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Texture editing guide

How to edit the in game textures


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Editing the game textures is a four step process:
1. Convert to .pct to .tga
2. Edit the .tga texture file
3. Convert the edited .tga back to .pct
4. Add the .pct file to shared_textures.pak

What you will need:
- QCPCT.exe, which can be found here:
- Image editing tool. I use photoshop, but you can also free programs such as

1. Convert to .pct to .tga

1.1 - Extract the .pct file you wish to edit within the shared_textures.pak archive, which can be found here: C:\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
1.2 - Open the .pct file in QCPCT.exe, and extract to .tga

2. Edit the .tga texture file

2.1 - Edit the .tga file in your image editing tool

3. Convert the edited .tga back to .pct

3.1 - Create a folder in your mod directory. E.g. "texture_convert", with two subfolders:
- classes
- textures

3.2 - Copy your .tga into your mods texture folder. E.g. "texture_convert->textures"

3.3 - Open Snowrunner 'Proving Grounds'. Main Menu->Mod Browser->More(bottom right)->Select Map->choose either map.
3.4 - Within 'Proving Grounds', select 'Mod Manager'
3.5 - Select your mod. E.g "texture_convert", and select convert.


3.6 - Go back to windows explorer and find your new .pct files within the newly auto-created '\prebuild\textures\pct' folder.


4. Add the .pct file to shared_textures.pak

4.1 - Drag the edited .pct, into the shared_textures.pak and click OK to add the files.
4.2 - Wait for WinRar to re-pack the directory, then close WinRar.


N0. Keep backups.
N1. You can open mesh files in a text editor to see related textures.
N2. Most of the time, you want to edit the 'AlbedoMap' files (suffex "__d"). Refer to "Snowrunner - Integration of Trucks and Addons" for details.
N3. Don't change the file names or they wont work.
N4. Re-packing the shared_textures.pak can take several minutes, and looks like it's doing nothing. Just be patient and let WinRar do its thing.


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PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 @puppymaster2

+Rep. Great guide for it.

olesen @olesen

- mod folder path (3.2 and 3.6)
- how to access the in-game mod manager (3.3)

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Thank you this was super helpful

Malcolm_Tucker_38 @malcolm-tucker-38

SpintiresMod has a tool called MeshConvert that allows you to view the mesh properties and texture paths etc. Very handy

Meclizine @meclizine

Thanks for the clear guide! By the way, there are two step 3s. And I think the second 3 should actually be step 0.

olesen @olesen

- textures have moved from shared_textures.pak to main_menu_textures.pak in V13.1
- typo in the notes

olesen @olesen

- textures have moved from main_menu_textures.pak back to shared_textures.pak in V15.0

Dmitry86t @dmitry86t

Thank you. Very useful guide!

Jumblatt8659 @jumblatt8659

Doesn't work for me , says not converted after i convert in proving grounds, any ideas ? thx

Number32anChips @number32anchips

How can I change the colour of the mouse cursor

lexo1000 @lexo1000

In Photoshop, I can save my TGA in16, 24 or 32bits/pixel. Which one do you recommend please?