Freightliner_114SDR for SnowRunner

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Published by Lexandro (mod ID: 179334)


For a level 20 truck the Freightliner 114SD lacks in several areas making it an inferior choice compared to similar trucks of the same nature. This mod attempts to resolve this by re-balancing the 114SD to make it a premier truck in its class, while also adding some quality of life improvements. Subscribe installation available.

Mod v2.0 / Phase 3 Update.

< Phase 3 Patch notes - Small retune of Allison gearbox / Added fine-tune gearbox for rank 25 unlock /

Added interior curtains / Added front window stickers / Added stock log carrier & logging crane >

Truck Changelog;

Improved truck lighting

Improved truck handling

Engine sound improvements

Added extra spare tire option

Added low intensity fog-lights

Added 21 new paint color options

Added numerous roof-top cosmetic items

Swapped "medium" wheels for "heavy" wheels

Reduced truck mass to accommodate heavy wheels

43" / 47" / 49" wheel options for all standard tire types

Minor reduction in CoG to compensate for high sided cab

Added new unique off-road gearbox (unlocked with truck)

Improved standard engine selections (unlocked with truck)

Added new manufacturers top spec engine (unlocked at rank 22)

Improved basic and raised suspension systems (unlocked with truck)

Added new "stock-a-like" custom tuned suspension set (unlocked with truck)

Added new off-road suspension set for extreme conditions (unlocked at rank 22)

Added new "active" suspension set for manual control option (unlocked at rank 25)

{Comments, questions and suggestions welcomed. Please give a thumbs up if you like the tweaks, thank you kindly}




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Cold.Ocalus @cold74

Please bring this to Xbox Series X/S

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Been loving this truck lately. Nice and balanced, feels as it should. Would you consider adding either pacific p16 or p512 tires as an option? Feel like they would be a great addition!

OvulatinFish @ovulatinfish

If you need any suggestions for an update, I think a box addon on the back, like a box cargo truck, would be a great addition considering most freightliner box trucks I ever see is the 114 if not a similar model, not to mention it looks great and is quite practical

Lexandro @lexandro

If anyone is reading this and you have the console version, could you please tell me which version is available on your console? Sabre are being radio silent, and Idk if the patch got approved or not.

suomynona_rm @suomynona-rm

Hey, absolutely love this truck man! I've been using it as my main for a while on console and it says last updated 17.02.21

I'd love to have the ability for the long log attachment and crane together if that's doable like to on the P512 PF

Lexandro @lexandro

Thanks mate, now I at least know its updated and working. Yeah I was wondering how to get the crane/carrier together so I will see how the P512 has it setup and try and duplicate it across.

Lexandro @lexandro

Phase 3 released today, so I have expedited a patch for compatibility. Console users, please be aware that Sabre need to verify the patch first, so keep your eyes peeled. Hopefully this mod should run properly on console with Phase 3. As always let me know of any issues you run in to. Thanks for your time.

Lexandro @lexandro

Pushed an update today to add in the active suspension set as requested. However no changes to the gearbox as yet. Phase 3 content has been noted as having potential changes in this area, so I am waiting to have a look first and see what is what.

nicomorenov8 @nicomorenov8

mod is good but needs active suspension, allison transmission needs better performance and transmit better traction to the ground

Lexandro @lexandro

Never really considered the active set, simply because it precludes large wheels that raised sets allow for. Though it should be fairly simple to add, so might do so anyway. I will take a look at the gearbox but there is not much I can actually do regarding transmission as the game has extremely limited options.

Lexandro @lexandro

Note; I am waiting on a new GPU atm, and Sabre are currently reworking the procedure for consoles mod certification so it will be a wee bit before I make any updates. Just to make sure it doesn't break all you folks save games. I hope you understand.

fullschildi @fullschildiii

Nice one! Real LVL 20 unlock truck now!

Wizzard_73 @wizzard-73

So glad this made it to console! I have always “owned” one of these trucks since I first made level 20 awhile ago... but it’s limited.

Since your mod, I’ve sold my tried and true Freightliner and won’t go back to vanilla! LoL!

Great Work and thanks for making this truck what it should’ve been.

BlueDually @bluedually

So glad this mod is on the consoles now. Only issue the Xbox One has is all those tire options kind of bog it down a bit. Other wise the mod works awesome.

Wizzard_73 @wizzard-73

Does the same thing on PS4.

I wish they would separate tires by category, and then it would t take so long to get to the bottom of the lists....

No one uses highway tires anyway, so that category would be skipped by me! And probably all terrain as well.

Appreciate your work though, Lexandro!

Lexandro @lexandro

Thank you. Yeah the tire slowdown happens on PC also, so its a game issue not just your console being slow. Hopefully a patch can improve it in the future.

PhroZzun @phrozzun

Solid mod dude. Made the truck much more enjoyable. If I could suggest maybe playing with the sound a bit? I miss the rumble hit had. Maybe an increase in fuel as well?

Lexandro @lexandro

Hi there thanks for the kind words. Regarding fuel; Adding extra fuel means extra mass, so I instead made it more economical than standard. That way it wont affect the handling and you can roam about more than other trucks with the same fuel load. As for the sound, If you mean the "on throttle" effect I removed that at request. Sorry about that.

blaze38833 @blaze38833

What is the log carrier used for currently?

Lexandro @lexandro

The log carrier is not part of this mod, so I cannot tell you for certain (though it is compatible). All I do know is that Phase 3 is intended to be a logging zone, so it may become more useful later.