Free Trailers for SnowRunner

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Published by qdeenz (mod ID: 1963791)


Manual installation only.

PC only.

English only.

Compatible with all the DLC's in the game. (might glitch if you don't have all DLC's, try it at your own risk)

About this mod and its purpose:

This mod changes the price of all trailers in the game to 0. Why? I love to abandon the trailers, I'm evil, I know.
You will not be able to make money by selling trailers found on the map.

How to install:

1. Go to game's installation folder, e.g.: ..\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
2. Here you have "initial.pak", open it with Winrar
3. Simply drag & drop the folder [media] over your "initial.pak" and hit OK. (a backup is recommended before replacing [media])
4. Done!

How to create a simple backup:

  • back-up your "Initial.pak" by copying it in a different folder, you can create a folder named "backup" and copy it there, just to be sure.
  • backup your save file as well, use the windows search and search for "completesave.cfg" & copy all the savegame.cfg save files to your backup folder, if you have multiple saves you'll find "savegame1.cfg", "savegame2.cfg" and so on.




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kevmeister11 @kevmeister11

i't's been my experience that any mod that changes the initial pak just isn't worth downloading, especially if it's manual only. that just shows the inexperience of the person who developed the mod.

qdeenz @qdeenz

I'm not claiming to be experienced, I'm wasting my own time to share something I did for myself with the community, everyone uses it at his own risk.

Tedy7742 @tedy7742

ur mother is pregnant im father HHAHAHAHAAHHAH

blueButton61100 @bluebutton61100


qdeenz @qdeenz

Yes, Tedy is my biggest fan, he comments on everything I post, hahaha

Tedy7742 @tedy7742

ur trying to act like ur some hero or what u dumi im not joking ur mother is pregnant and im father

MudAndGuts @mudandguts

Dislikes from the console players LOL

blueButton61100 @bluebutton61100

I play on console but i dont get to worked up if i cant get a certain mod