Freightliner M916A1 TT for SnowRunner

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Published by thieme1989 (mod ID: 1302336)


I was looking for a nimble truck with saddle capability. There are some mods but in the end I decided to tweak the M916, I already tweaked the 114SD so thought why not tweak it's sibling as well. Sadly the standard M916A1 can not handle modded trailers well because of the short frame. This was the issue I focussed on the most. Now it can use Olsom's semi-trailers!
This is my second tweak so constructive criticism is very welcome. I understand people are not crazy about yet another tweak, I always want to see some new interesting custom model trucks as well but please give this a chance or simply ignore it. If you really feel inclined to leave a thumbs down I would appreciate a comment as to why you voted this way.

Now onto the changes:

- Changed mass and COG slightly
- Increased the fueltank capacity (stock 200, mod 260)
- Raised engine torque to account for raised mass. Should provide a near vanilla experience. Also added two more unrealistic engine. (stock torque ratings 160K, 180K, 192K. mod torque ratings 175K, 195K, 210K, 250K and 300K mod p/w ratings A, A+, S and S+)
- Tweaked the gearbox and added a highrange gearbox, the fine-tune PTS gearbox and a heavy duty 8 gear
- Tweaked the suspensions and added some as well, including active suspension. The rear axles now have suspension settings that are independant from eachother, it should provide a better ride.
- Changed the wheels from medium double to heavy double (1+2), slightly increased the size and also added the P16 and 770G wheels. In comparison to the stock truck you will need raised or active suspension to mount the bigger tires. (stock size 43" & 47", new sizes 44" & 48")
- Changed the steering. The vanilla truck is quite a mess! It has clipping issues and on full steer the wheels do not follow the hub. I tried to fix this to the best of my ability! I had to make a sacrifice for it and ended up changing the steering angle from 40 degrees to 37 degrees but with this short truck it shouldn't matter too much.
- Edited the winches for a bit more strength and length. Offline winches are added as well. (winch lengths of either 20 or 30 meters)
- All vanilla customization addons are available. As wel as added snorkel, added roofrack and added horns on front fenders
- Moved the original low saddle further back to accomodate for modded trailers where the trailer has more overhang over the kingpin. Added a seperate low saddle (that looks like another high saddle) you can use with the vanilla trailers. Saddles clip a bit I can't really make it more pretty than it is. Even with the highest suspension raise and biggest wheels it is possible to get under and couple with a loose trailer (using the small saddle).
- Added small maintainer addon. It didn't look that bad :D

I haven't added any other addons A) because I really want this little thing to be a dedicated saddle truck and B) because most things will look a bit stupid and I am not a fan of them clipping with the riser flaps on the back of the truck. Do you really feel like you are missing some addon on this truck? Write in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Be sure to check out the tweaks by DocBugsy & Bartelbi7 as they both make amazing tweaks.










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Thank you!

harddozer @harddozer

Всё работает хорошо, но слишком имбово.

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Привет, я предполагаю, что имбово означает чрезмерно мощный или плохо сбалансированный? Я думаю, что в базовой игре этому грузовику не помешало бы немного любви. Возможно, некоторые вещи в моем твике слишком хороши, но, честно говоря, это мое личное предпочтение.
Я также думаю, что у него все еще есть недостатки, я легко опрокидываю его, и у него будут проблемы с камнями из-за задней подвески. Если бы вы могли рассказать мне, как бы вы изменили грузовик, я мог бы принять это во внимание, но, естественно, мнения о том, что грузовик несбалансированный или слишком мощный, сильно разнятся! Почти невозможно сделать правильно для всех.
Я рад, что хотя бы это работает правильно, спасибо, что обратились ко мне!

Netopyr_CZ @netopyr-cz

What about put roofrack on the top of the truck from TUZ 16?

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Check update :)
It doesn't look amazing but it works, although only 1 exhaust option is supported. Also added some horns on the front fenders because the roofrack blocks everything on the roof.

JTT @jtt2

Thats why I would prefer an invisible addon with repair points for the "winch package" rather than a roofrack.

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Good call, I can still add that as well. I'll probably wait a little with it so console recheck is faster

JTT @jtt2

My own 916 follows the same concept, some others too. Strange that the DEVs do not touch these practically obsolete old trucks being rushed out a year ago. The 916 with OHD1 tires and chains is really good enough and never ever even close to OP. Mine got 350l fuel with decreased AWD penalty as well as Heavy tires (no muds) to serve as a "long range semi hauler". So it has more fuel and more range as a Voron AE, but less versatility. Thats fair game.

thieme1989 @thieme1989

It is indeed strange they do not touch them at all and quite a shame. And yes it is true this truck will never be OP with the short wheelbase and that weird low hanging frame at the rear axles. Personally I like a bit OP, not like JBE tweaks but somewhere in between but it just doesn't some feasible to reach with this.
I was using this truck yesterday pulling the CAT trailer in lake Coap, the truck was having a lot of issues pulling the trailer, beaching it often and I ended up running out of fuel halfway so I may need to tinker with my own fuel settings a bit more... Not sure if I will tweak with the rest of the truck in general. I am fine mostly using it for flat ground. It doesn't have to be offroad/mud master.
In general I don't really have balancing in mind too much like you do. When I read your mod descriptions I am always really amazed by the effort and time you put in (although I admit I never drove your tweaks) hope you can keep up the good work and get some more subs for what you do!

JTT @jtt2

You see a lot centers of gravity changes as "(0; 0; 0)" but having very different "Origins" and other stuff copy & paste XML nonsense in the files. Some early trucks as the TUZ166 or 2070A did not even have a dampening in some suspensions settings and you wonder, why these are bouncing around like a rubberball.

If you look for a bit damping, define the SuspensionMin and Max numbers (one of these is typically forgotten), assign COG such that you get loaded as well as unloaded still reasonable axle loads (not as often completely overloaded front axles) and suddenly even stock trucks work way better.

And I personally do not care for "subs". Any of my tweaks is my interpretation of the game. If someone likes it - "subscribe". If not I do not really care.

But I do not like trucks being rushed out and then being completely neglected. Thats a waste of development time. Examples are M916 or SD114. The P12 is also something which could have been way better. And one of the worst DLCs from gameplay/setup was the BOAR. 20 tons and the same medium tires as a Fleetstar 2070A... ridiculous. Ok, 60% more power, but three times the weight. Guess whats happening....

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Is there a way to even visualize the CoG on the basegame models? I usually just work by feel and testing but sometimes results are so strange I wish I could see what the F is going on... and I know I haven't added suspension max in some of my trucks is it really that necessary? But yes I also do not like Devs being so careless. Wish their tweaking was a lot better!

JTT @jtt2

I look where the front and rear winchpoints are (coordinates) and then "from guts & feel". A bit front heavy unloaded is ok, assuming 5 tons load I try to put it a bit to rear.

Feeling: oversteer is front heavy, understeer tends to be rear heavy.

thieme1989 @thieme1989

I see, thanks!