Published by Glitchworks (mod ID: 2133711)


Ah the return of a legendary nameplate. The Desperado has a new (old?) model available. Here we have the 1998 Desperado. A commission build based on the client IRL 1998 GMC Sierra. It holds a lot of sentimental value, hence why he commissioned this build even though this truck is very similar to the '01 Desperado I had already built last year.

We have all the usual suspects, motor options, bumpers, suspensions, etc etc... you know how it is by now. If not, go check out some of my other builds and you will quickly see how I build my scout class trucks.

Original model from Sketchup. Interior donated by DieselAddict66. Engine bay details by zfadarkness. All other models built by me.

As always, please dont rip my stuff. If you ask nicely, I will most likely give it to you. If you think someone has ripped something from me, please send me a message rather than confronting them directly. If you want to keep tabs on what Im working on, check out my channels in both The Modders Forum and CTFT Discord servers...

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LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

I absolutely love this rig, I’ve been using it non stop in Tennessee since it hit console!, keep up the amazing work, it be kinda cool to see a Dodge Ram 1500 Sport from this same time frame in the 90’s era body style your mods just keep blowing me away there so good looking and not to op but not unpowered there perfect!

n3rn3r2000 @n3rn3r2000

You have amazing mods but I was curious if you where interested in making a 1999-2002 Silverado for console

Glitchworks @glitchworks Imma just leave this here for you...

RachelTGG @racheltgg

Glitch, amazing mod, probably one of your best ones. I do have a few question/requests tough and i would be willing to discuss some donation to get it (i love the sierra/silverado of that era, especially the extended cab a lot)

-You say its based on a GMC Sierra, but that grill is from the Silverado, could we get a option to swap between the Silverado and Sierra grills?

-Any chance of we getting the ck1500 roof lights and parking lights (vanilla) added to it (or another set of custom roof lights, just that doesnt depend on the bed roll bars)

-Any possibility of we getting more overlanding style addons? Bed cap/Camper shell, roof rack, one or two more bumper options (something like this maybe: )

-Fender flares? Dont need to be huge, something like this would be great already imo:

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

Awesome ride!

REALBrownHunneds @realbrownhunneds

people are saying welcome to console but i havent seen it. Is it out or not

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Xbox One and PS4 have it, next gen has not been approved yet.

REALBrownHunneds @realbrownhunneds

Oh okay gotcha .

JAVA-M3-GTR @java-m3-gtr

Yes! welcome to console, 98 Desperado!

Maizebeau75 @maizebeau75

Is it on PS4 yet I can't find it

PimplyPig @pimplypig

Now this will go great with my 01 desperado mod, cant wait to use this with it. Awesome job from Glitchworks.

Monkslilchimps @monkslilchimps

Finally someone actually found a way so we could make a better obs than k1500. I truly hope this is coming to console.

Aaronbomb8 @aaronbomb8

I hope and OBS Ford and Dodge follow.

JesseMartins7 @jessemartins7

Great job, Very detailed mod.

Kaddett3717 @kaddett3717

Been waiting on this generation of GM truck, and now it's finally here! Good job

RUTHE550UTLAW @ruthe550utlaw

Cant wait to try it out, Now i can build my truck in the game mines a 1993 gmc sierra same setup extended cab and long bed :) your getting better and better with each mod keep up the great work

Donut_01995 @donut-01995

Thank you Glitch!!! I have been waiting for someone to release this gen of the Silverado/Sierra, now i can finally use my truck in snowrunner

jandjoct3108 @jandjoct3108

Damn Glitch. Another awesome build. Continuing to make me pick what vehicles to use. They all are really good trucks.

Fliptrip @fliptrip

I'm glad to see it wasn't me that screwed it up. I updated snowrunner and everything went to sheet.. I thought I ended up corrupting the save files.. Oddly enough though I started a different account and everything seems to work fine even with Mod io but if I go back into the other user on PS4 it's all still screwed up... they must have did something wrong when it comes to merging everybody's existing material..idk

Johnny77 @johnny77

Are the Devs on holidays? because there hasnt been new console mods in 2 weeks

Glitchworks @glitchworks

The season 7 update broke a lot of things, like mod maps, ps5 save game corruption, and xbox just not getting the update at all. I believe its all hands on deck trying to repair all of the mistakes that were made with this horribly launched update.