GWC 1980 G150 for SnowRunner

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Published by Glitchworks (mod ID: 2115525)


Hey hey! After building the Dodge (GWC D150) I felt like I needed to complete my collection of vintage early '80s pickup trucks. So, I built the 1980 G150 to compliment the Chevy and Dodge trucks. Following in a long line of G150 trucks I've built over the past year, this one is possibly the best one yet. It's about on the same level as the G3200 Chevy that I built. The Dodge is a little taller in "stock" form because of the modified suspension.

We have 3 vintage powerplants, 3 suspension heights (yes the monster suspension is in there for all those fans out there), all my usual tire and wheel options, etc, etc.

Some might say Im "phoning it in" and just copying my own stuff... which is only semi-true. Yes, I am using past trucks as a template for future builds, but I am always looking for places where I can improve my build quality. Suspension parts moving more realistically, steering components moving correctly, etc. Interior textures slowly becoming better and better. It's an evolution over time. If you find that boring, then please just move on.

Thanks and credit to zafdarkness for the engine and interior models. Original truck model from Hum3d. All other models built by me.

As always, please dont rip my stuff. If you ask nicely, I will most likely give it to you. If you think someone has ripped something from me, please send me a message rather than confronting them directly. If you want to keep tabs on what Im working on, check out my channels in both The Modders Forum and CTFT Discord servers...

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xBITTYBOOx @xbittyboox2

Personally I do not like any mods GWC builds. The tire sizes never match up to the truck! The wheel base ALWAYS sticks out further than the fenders on everything! And the mod trucks are supposed to be stock? I don't think so! The truck body's are okay but this is a offroad game not a autoshow so I don't get why every truck has shiny nail polish paint schemes! The suspension system on the trucks dont feel right at all amd the interior is not good the camera height when in the trucks are off man its just there is so much thats wrong with each and ever mod that I personally just dont like So I dont ever use them! Now a modder who knows how to make great mods is IR now he knows how to make a truck look stock but perform better than stock! He takes is time and puts alot of love into his mods something I wish other modders would actually do!

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Are my mod trucks supposed to be stock? I dont think so! Have fun enjoying IR's trucks, I will enjoy driving mine.

MrBusses @mrbusses

Yeah your wheel base is too wide and the blinker fluid is low

Kaddett3717 @kaddett3717

Finally came to Series X, and it was everything I expected and more! Good job, Glitch!

Appache28 @appache28

Man you made my Day... that was my 1 truck and been searching for that exact model on the game since release ! Thank you so much for Series X porting !!!! :D

JAVA-M3-GTR @java-m3-gtr

We now have the totallynotabigfoot on console! took long enough lol

Fordguy1980 @fordguy1980

Hey i was wondering if you could make a 1997 fordf350 dually with stock back and font bumpers and grill and not ties that stick out the sides

Aaronbomb8 @aaronbomb8

Waiting for your 90s OBS ford short body flareside and others from 90s. Great job

clyde351 @clyde351

Glitch works a 88-90 full size bronco please 🥺🥺

Xtinct1984 @secrest1970

Awesome MOD!

Fordguy1980 @fordguy1980

Can you tell me why this has not come to console yet !

Kaddett3717 @kaddett3717

Uhh, no

70bumplongbed @70bumplongbed

Can't wait for it to drop on console. I wonder, will you do 60s and 70s and 90s versions of these trucks.

LegitApe6489707 @legitape6489707

Is this on console yet

jandjoct3108 @jandjoct3108

No its not on console. Once again the devs are taking forever to clear new mods because of the season 7 update for existing mods. I dont understand why they dont have someone dedicated for just new mods to keep them moving instead of letting them sit there.

Memesrus6443 @memesrus6443


jdack02 @jdack02

Another awesome job Glitch you know its gonna be in the fleet somewhere and the use of the 67-72 dash is just another thing that sets it apart.

Gearhead77 @gearhead77

Love this thing (especially the knock off bigfoot paint job). Still waiting for console. Well done glitch 👍

snowrunnerdude18687 @snowrunnerdude18687

Glitch you one upped your own work once again nice job. and does anyone know when this will come to consoles?

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

is there interior customization? i love the D-150 but the lack of interior customization (specifically GGMS bobble head radar) is a bit disappointing. regardless of that, your work is getting better with each new release and it’s nice there is options for balance or OP. always liked the selection of tires and it’s nice to see that you’re adding even more new tires. i most certainly will give this a try once it hits the consoles 🤘🏼

Glitchworks @glitchworks

I initially didnt have them, but added them in the quick update I did.

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

awesome man, it’s highly appreciated 🤙🏼.