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Quick Guide: Adding Trucks

This guide describes the process of creating new vehicles for SnowRunner and provides you with quick instructions on how to create a new truck.


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UPD: ===============================================================

Unfortunately, we have issues with updating the web version of this guide due to the large size of our guides (we have reached the max limit for pictures for an account, etc). Sorry for that.

However, you can find up-to-date versions of guides in PDF format here:

On the PC platform, the same guides are available at the folder of the *installed game* within the "...\en_us\Sources\BinEditor\Guides" directory.

Or, you can open the folder with the documentation package directly from SnowRunner™ Editor, by selecting Help > Guides in its main menu.


1. Intro

This guide describes the process of creating new vehicles for SnowRunner and provides you with quick instructions on how to create a new truck as a part of the mod.

You can find detailed instructions on the structure of truck files, attributes within them, the creation of materials for truck textures, and other important things as other guides in the Guides section.

If you want an offline copy, you can download this guide in PDF format from here.

2. Registration and Authentication

Before the creation of a mod and to be able to access various modes, you need to register at and then use the created account for authorization within the game. Or, you can use the existing account, if you already have one.

If you do not want to register manually, the game can register a new account for you. In this case, you only need to specify a valid e-mail address you have access to, the game will create a account automatically and will send you the temporary password for it to the specified e-mail address.

In general, the process is the following:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • If you have an existing account at, you can use it for the game. You need to know the e-mail address of this account and have access to it.
    • If you have no account at and would like to register there manually:
      1. Open and register with your e-mail address.
        To do this, click Login there, then, in the appearing window, click Join now.
        Then, specify your details, enter a valid e-mail address, and finish registration.
      2. After registration, you need to confirm your e-mail address. Click Confirm Your Email in the e-mail message you receive from
    • If you have no account at and would like to auto-create your account, skip this step. You will only need to specify your e-mail address in the 3rd step below. The system will send you the verification code to the specified e-mail address. After its verification, the game will automatically create a account for you and will send you the temporary password for this account.
  2. Open the game and proceed to MODS in the main menu.
  3. When you open MODS for the first time, you will see the AUTHENTICATION dialog.
    Enter your e-mail address there (the one that you have used during registration at or the one you plan to use for the auto-creation of account) and click Send.
  4. The system will send a new e-mail message with a verification code to the specified e-mail address. So, check your e-mail box and find the e-mail message with the verification code.
  5. Specify a verification code from the e-mail message in the AUTHENTICATION dialog and click Confirm.
  6. The system will check the verification code and, if it is correct, will do the following:
    • If you have no account linked to the e-mail address you specified (i.e., if you have skipped the 1st step above): The game will automatically create the new account for the e-mail address you specified. It will send a temporary password for this account to the same e-mail address you used for code verification. The game will be linked to this new account.
    • In any case: The game will finish authentication and linking the game to your account.

After doing this, the functionality of MODS will be available for you. Particularly, you will be able to use mods uploaded to by other players (see section 5. below) and create your mods.

3. Creation of a Vehicle

The process of the creation of a vehicle as a part of the mod is the following:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Proceed to MODS in the main menu.
  3. If you have not linked your account to the game yet, then you will see the AUTHENTICATION dialog at this step. Please, perform authentication as described in Section 2. above and, after successful authentication, return to the MODS menu.
  4. While being in the MODS menu, click the Select Map button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  5. As a proving grounds for your mods, two maps are available: SUMMER PROVING GROUNDS (summer setting) and WINTER PROVING GROUNDS (winter setting).
    Select one of these maps as a proving grounds for your mod.
  6. After a short loading screen, you will see the Mod Editor UI (with the TOOLS menu) opened for the selected map. The default vehicle will also be displayed on the map.
  7. Click ADD MOD in the TOOLS menu, to start creating your mod.
  8. In the appearing dialog, specify the name of your mod and click CREATE.
    Please, use only Latin characters (Aa-Zz), digits, and underscores ("_") for the name of your mod.
  9. After doing this, the files of the new mod will be created in the folder of the game at the following path:
    Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\Media\Mods\<name_of_the_mod>

    For example: "C:\Users\<name_of_the_user>\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\Media\Mods\test_mod"
    In this folder, the system will create 3 subfolders: classes, meshes, and textures.
    The game will open the created folder of the mod for you automatically.
    mod folder

  10. Now, you can modify the files of mod that are stored in this folder.
    NOTE: You can find detailed instructions on the structure of truck files, attributes within them, the creation of materials for truck textures, and other important things as other guides in the Guides section.
  11. After you have finished the modification of the files, click RELOAD in the TOOLS menu.
  12. However, now you need to convert the resources of your mod. In this version, the vehicle cannot be spawned until you convert them.

