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Modding guidelines for Snowrunner

Hello SnowRunners! In order to foster a collaborative and positive environment for modding, we'd like to clarify some of the guidelines that we use when moderating


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We want all modders to be able to put up mods without the fear of them being taken down. So what mods are at risk from being taken down?

Modding DLC vehicles
Anyone is free to mod DLC vehicles if they don’t make the paid vehicle itself available. Additionally, if a modder takes a part of a DLC vehicle, say, a piece of the dashboard, or a bumper, etc., and applies it to a separate whole, to a degree that satisfies us that the vehicle is a new creation, it’s allowed.

Modding base game vehicles
These are all fair game! Mod them as you wish!

Using models from other games
This is a little trickier, but the general rule is: if we get a takedown request from the IP holder due to a model from another game, we are forced to take it down, for legal reasons. The same rules apply to real life branded vehicles.

Modding completely original vehicles
These are extremely welcome! We love to see completely original creations, and these are of course not at risk of being taken down.

A mod was deleted after I purchased it from the garage in-game!
We're working on adding a way to get refunded for the in-game money players spend on modded vehicles.

Why was my mod taken down?
Modders should receive a notification on if their mod has been taken down with a brief description of the reason.
Reasons may include any of the above, or if the mod page is deemed to have an insufficient description, inappropriate thumbnail, or the modder is toxic in their replies to other users.Thank you all for notifying us of mods that break the rules. Keep in mind that we rely on the community to carefully consider what mods they flag, and not to do so on a whim, as this can be very detrimental too. The actions of each individual is what determines how positive the environment is for everyone.

We're extremely happy with the amount of amazing mods we've seen for SnowRunner, and can't wait for everything that's yet to come, with maps and interior customisation coming soon. Mods for consoles are also on the way, although there is not a set release date yet. Once we have that, you can be sure we'll shout it from the rooftops.

See you in the snow,
The Saber, Focus, and teams


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rostvo @rostvo

Thanks for quickly taking down the garbage mods we reported. It is appreciated to see active moderation.

Allozorro @allozorro

This is also the great merit of those who create detailed reports. Thanks you.

FireBubbles7540 @firebubbles7540


biskup3807 @biskup3807

Can you use the mods on a coop game

barefoot-bob @barefoot-bob

is there any guides to change engine sounds