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SnowRunner™ Editor Guide (PDF)

PDF version of the SnowRunner™ Editor Guide. NOTE: This guide is for the Public Test Server (PTS) version of the game only!


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SnowRunner™ Editor allows you to create custom maps for the game. Using this Editor you can also view your truck mods and ensure that they contain no errors.

The guide for this Editor in the PDF format can be downloaded from here:

Or, you can open this guide directly from the Editor, by selecting Help > Guide in the main menu.

Or, you can use the web version of the guide, which is available in 5 parts: Part #1, Part #2, Part #3, Part #4, and Part #5.

NOTE: SnowRunner™ Editor and ability to play on custom maps created using it are currently available only on the Public Test Server (PTS) version of the game. For more details on the PTS version of the game, see


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Hmm16_yeet @hmm16-yeet

How do i get the editor?

SnowRunner_Support @snowrunner-support

You need to get the Public Test Server (PTS) version of the game.
For details on the PTS version, see here:

After you install the PTS version, the Editor executable will be within the directory of the game, as described in the guide, typically at the path which looks like:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SnowRunnerBeta\en_us\Sources\BinEditor\SnowRunnerEditor.exe
(or at the similar path)

rpmmotors @rpmmotors

what can you even do with the editor? can I make custom size trailers ? or mess with models?

SnowRunner_Support @snowrunner-support

Using Editor you can create custom maps and view your truck mods (their meshes, hierarchy of their bones, damage areas, collision objects, etc) and ensure that they contain no errors. And you can view other meshes as well (e.g. rims, tires, etc.). However, the XML files, textures, and Fbx files of custom trucks and trailers are created manually, in other applications. For more info on the creation of the truck mods, please refer to the main guide on trucks (see and other parts of this guide) and quick guide on truck mod creation (see