    To convert resources of the created mod:

    1. Click MOD MANAGER in the TOOLS menu.
    2. After doing this, the dialog window will appear. It will display with your mod as “Not converted” in the list.
    3. Select your mod in the list and click CONVERT.
    4. After doing this, the system will start converting the resources of your mod. This will take some time. During conversion, the system will display informative messages about the conversion process.
    5. After the conversion is finished, the same dialog will open. However, the status next to your mod will change to “Converted” in this dialog.
    6. Click CLOSE to close this dialog.
  13. After the conversion of the resources of the mod, click RELOAD in the TOOLS menu.
  14. Now, you need to check that your vehicle is working correctly and all of your changes are in place.
    To do this, it is useful to spawn your vehicle (and remove the default one):
    1. Click CREATE in the TOOLS menu.
    2. After doing this, the SPAWN TRUCK window will appear. It will have your vehicle in the “Available trucks” list.
      It will be in the list under the name of your mod: "/<name_of_mod>\<name_of_mod>"
      Select it in the list and click somewhere on the map. After that, the white transparent model of your vehicle will appear on the screen.
    3. Click the place of the map, where you want to spawn the vehicle. If necessary, rotate the model by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse. Then, while keeping your vehicle selected in the list of available trucks, click ADD in the SPAWN TRUCK window.
    4. After doing this, the system will spawn your vehicle and it will appear in the SPAWNED TRUCKS list.
    5. To remove the default vehicle, select it in the SPAWNED TRUCKS list (at the lower part of the SPAWN TRUCK window, see the screenshot above) and click REMOVE.
    6. After doing this, only your vehicle will remain in the list of spawned vehicles.
    7. Click DONE in the SPAWN TRUCK window to close it. Now you can test your vehicle.
  15. Each time you change the resources of your mod, you will need to repeat steps 12. and 13. above to convert and reload them.
  16. After you have created your vehicle as a new mod and thoroughly tested it on the map, you can pack it to .zip archive, which is necessary for uploading your mod to

    To do this:

    1. Open MOD MANAGER from the TOOLS menu once again.
    2. In the appearing window, select your mod in the list and click PACK.
    3. After doing this, the system will check your mod, pack it, and create the .zip archive with the created package. You can find it in the Mods folder near the folder of your mod. The name of the archive will be the same as the name of your mod.
      For example, the test mod that we have created above can be found as:
      "C:\Users\<name_of_the_user>\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\Media\Mods\"
      zipped mod
    4. This particular .zip file you will need if you choose to upload your mod to
  17. Now you can upload this mod to the (see Section 4. below for details). After it is uploaded there, you will be able to use it in the game, on any map. First, you will need to subscribe to the uploaded mod, then – you will need to activate it. For details, see Section 5.

4. Upload of a Mod to

To upload a mod to collection, do the following:

  1. Open (the Add Mod page of the SnowRunner’s
    Then, follow the steps of this page (see below).
  2. On the Profile step, specify the necessary fields from the following:
    1. Preview image – click on the image placeholder and upload the image that will be shown for your mod in the mods collection.
    2. In Tags section (fields from Installation to Changes) - select options that characterize your mod.
      For example, in the Installation field, select:
      • Subscribe - if users need to subscribe to your mod to install it (typical option for all standard truck mods).
      • Manual - if users need to install it manualy (typical option for modes that change the game itself).
    3. Visibility – optional field, you can select one of two options there:
      • Public – your uploaded mod will be public and available for all players.
      • Hidden – your uploaded mod will be available only for you, team members, and moderators. It will be hidden from regular players.
    4. Mod name – specify the name of your mod. This name will be shown for your mod in the mods collection.
    5. Summary – a brief description of your mod.
    6. Description – optional field, a full description of your mod.
    7. Dependencies – optional field, specify other mods that are necessary for the correct work of your mod there.
    8. After that, click the Save mod and next step button at the lower right corner of the page.

  3. On the Media step, specify additional images, YouTube videos, and Sketchfab models to showcase your mod. This step is optional.

    To add this content, fill in the fields and click Save mod and next step.
    To skip this step, click Skip step.

