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GGMS Guides (Snowrunner)

Modding guides for the snowrunner game. By Gaskellgames

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GGMS Snowrunner Guides by Gaskellgames

ggms snowrunner guides

This series of guides will show you:

  • Part 1: File locations for epic and steam
  • Part 2: Adding lighting effects
  • Part 3: Adding custom saddles
  • Part 4: Exporting custom models
  • Part 5: Creating custom model textures

More coming soon...

Comment below if there are any issues or errors in the guides, as well as if there are any specific topics you would like me to cover

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Terms of Use and Copyright:

Unless otherwise credited, all guides are Copyright © Gaskellgames (me/author): Therefore you cannot use, edit, alter or re-upload any of the content, for any use whatsoever, unless I give you explicit permission to do so.

Updated: 14/01/2022


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