Freightliner 114SD TT for SnowRunner

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Published by thieme1989 (mod ID: 1169766)


Decided to make my own 114SD tweak because none had phase 5 updates.
It is my first tweak, so constructive criticism is very welcome. Also I understand a lot of people on here don't like tweaks and that is fine. I would like to see more true custom trucks myself but please either just give me a chance or simply ignore this mod. If you really feel inclined to leave a thumbs down I would appreciate a comment as to why you voted this way.

The 114SD is pretty unique in that it has a lot of frameflex and unbridged rear suspension using airbags instead of leafsprings. This makes the truck very good at keeping all wheels on the ground even if terrain get's more challenging. The vanilla version does suffer from low power engines and not having mudtires, which makes a lot of other trucks a better choice. I added mudtires (P16, 770G and Delta customs) and gave you more engine options to play with. It may not be totally realistic but hopefully a lot more fun!

- Changed mass and CoG
- Always on Difflock + increased fueltank capacity. (Stock fueltank 300, mod 360)
- Increased engine torque to account for raised mass. Should provide a near vanilla experience. Also added one vanilla+ engine and two unrealistic ones for a total of 5 engines to pick from. (Stock torque ratings 135K, 145K. Mod torque ratings 150K, 165K, 180K, 215K and 250K. Mod p/w ratings A, A+, S and S+)
- Tweaked the gearboxes and added an extra gear to the offroad box.
- Tweaked the suspensions and added several active suspensions.
- Wheels were changed to heavy class and are available in 3 sizes, on top of that I added P16 wheels, 770G wheels and also custom wheels by Iceberg101! (Stock wheel size 43", 47". Mod wheel sizes 44", 46" 49")
- The winches have more strength and are longer, also added 2 offline winches. (winch lengths of either 20 or 30 meters)
- Added the Russian Minicrane, rollback towing platform, Ford F750 utility mount, Tuz 16 small fuel carrier and Tuz 16 roofrack. Other addon work includes improving the positions of a lot of addons and enabling some combinations that are not possible on the stock vehicle. Look at the pictures ;)
- Added two horn options and a few colors. Stock visual upgrades are all available too.

Massive thanks to @Iceberg101 for letting me use his tires!
Shoutout to and I really like their tweaks and it is what got me interested in making my own.

Comments or remarks? This site doesn't send an e-mail when you reply in the comments below. So either send me a direct message or use @thieme1989 to tag me.











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WildRider @wildrider

Always on Difflock is excess, otherwise pretty good mod

Hanifloka1 @hanifloka1

Pretty nice tweak. Any plans to do more tweaks? Like to the Royal for example? If you are, don't forget the DLC paints :).

thieme1989 @thieme1989

You might have seen it already but DocBugsy released a Royal.
His trucks are good quality so be sure to check it out!

thieme1989 @thieme1989

I might with the very emphasis on that word do the new Tayga but otherwise I don't really have any plans. The Royal in particular doesn't really strike my fancy. You are welcome on the official Discord (and probably others) if you want to learn how to tweak for yourself! It is more easy than most people think it is.

thieme1989 @thieme1989 does not automatically send me an e-mail when someone sends something in here. If you have any issues or want my attention please send me a direct message or tag me using @thieme1989
Thank you!

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Nice work you did here. Thanks for the shoutout :)
Very interesting way of reducing the file size of icebergs tires/rims, I like it. Probably should do something simular with at least some of the custom wheels I got from him as a lot of my tweaks got relatively big now... They just all looked so good, that I never really tried to reduce the number of texture files used. I assume you had access to the orginal 3d files and just packed the mod with textures from one of the old betty tires? Or did ice do that himself? Anyway I like how they look. Keep up the good work 👍

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Thanks for the comment. I just used the files exactly as Iceberg handed them over to me. I really wanted them on this truck after I saw these tires on your Paystar. They are awesome!
I haven't really got any new mods planned but who knows maybe something catches my attention

MrBusses @mrbusses

love the truck

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Thanks! Glad you like it

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Oops I got a bit excited with Iceberg giving me his permission to use some tires. So ended up pushing the update right in the weekend. Again my apologies to console users. Also keep in mind this is a fairly big update it might remove/autosell your truck.

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Sorry to console folks, I made one more edit. I changed the engines so that people who want a more vanilla experience can have it.
I also changed the Russian minicrane to be attached to the cabin instead of the chassis. Let me know if this gives any problems!
This truck is pretty unique in that it has a lot more frameflex then other trucks. Somehow the game can not read the chassis flex and transfer this to addons (or I simply don't know how)
The Russian minicrane was close enough to the cab that changing the attachement point to the cab looks a lot better. For the US minicrane and the loglift sadly I can't do something similar. So when the frame flexes a lot you will see something like this: If anyone knows how to fix I'll be all ears!

Yok31 @yok31

I loved it you did a great job

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Thanks! Glad you like it

JOKER1589828462 @joker1589828462

Видео сними чтоб народ посмотрел . картинка это картинка . Как все разработчики делают . Удачи в новых проектах .

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Спасибо за комментарий. Этот грузовик - всего лишь доработка, и я не думаю, что она настолько новаторская, чтобы оправдать создание видео. Особенно потому, что у меня нет опыта записи и редактирования видео. Я предпочитаю просто играть в игру.
Я считаю, что люди могут получить достаточное представление о грузовике, прочитав описание, а если нет, то установить его и опробовать не так уж сложно и не требует много времени. Некоторые вещи, такие как настройки подвески, также очень индивидуальны, поэтому вам нужно попробовать их, чтобы понять, нравятся ли они вам.

Rogu34life @rogu34life

Love the freight liner maybe some kind of exo cage/ overland add on to use as a heavy duty scout or rescue truck kind of like the 750 has the hunter bumper and cage maybe if those could be tweaked to fit would be a cool idea 💡. All I’m all great mod keep up the good work 😌

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Hey! Thanks for your feedback. I tried messing around with some bumpers and cages but it doesn't work or doesn't look right.
I think the only way to have a proper fitting cage on this thing is to model it and I don't know how to model.
I could add other bumpers but the 114SD has a unique shape in that the bumper sweeps back to the fender with quite an angle. I checked bumpers from some Vorons but they just don't look right. The hunter bumpers with the cable are also near impossible to get right. It seems I can't even change something as simple as the cable connection point, so they either clip or float...