  4. On the Files step, specify the necessary fields from the following:
    1. Upload file – select here the .zip archive of your mod. You can find it in the Mods folder near the folder of your mod, where it was generated when you packed your mod. The name of the archive will be the same as the name of your mod. See Step 16. in the Section 3. above for details.
      After specifying the path to the .zip archive of the mod, click Upload next to the path field.
      As the file is uploaded, you will see the progress bar below the field.
      The successful upload of this file does not mean it is saved for your mod at this moment. You must submit the form (finish the process of uploading mod) to save it.

    2. Version – optional field, if necessary, you can specify the version of your mod there.
    3. Changelog – optional field, if necessary, you can specify the changelog there.
    4. After that, click the Add file and next step button.
  5. On the Team step, you can invite other players to the team that supports your mod.
    To invite a player to this team, specify his/her username or e-mail address in the Add a member field and click Send invite. Afterward, you can manage the rights and permissions of the invited users as described on the page.
    If you have uploaded a hidden mod, it will be available only for you and the players you have invited to the team. To view your hidden mod, they need to accept the invitation that was sent to them.
  6. Now, you have successfully uploaded the mod. Click Profile in the menu on the left, to proceed to the profile page of your mod.

    Or, if you have created a public mod, go to the Mods page, find it there, and click it.

  7. The Profile page is the official page of your mod. Its web address corresponds to the name of the mod (e.g., in case of our example).
    It displays a summary of your mod and has the Subscribe to install button, which allows players to subscribe to it (subscription is necessary for adding a mod to the game, see Section 5. below).
    If your mod is hidden, you can make it public from this page.
  8. To add your uploaded mod to the game:
    1. Click Subscribe to install button on the Profile page of your mod. After that, the page will display the Subscribed status for your mod.
    2. After subscribing, your mod will appear in the game, in the MODS menu of it. To enable it in the game, locate it the list of mods there and switch its state to ON. For more details, see Section 5.2. below.

5. Usage of Modes from

To use mods from in the game, you need first to subscribe to them.
After that, you need to activate them in the game itself.

5.1. Subscribing to a Mod

To subscribe to the mod:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Open the game, then open MODS in the main menu, then click Browse MODS.
      This will open the list of mods at the in your browser.
      Please note, that, on this site, you need to be logged in with the account you have linked to the game (see Section 2.) to subscribe to mods.
    • Simply open in browser, while being logged in with the account you have linked to the game (see Section 2.).
  2. On this site, open the page of the necessary mod.
  3. Click the Subscribe to install button.

After subscribing to the mod, you need to activate it in the MODS menu of the game.

5.2. Activating a Mod

To activate the mod you have been subscribed to:

  • In the MODS menu of the game, locate this mod and switch its state to ON.

After doing this, you will be able to use the vehicle from the mod on any map. It will be available in the truck store in any Garage.


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cianm @cianm

me too

MrChippyPancakes @mrchippypancakes

Same- only a couple of them have the toggle option; the other 10+ just infinitely load.

TNB_ROROCUSTOMS @rorocustoms

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theaxeman22 @theaxeman22

Same problem, tried verifying files and everything.

wintaz460 @wintaz460

Same problem, tried verifying files and everything.

theaxeman22 @theaxeman22

I messaged support 3 days ago and got this reply the same day

Sorry for that :( There is an issue with subscription to hidden mods in the game. It will be fixed as soon as possible and is in progress now.
Really sorry for that issue."

but I still have this issue :/

luckypossum @luckypossum

It seems, developers have fixed the issue with infinite loading and hidden mods.

At least as described here -, to get it working one needs to:
1. Delete the "" folder at the C:\Users\[user]\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\Mods
2. Pass the authentication in the game again and verify the same e-mail that you used before
3. Restart the game
4. Let the game to re-download the mods you are subscribed to for some time
5. These mods will appear in MODS menu without the infinite loading

If you subscribe to a hidden mod, it will appear there too.

However, it seems that unsubscribing from mods takes some time: if you subscribe to a new mod, and, before the system downloads it, unsubscribe from it (or close the game) - this mod will disappear only after some time and will be still displayed as loading at this time.

Maypeur @maypeur

1) I cannot find the log when there is an error when converting / paking mod > Found in Documents/My Games/SnowRunner/base/logs/LegacyLog.txt
2) Where do we setup the labels vars like UI_xxx

D3adCy11nd3r @d3adcy11nd3r

I never get the window for step 5 so the is never synced between the two. Did a full reinstall, still nothing.

