Frog's 1st Gen Dodge Ram for SnowRunner

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Published by TnB_Xofroggy (mod ID: 142214)


Frog's 1st Gen Dodge Ram. Has Collision Axles (Collision Axles Collide with everything much like the body does, so beware of ruts, much like in REAL LIFE you cant just run your diff through solid ground.

Model From RORO Customs

Will get some updates once the devs get off their lazy asses and make it possible to test a truck in game through normal friggin means.

Bogger Tires built by Capone

Half an interior (the half that counts) from Invalid Redneck, Working Mirrors, and such, didnt give it working gauges because eh.
No Trailers or Addons (yet)

Full Color Pallet so change it to your hearts content

Has 3 Motors, Stock, Upgraded, and Performance

Has 3 Transmissions, Stock, Offroad, and Highway

For a more tame experience use stock motor and offroad transmission

Keep in mind this is an upgraded vehicle so dont tell me a darn thing about it being "OP"

Does not have suspension options

If you like the truck be sure to give it a thumbs up.

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DO NOT TWEAK MY MOD AT ALL!!! I worked very hard to make this vehicle the way it is and it is perfect changing it from its current specs is just not a thing you need to do, you dont like the the way it drives just dont drive it and unsubscribe....





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cw_helicopters @cw-helicopters

Great truck but doesn't work in multiplayer. Also, I bought the truck, modded it in the garage, drove it for a bit and parked it. Left the game and when I came back later the truck was gone, if I go to the garage and the store is still shows I own one but it is no where to be found. Sucks I lost 10k right at the start of my game.

GrinningROO @grinningroo

awesome mod keep up the good work look forward to gettint to run around in your mods on console

HowlingCurve @bing4fit

None of your mods working in multiplayer

TnB_Xofroggy @tnb-xofroggy

no mod works in MP

HarleyHyena @harleyhyena

any chance of doing a jeep wrangler rubicon jk 4 door?

SlateGrain30268 @slategrain30268

Will this work for consle.

Sgt_bubbles2322 @sgt-bubbles2322

i would like to see either a 77 square body a chevy "cat eye" or a 71 ford f 100

kadedushey @kadedushey

sweet mods, can you look into doing toyota trucks next?

robert1589498893 @robert1589498893

hey frog can you please make a fj45 ute

tiffanyluck @tiffanyluck

any thing I can do to make the truck show up in my game

dronlos @dronlos

nice truck, i have first gen magnum 360 w250

joeltc3011 @joeltc3011

ok so for future reference my windows defender was blocking snowrunner from accessing folders once I went into that and hit allow access I reloaded the game and it works now

joeltc3011 @joeltc3011

mine just says not installed and just has a loading icon forever I left it sit like that for an hour I unsubscribed then subscribed again tried all that still just loading..... Any suggestions

campbellsoup3030 @campbellsoup3030

it did that for me just do the delete the folder thing

tiffanyluck @tiffanyluck


jippyjym @jippyjym

thanks dude 1972 to 1993 dodges are my favorite body style and this just takes the cake

tiffanyluck @tiffanyluck

still not in my game

TnB_Xofroggy @tnb-xofroggy

you should probably make sure its downloaded and that you are in the US when trying to buy it in game

HYPERPenguinE @hyperpenguine

Love the mod! Can you add working gauges in a later uppdate? And a question can you make a ford f150 raptor mod? I would love that.

TnB_Xofroggy @tnb-xofroggy

honestly i might never do working gauges, just for the fact that the game doesnt actually read real values for them, so no use in it