Glitchworks Tuned Chevy CK1500 for SnowRunner

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This one was a real project. This is far from the normal tuned GW truck. We have customization options out the wazoo. I went full blown modder on this folks. We have all the normal goodies, Glitchworks motors, suspension, etc... all the stuff you guys love about driving a Glitchworks truck.... but I didnt stop there. NOPE. We have a new bed, bumpers, lights, roll bars, exhausts, and tires. ALL CUSTOM built from scratch. So, here is the official rundown on everything new and/or changed.

Glitchworks suspension tuning

Added Hummer engines, H2 sounds, front and rear bumpers, spare tire, and repair addon

Added International Scout front bumper

Added Tatarin style tires, Glitchwork Mudworks duallies, and TnB BigDubz420 BFG All Terrains and M/T Baja Claws.

The following was all created by myself specifically for this truck

Glitchworks side pipes. You can choose between either side, or both sides installed.

Glitchworks side stacks. Also, install just one, or both, your choice! (can not install with the side pipes or service bed)

Glitchworks Service bed. Has 4 full tire repair kits, 500 repair points and 100L of additional fuel. Pair it up with the vanilla Chevy overhead rack and the H2 in bed repair stuff and you should be able to fix anything and everything out in the field.

Glitchworks JerryCan. For those times you just need a bit more fuel while doing your scouting.

Glitchworks Roll Bar. Because what Chevy SportSide doesnt look good with a roll bar? They ALWAYS look good with a roll bar.

Glitchworks heavy duty front and rear bumpers. Because why not?

Glitchworks 38" Super Swamper Bogger tires on white wagon wheel steel rims

Big credit to JTbrt for sharing the knowledge to make custom parts and to BigDubz420 for the use of his tires. Please dont steal my parts... just ask nicely and I probably will let you have them.

Upcoming... color changing options for service bed










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RachelTGG @racheltgg

Hey glitch, i like where you are going with this truck, but you need to work on the wheels and suspensions . The vanilla wheels make the truck useless because you tuned the suspensions to the custom tires, wich are much heavier than the vanilla. You could solve that two ways:
-Making a copy of the vanilla wheels, custom name the file and give them the same mass as the custom ones.
-Change the weight of the custom wheels to the same as the vanilla ones (75 mass is what the vanilla ones have) and re-tune the suspensions

Another thing, the custom wheels are WAY better than the vanilla, so if you want to keep the truck closer to the vanilla, you need to rebalance the stats (the friciton values of the custom tires)

And another thing: The rollbar blocks all the trunk addons, even tough they would fit without clipping. Thats easy to solve. Also, if you move the hummer spare wheel back a little, you could allow to fit the fuel canister with it.

Almost forgot, you are doubling up the difflock and the default bumpers. You have them with the vanilla names on the files

Fumbles1589847179 @fumbles1589847179

Make an unbranded version for consoles pls

HowdyHeavyfoot @howdyheavyfoot

it would be cool if someone did this chevy model (gmt400) in a fleetside version. got one my self irl so :P and with varios setups. difrent exhaust, stacks, hood stacks, sidepipes etc. singel cab, ext cab and crewcab .. :D

Glitchworks @rdgamache

If I could actually remove the stepside bed, then I could probably make a fleetside for it. But for now, this is the best I can do with what we have to work with.

B-Man17 @b-man17

I'm not really a fan of the CK1500 in the game, actually I'm not really into scout vehicles, but this one is pretty cool. Is it possible to get that service bed to change colors with the truck? It would be pretty cool if it did instead of just staying white the whole time.

Glitchworks @rdgamache

That will happen in a future update to this truck. I have someone who is willing to teach me how to make that happen, its just a matter of timing between schedules at the moment.

jdack02 @jdack02

Great Job and other Glichworks master piece keep it up man

Glitchworks @rdgamache

Well thanks jdack

jdack02 @jdack02

And that roll bar is frickin mint wicked job on that suits the truck well

TheGaptist @thegaptist

Do you know how much better my life would be if this was on console ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Glitchworks @rdgamache

I feel your pain man, I really do. But there is nothing anyone can do unless General Motors decides to retract their stance on their vehicles being blocked from consoles.

KnightCrawler642 @knightcrawler642

i know it may be a dumb question, why do they block vehicles with the logos ? is it a copyright issue or something like that

Glitchworks @rdgamache

Its something specific with GM and the licensing agreement Saber has with them. Somewhere in there is states that even trucks that are licensed for use within the initial release of the game are not allowed to be published as mods on the consoles. I dont know all the legal stuff, but thats the "Cliff Notes" version of it. Other brands of trucks are more about the copyrights and MS/Sony approval. I guess it's easier to approve if it's not branded vs chasing down each manufacturer and requesting approval. Again lots of legal mumbo jumbo that I dont fully understand, but can take guesses at.

TheGaptist @thegaptist

I hear ya, i subscribed anyway ๐Ÿ‘ great work