Fuel Cistern Skid / Rack + Repair Hitch Cargo Rack for SnowRunner

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Published by MrSkladak (mod ID: 1147939)


NOTE: as of 2.0.0 clipping of racks through truck collision meshes should no longer occur.

[1] Fuel Cistern Skid

1280L capacity in barrels to be filled up and carried anywhere as a single-slot "fuel" cargo.

This skid is purchased at a trailer store. It is a trailer, but looks like cargo.

⚠ Note: Detach it immediately after purchase otherwise you'll lose immersion as you'll be towing a skid of barrels with an invisible force field.

⚠ Note: Once you lift it onto your flatbed/sideboard, pack it as a truck.

[2] Repair Hitch Cargo Rack

(two variations, original and low+wide)

A small rear rack with 300 repair points and 2 wheels.

⚠ Warning; This hitch rack is light. Depending where on the truck/trailer you pack it, if you leave it packed on a truck when re-entering the game, the physics engine may make it shake. Simply unpack and re-pack to remedy. Preferably before you start driving.

⚠ Note: Rack must be attached "as trailer" to use for repairs or refill.

[3] Fuel Jerry Can Rack

A small rack to be put on roof / trailer with 240L of fuel.

⚠ Note: Detach it immediately after purchase otherwise you'll lose immersion as you'll be towing a skid of barrels with an invisible force field.

⚠ Note: Once you lift it onto your roof/flatbed/sideboard, pack it as a truck.












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Tzampas @bmhqbm

This is an amazing concept and it has also been utilised and implemented equally as good. Makes use of everything the game has to offer. Thank you, and again, bravo. EDIT. After playing about 50+ hours with your mod, would you be interested in making a single slot cargo but for repairing? Nothing fancy, just a one slot box with maybe a couple of spares and 300 - 400 repair points.

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Thanks Tzampas for the kind words. I'll see if I can find time. Got a bit busy recently.

axelteflon @axelteflon

Love this one, it's helped me out so much. It's a perfect combo for my one slot scouts, much easier to drop the cistern off at POIs instead of hauling out a tanker. A repair spare parts skid or even a half and half consumables skid would be cool too!

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Thanks, yes, that's pretty much how I use these.

Z0913T @z0913t

I love this idea and was even suggesting it on the forum. Any chance of making a console version? Please?

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Thanks! I opened a thread asking about console version:

Z0913T @z0913t

FYI messaged you on the forum. There's an issue when connecting to trucks with overhanging frame addons that it meshes into the truck and can't be removed. Also I found that on occasion just glitched and is not attachable, even if position and orientation is correct. Still awesome addition to game but I thought you might want to know.

Z0913T @z0913t

Hahaha, didn't realise it was you again until the reply. Great minds think alike, well done. Can't wait to see what other great ideas come out of your evil genius mind :-) All the best

acteck60 @acteck60

Loved this mod, have you changed its barrels color?

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Hi, yes, I stopped using the in-game "barrels" asset and just made my own with a smaller footprint.

The previous version was quite difficult to fit in a 1-slot sideboard.

Also changed up the icons on the map so it's easier to find these instead of having all of them look like trailers.

Just minor quality of life improvements.

I hope none of them disappeared on your maps. Shouldn't have.

acteck60 @acteck60

Well, gonna miss the older aspect, anyway your mod its so useful to use and has such a great looking, keep up the good work!

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Playing with it some more, I think it should be twice as wide as it is now.

Feels OP to be this small yet have such capacity.

acteck60 @acteck60

Right, or can you low it's fuel capacity?

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Thank you.

noneofus @noneofus

simple but nice mod, it's possible to ask of you want to add a similar trailer but for repair pont? thx ^^

PugPunk @pugpunk

Great mod!

gbee @gbee

recipe for disaster. Sorry.
I've seen this all before .... in a glitchy game like snow runner, you must be mad or vindictive or very very young.

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Interesting, I'm none of those. Your mileage may vary. It's something I use in my hard-mode game and thought to share. Use at own discretion.

GMT-400x92x @gmt-400x92x

Very neat idea I’ve been saying since day 1 we should be able to use fuel from barrels great mod can’t wait to try it out

MaiklFox @maiklfox69

можно ли вот с этим что ни будь сделать передвижное - (желтая ремонтная рамка)
is it possible to do something mobile with this - (yellow repair frame)

MrSkladak @mrskladak

That's a neat idea. But, with this hacky-way of leveraging a trailer, I find it somewhat odd with repair-items and spare-wheels, as you need to attach to trailer to use them. Just for fuel doesn't seem to break immersion as much.

matchbreakers @matchbreakers

I mean the box model of Vehicle Spare Parts could work.

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

That would be nice, but would still be held to the game's limitation of hitching up to it to make use of it. Unfortunately.