GMC 8000 "Jade Grenade" for SnowRunner

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Credits: Fonta_workshop

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So it was for quite a time in my projects and here we go the GMC 8000 "Jade Grenade".

I've added the real detroit engines so there is three of them: 6-71, 6-71TA and 6v71, I've adjusted the sounds to match the motor. Added 4 transmissions however if anyone knows what transmissions there was in this truck feel free to let me know.

I've adjusted the wheels and added the crocodile's one. Some visual customisation, Tatra T813's and Phoenix's sideboard and also the medium log addon BUT I recommand using the heavy bumper with it, just like the Cornfield Cadillac, or you're in for some wheelies.

I've also added a flex raised suspension: I don't recommand using it with the heavy addons ( big cranes, fuel tank etc) and the UCD1 tires (crocodile) because they make the suspension less stiffer on there own (so you can combine them with the high or custom suspensions.)

Changelog 1.1.0:
Correct wheel softness
Added step crocodile and ford F750 wheels
Replaced low saddle

Added real life gearboxes





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Özgün @ozgunbulut91

YukonNik @yukonnik

I’m enjoying this one really good job on it love the engine sounds too…


Man my favourite truck is now even better damn I absolutely love it. Though one thing if you could change the stock horn to old sally, cornfield cadillac and screamin jimmy's horn I really dislike the Bandit horn it seems very unrealistic for an old, classy truck to have that weird horn maybe its just me nitpicking, but really great mod this will get some use in the new phase 7 map :D Thumbs up for all epic truck tweaks you made so far 👍👍

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it and for the horn of the GMC I've noticed it (just after it came on the modhub) so yes I'm gonna change it

Wolffreak430 @wolffreak430

Man this is a nice looking tweak, sucks that gm branded mods won’t make it to console

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

The most common transmissions in these (in my area,that I've seen) are Allison Automatics(mostly with Cats) Spicer 1062 6 speeds, Spicer 1372A 7 speeds and Eaton Fuller RTO9513 which I believe is a 13 speed. Most 6Vs I've seen on local farms are the Spicer's.

tarsis31 @tarsis31

We had 2 with 13 speed Eaton, and one with 18 speed. *Though the 18 could have been a General rather than a Brig, it was like 20 years ago, and I only yarded them.

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Great! thank you for this informations, I really struggled to find the gearboxes that came with this truck.

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

You are welcome, I'm glad I could help and contribute something.

Jonn15horn @jonn15horn

The UCD1 tires look good on the GMC :)