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SR MAPS with important objects marked/labelled

I have created a document with nearly all important objects (ALL UPGRADES, HIDDEN VEHICLES/FREE VEHICLES, supply buildings inventory, contracts/tasks) marked and labelled.


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I have created a document with MAPS of nearly all important objects marked and labelled.

  • All upgrades on all maps marked and labeled.
  • Nearly all hidden/free vehicles on all maps are marked and labeled.
  • Supply buildings in progress. (Locations, Inventory, and tasks needed to unlock them)
  • Tasks/Contracts in progress. (Locations where to pick up tasks and what items they need)

See google document here:


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FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Wow that is a lot of work. Nice job

triple88a @triple88a

Thank you. I'm still working on more things. The tasks/contracts are incomplete but most of the important bits are all done.

bennyg4gamers @bennyg4gamers

When will we be able to google maps our best route to be more efficient between each mission?

FurcleTheKeh @furclethekeh

maybe we'll be able to do that in "sandrunner" lol

triple88a @triple88a

For some reason the document got locked. I just unlocked it so people can view again.