GGMS Rufus (Forklift) for SnowRunner

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Published by Gaskellgames (mod ID: 2052509)


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GGMS Rufus by Gaskellgames

The GGMS Rufus gets its name from the red wolf. (Genus: Canis Rufus)

Recommended Mod: GGMS Trailer Pack 1: Scouts

Mod Features:

  • Right hand drive (British Import).
  • Custom vehicle model built from the ground up.
  • Custom Addon models.
  • Custom Map Markers
  • Upgrade Stats and details (beyond the base game info) when in the garage.

Coming Soon:

  • Custom skins/textures

Credit and Thanks:

  • Many Testers, accross multiple discord servers, for their feedback and support.

Version Log:

  • 11/05/2022: v1.0.0 - Initial Release
  • 12/05/2022: v1.1.0 - Log Addon
  • 13/05/2022: v1.1.1 - Bug Fix

Terms of Use and Copyright:

Unless otherwise credited above, all models are Copyright © Gaskellgames (me/author): Therefore you cannot use, edit, alter or re-upload any of the custom models (meshes or textures), for any use whatsoever, unless I give you explicit permission to do so.

Platform Availability:

All my mods are uploaded in the required format, and in compliance with all developer rules, in order to make them eligible for consoles. However it is down to Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive (the developers) as to which mods make it to console and which don't.

Description Updated: 17/05/2022 - Images Updated: 17/05/2022 - Content Updated: 13/05/2022 - RAM: 3.00mb


ggms_rufus_v1.1.1_nx64.zip2.17mbv1.1.1 (Switch)

ggms_rufus_v1.1.1_xbox_series.zip3.06mbv1.1.1 (XBS)

ggms_rufus_v1.1.1_xbox_one.zip2.36mbv1.1.1 (XB1)

ggms_rufus_v1.1.1_playstation_5.zip3.06mbv1.1.1 (PS5)

ggms_rufus_v1.1.1_playstation_4.zip2.36mbv1.1.1 (PS4)

ggms_rufus_v1.1.1_pc.zip2.36mbv1.1.1 (PC)


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Rufus_Johns @rufus-johns

may i ask how you decided on Rufus as a name for you mod?
also, it is a Very Nice fork truck,
Thank You for sharing your work .

Gaskellgames @gaskellgames

All of my vehicles are names after the Latin/Genus names of animals. For example; the GGMS Lupus (Canis Lupus) is the Timber Wolf, The GGMS Arctos (Canis Lupus Arctos) is the Polar Wolf and the GGMS Rufus (Canis Lupus Rufus) is the Red Wolf. You can see more info for each vehicle in the truck’s description in game :)

JAVA-M3-GTR @java-m3-gtr

Welcome to console! now we have a proper forklift 👍🏻

kevmeister11 @kevmeister11


Rob000 @na8169186

Operating the forklift.

kevmeister11 @kevmeister11

silly question; do you get the rate adjustment (when you load stuff from the dock yourself instead of autoloading) for loading stuff yourself?

Gaskellgames @gaskellgames

The rate for loading will be the same as when using the dlc telehandler

Winduphero7 @winduphero7

Parking a forklift with the forks raised is an OSHA violation, sir, even when on a trailer.

timangelico @timangelico

You're saying this as if normal gameplay isn't breaking every OSHA rule...

(TOPGUN)Maverick @topgun-maverick

wow only 1.91mb for switch :)

SergeyY98 @sergeyyanakaev

Although he doesn't have his own addons, wheels, exhaust and engine sound, but he still seemed very interesting to me. Thank you for the effort and the work done

Gaskellgames @gaskellgames

Thanks! As will all my mods I will continue to add to them after release. So what is available now is not the final product :)

SergeyY98 @sergeyyanakaev

It's good that there are online translators. For it is through him that I communicate, for example, with you. My knowledge of English is not enough to communicate fluently in it, but I do not need it. I still live in Russia, and I don't plan to go abroad either)

Rob000 @na8169186

Have you tried using it? For example try to load a cargo unit from smitiville dam warehouse near the garage
I couldn't load anything. The only way it partially can drag it is to drive stright into the loading bay location and spawn the cargo over it's prongs. But it is partially and cannot securely move it.
I would suggest:
1. make a winch point like a crane one on top of the loading mechanism to pull the cargo over the 2 prongs
2. make a pack cargo function so it can move around with it.
3. get in touch with map makers to create specific maps with warehouses where such a vehcle can be deployed inside and bring cargo to a truck. Like industrial maps of sorts. The idea of such vehicles is nice, but needs supporting environments that need them.

Gaskellgames @gaskellgames

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll definitely look into adding a crane/winch point on the forks.

I did look into packing cargo on the forks, but the cargo will not always spawn in on the forks (if the forks aren’t in the right location the cargo can spawn inside the forks and cause the physics engine to go a bit crazy). So I won’t be adding a packable cargo slot to the forks.

From my experience this forklift works just as well (if not a little better) than the Cat telehandler dlc truck in terms of picking up and moving cargo. The forks are the same size, but this forklift has the benefit of being easier to manoeuvre and also being small enough to fit into a single cargo slot size for transportation.

Edit: Crane winch points added in v1.1.1

Rob000 @na8169186

Yes, it seems easy to use, and acts friendly as opposed to the base game Cat forklift.
One idea. It would be amazing if you could share a video in the description, from some of the beta testers probably, to showcase how is done to load a cargo on the prongs.
I think it may need longer prongs. I cans send you a message with a video of me trying my vert best to load this thing and can't do it. Of course I am not a god, so I may be doing something wrong, and if so, it would be of great help to understand. After that I might even make the helping video how to load it up so others will find easy to use it.

Bando909 @bando909

Also it's partially the dev's fault for not implementing the warehouses to have proper spawn points for cargo on the docks to allow other vehicles besides cranes to pick up the cargo easier. Mainly they need to add almost like blocks on the docks to prop the cargo off the dock slightly to allow the forks to go under and be able to pick the cargo up without pushing it off the dock. I've only see one custom map do this (Mill Road) that spawned the wooden planks on blocks so you could easily pick it up with a forklift which made it much easier to do.