BoogalooGoon83 @boogaloogoon83

Anyone know how to create a separate instance/mod of an already made truck? For example, if I wanted to modify some attributes of the White Western Star 4964, but leave the stock one there as well. How would I go about doing that? When I "create" a vehicle in the editor as shown above, the only one that ever spawns in that VW Thing looking scout.

mlr321 @mlr321

get a "unable to create 3d3 device" error when converting my mod.

wiedzmin1986 @wiedzmin1986

Hi, everybody. Tell me what the problem might be. Game license. When you select the MOD item in the menu and enter the email address used for registering on the site, the message is returned: authorization Error. Can anyone help solve the problem? Thanks.

Uforic @uforic

Hello, the "on" switches in the mod menu disable every time, while quitting the game, so every time I have to switch each one on again before playing! is there a select all key? or any select all option?

Matti1589620430 @matti1589620430

How to edit something else than that Tuz scout? It always just spawns that.

tcpthrasher @tcpthrasher

I have the same problem, no matter what I do in the mod it always makes a scout file. People make mods here to use and can't tell us what we are doing wrong. That guide in here still don't help. It always makes a scout file. I am getting real ****** about using this modder.

olesen @olesen

When you click 'create mod', the editor just creates a generic template of the scout car to show associated files and folder structure. If you want to create a mod of a particular vehicle start with a basic config edit.

1. Create a mod e.g. "chevrolet_ck1500_mod"

2. Using WinRar (or similar), open C:\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\initial.pak\[media]\classes\trucks

3. Copy the vehicle config you want to edit (e.g. chevrolet_ck1500.xml) to your newly created mod folder (e.g. chevrolet_ck1500_mod\classes\trucks\addons) and rename it (chevrolet_ck1500_mod.xml).

4. Edit the config (e.g add 'CompatibleWheels') and delete all the unused files and folders in your mod (i.e. mesh files, textures, addons, etc)

5. Pack the mod using the ingame editor, then upload to modio

Alternatively you can just edit the config directly within the inital.pak. Remember to backup your files. If you stuff it up you can either restore your backup or 'verify' your game in the epic game launcher.

Matti1589620430 @matti1589620430

Thanks for help :)

collector50g @collector50g

Huge Thank you

FurcleTheKeh @furclethekeh

Hi, do you know where the texture files for the trucks are?

olesen @olesen

Mesh files here:

Textures files here:

If you open the mesh files in a text editor, you can see the texture references. Other than that, I have no idea how to open or edit these files.

2209501767 @2209501767

do you know the method now? can you teach me

BeefaloBart @beefalobart

Got the Navistar 5000-MV working as a mod. In stock form it seems really stout. However just need to figure where to find the Textures so I can do the color options. Also notice the sleeper LED lights don't work.

olesen @olesen

The main colour options are set via the "customization_preset.xml", to be stored in:
[your mod]/classes/customization_presets

I'd suggest downloading a truck config mod from this site and taking a look at how others have done it.

YKMini @ykmini

This is driving me insane. What am I doing wrong. The mod shows in mod manager as converted but I don't see it in list in the create menu in step 14 ? What am I missing here

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Not sure if this is the correct thread, but I'm really new to the PC scene for games. I got a pc just so I could download this game and use mods. I have just started it. I was wondering if it is at all possible to use these mods in the career mode? I started the tutorial, dont want to do it if I wont get to use them. I tried to look online for something and got nada. I'm very very new to all of this, so if someone could break it down Barney style that would be amazing. Thanks a ton!

Darkniz @darkniz

You will need to complete part of the tutorial to unlock the garage.

gaming-elite @gaming-elite

loads of my mods wont stay enabled, i enable them then exit out of the mod browser on pts ver and all the mods i enabled are dissabled

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txntxntxnx @txntxntxnx

Does the mods works in PTS version? 10.1? Mine got all greyed out for ON button.

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I have the Problem that the verification code never arrives,what to do?

Juxxfly @na4515151

U fix that?

spugnabrilla @spugnabrilla

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also reinstalled the game and cleared the cache on the pc but nothing ...Help
( edit: i solved it, thanks)

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Console? Does this work on xbox so if i subsrcibe so some it gets installed on snowrunner on my xbox right or only PC

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Cds4777 @cds4777

My mod is converted everything is fine. When I try to pack it says” check mod returned an error, please review log. I click on the (rebuild log) it’s empty??

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Can I still make mods if I am on console because I don't have Snowrunner on pc

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Help please.

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Hi which image format do I have to choose for the track shop? With png as an object or embedded, the image is not displayed.