GWC 1965 GDX Behemoth for SnowRunner

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Published by Glitchworks (mod ID: 2048789)


Hey everyone. I've got another beast of a truck to present to you. The 1965 GDX Behemoth is based on the original Hayes HDX. I know you are thinking it's just a Pacific P16, but it's not. I thought so too at first. Some research showed that Pacific was founded by former employees of Hayes. Also, the P16 didnt start production until 1975, which was two years after Hayes had been bought out by a different company and closed forever. So, you can think of this as the original P16.

So, what do we have with this thing? Well, pretty much everything you couldnt do with the P16 in game. We have custom long log cargo with a specialized folding trailer. It's got the ability to equip a good amount of vanilla addons and pull a decent selection of trailers. Sorry guys, it's just too tall to pull low saddle trailers, you cant get under them to attach them. 3 engines with enough power to rip the ground apart. 3 custom gearboxes tuned specifically for this truck. Only one suspension, but it's so tall, I dont think we really NEED anything else honestly.

Oh, small side note, this whole mod only takes up 26mb of ram for you console guys.

So about this custom trailer thing we got here... The custom heavy saddle has a set of built in pivot locks. The Pivot Locks are there to stop the trailer from swinging around while folded. To engage the Pivot Locks, disconnect the trailer first. Move the pivot locks into place, then attach the trailer. Once attached, you can fold the trailer up and transport it. Once it has been unfolded, you should follow the same procedure before folding again. Detach, move the locks, re-attach, fold it up. The pivot locks are not 1000% vital to drive around, but it helps keep things from breaking. Also, note: Do not detach the trailer while it is folded. It will fall off the truck and you will NOT be able to reattach it, meaning you can not unfold it again. And it should be pretty obvious, don't fold the trailer with logs on it.

Original model provided by Timothy. All other models, addons, etc made by me. Shout out to KillofDev for helping to get the custom cargo working correctly. Big thanks to MrBusses, DIESELADDICT66, HerbieRacer, and chastay1 for beta testing.

As always, please dont rip my stuff. If you ask nicely, I will most likely give it to you. If you think someone has ripped something from me, please send me a message rather than confronting them directly. If you want to keep tabs on what Im working on, check out my channels in both The Modders Forum and CTFT Discord servers...

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JAVA-M3-GTR @java-m3-gtr

Devs are hesitant on this one. Hope to see it soon though!

Glitchworks @glitchworks

It got approved for ps4, not sure why it hasnt gone to xbox yet.

Trooper501a @trooper501a

can any truck with a heavy saddle pull the foldable trailer?

Glitchworks @glitchworks

The custom heavy saddle for this truck is only available on this truck. The folding trailer is also exclusive to that custom saddle, so no. Only this truck can use the folding trailer.

Eversman @na2052238

Glitchworks so awesome that we have a HDX now with a dedicated trailer that´s foldable and the correct size of load ;-)
But do you think it´s possible to change the fold mechanism and trailer to the more real one like these?

Glitchworks @glitchworks

Nope, I am not rebuilding the entire trailer just to make it "more realistic". I looked at many variations of folding log trailers and also looked a few different folding trailers that were already present in SnowRunner from other mods. Each one has it's pros and cons. I chose a design that compromised between a lot of different things to make a trailer that was functional and simple for the player to use. The trailer in your pictures was considered, but it connects to the rear of the truck like the current log pole. There is another folding log trailer on a different mod that uses this same design and if you are not 100% lined up correctly, it will not fold correctly. My design eliminated that. I put a lot of thought into my design with how well/easy it is fold and how easy it is to attach and detach. The log pole designs just sit on the ground without support legs where mine is more of a natural trailer. In the real world, these types of trailer dont really attach/detach, they are more permanent to the truck, so I had to make sure I took that detachment seriously. Mine is more in this style... but with folding legs for detachment. Again, compromises in design to get the most functionality from it.

Rob000 @na8169186

I remember the whole mess of folding trailers in Spintires if not properly lined up, haha ... and the hated not loading of logs because of trailer was off in either direction (including up and down, like in a ditch or the truck sitting on a mound)
I think this is a good folding system and should be implemented for the vanilla game as new trailers

tankdestroyerm3 @tankdestroyerm3

heck thats nice good job

WerderBeremen22 @werderberemen22

Will this be coming to console any time soon?

pump17 @pump17

Nice one! thanks

Knight3124 @knight3124

Not on consoles yet.

waterdog41339 @waterdog41339

Hell yeah thats what this game needed man ty and awesome work

chestl1 @chestl1

Hello this is my review🎥of GWC 1965 GDX Behemoth.
I use an automatic translator in my videos. I hope it is correct.

a0963274462 @a0963274462

在用專用拖車裝載長木材時 後方拖車鋼板彈簧下沉量太多 整體懸吊表現可能太軟 且會造成拖車模型崩潰

trvya1 @trvya1603396907

У него есть какая-то проблема со складным прицепом для больших бревен. В момент загрузки и несколько секунд после он дрожит и пытается улететь в космос. Проявилось на Аляске, до лесопилки ехал со сложенным роспуском.

SonomaTrucking @sonomatrucking

Good God, this truck is massive! Can't wait to try the new folding trailer.

Side question: Do you have plans for a B-series Mack of sorts? Would definitely be a great rig for the Yukon maps. Or a 1959 Chevy Spartan 100 tandem axle rig with a Detroit.

ArisInSpace @arisinspace

Love it! Since the game has launched, I've been hoping someone would make the HDX for a while now! I definitely prefer its aesthetic to the P16, was afraid it'd never get any attention!

Is there any possibility that we could get the P16 wheels? I just like them with the aesthetic of the truck-- I do like the custom wheels, but they do deform a little weirdly as it were, sorry if this sounds like complaining! I love it either way.

camojoe73 @camojoe73

great truck .

nyskapelse @nyskapelse

Amazing mod! Really love these oldschool behemoths! The only "complaint" i got is that the suspension is a bit soft. Wouldn't mind a hauler option.

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

Paccar has come a long way..... Eating up small companies and spitting them out. Paccar owns BOTH Peterbilt and Kenworth. Some weird stuff with that company imo. Also a big part of why I'm not a big fan of Cummins. Kind of irrelevant but this mod made me remember this crap lol. Soon all will be paccar. Sad really.