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IMPORTANT file management issue.

While working on my first mod downloaded through I run into a weird issue that my mod was working sometimes, and sometimes not, and sometimes it looked like old version of it. At first I though maybe I'm doing something wrong since it was my first mod, but it turned oud to be file management issue. Here are the details.


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So when you create a mod at, you have a step to upload files.
You specify release version, e.g. 0.5 and choose the file to upload. I use here a real example since it will be easier to explain.

guilde img 01

So I upload my mod, then I upload new version of it. makes copies of it (instead of overwriting the file, has file versioning in place) and numbers them automatically like this.
Let's say I uploaded my changed mod five times.

I worked on my mod with visibility set to Private, so I could only make it Public when I feel it is ready.

The problem appears when you start messing with files above.
I theory allows you to delete files, but in-fact this feature doesn't work as expected.

At some point I deleted the old files, since I didn't need them any more.

I deleted these files: then starts to number newly uploads files from the beginning, that is next 4 uploads where named like below and they had the correct MD5 checksums.

But in-fact when you did downloaded them though SnowRunner game client or even through web browser they were pointing to old files, with old changes making the mod behave erratic.

To workaround this issue I had to upload my changes with new filename that was not used before.
I renamed the file to locally and uploaded it to counting it will leave it as is, and it did. Finally!

Well, I would recommand the work flow for new mods like this.
1. Create a Private mod on and upload just one file for it (I think you could use even some random name here like, and then delete it before making the mod public, so you don't waste you intended name

2. Then change mod files locally. You can simply overwrite your modded files in folder.
The game doesn't verify mod content, at least it didn't for me.
Example folder path: %userprofile%\Documents\my games\SnowRunner\base\Mods\.modio\mods\125283

3. I hope this will help you to avoid similar issues and focus on modding stuff and not figuring why it doesn't work.

4. Btw, mods expect that PAK files will be in zip file, so you need to zip your modded files twice. For example modding of classes folder.

4a. Zip 'classes' folder and rename it to PAK, e.g.: gmc_9600t.pak

4b. Then zip gmc_9600t.pak and upload that file to, or you can overrite the gmc_9600t.pak in %userprofile%\Documents\my games\SnowRunner\base\Mods\.modio\mods\125283, local changes to PAK file will be seen in the game.

guilde img 02

5. I would also suggest as a final step before publishing your mod to download it manually from and check its MD5 checksum.
There are plenty of tools for this that either need you to install them on your PC or just to paste a file to web-browser page, so I won't recommend here any tool here. :)


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INtense! @intense

Our recommendation is to always use a unique filename, because as you saw we support versioning and you can pick the "primary file" that gets downloaded.

BUT as you discovered, if you delete a file then upload a file with the same name, you can run into issues. Our system actually correctly stores the new file on the backend, but our CDN edge cache may still deliver the old file.

We're making 2 changes to address this. Firstly we purge our CDN edge cache on file delete, and we will update the logic to make filenames more unique.

marzo8901 @marzo8901


DB_gaming @db-gaming

I’m having issues with this my game was fine until the update a few days back , now when I upload a mod map when you subscribe to it it doesn’t show new content just a base terrain I don’t know how to fix it