Free The Logs - Auto Load Logs on Mod/Tweak Trucks for SnowRunner

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This mod removes the "RequiredAddon" tag from the log cargo files allowing you to auto load log cargo on tweaked or modded logging truck addons, and trailers.

This includes:

  • Log Bunk
  • Log Pole Trailer.
  • Medium Log Trailer.
  • Cat 745C Log Bunk.
  • Short Log Addon.
  • Medium Frame Logs.
  • Medium Frame High Logs.

It does nothing else.

You're welcome!

20kb file size lol.

I will update this as needed.

Check out my other tweaks. Always WIP.

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Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

is this not needed anymore? i disabled this and your trailer pack to try out the realistic weight and mud mod on consoles, i still had olsom’s trailer pack enabled and i was able to auto load logs into the trailers i tried.

jugernaut623 @jugernaut623

This doesn't work for me anymore, tried it with Offroad trailers and got no clue how to make it work

Cobray96 @cobray96

I tried to disable your mod from the in-game mod browser and if I load a save, old or brand new, I get the error "Some of the dependent mods are missing. Mods may not work properly."
That happens even when I sold all vehicles, addons and trailers on ALL maps. Why is it doing that?

VIPERWOLF1 @viperwolf1

Will this get updated to next gen console?

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider


4ernoff @4ernoff

Not showing up on PS5 yet.

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Um. Lol.

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

My favorite gif 🥰

SanGeiser @sangeiser

Puedes hacerlo para instalación manual?
Lo juego en PC
Gracias de antemano

IFASF @ifasf

Hello, love your mods but on Xbox one for me with the free the logs mod activated it won't load the long log gooseneck trailer for me. Ty

Malidictus @malidictus

Quick question: I'm making a dirt simple local tweak of my own, adding logs to a bunch of trailers. Would it be OK if I add this as a dependence? Seems easier than implementing fixes myself, plus I don't want to redistribute your work.

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Yeah man no worries! Appreciate the ask. Sorry my response wasn't sooner.

Malidictus @malidictus

Thank you :) Unfortunately, I ended up having to create a full set of custom log objects for the mod after all. The original implementation using Vanilla logs received such overwhelmingly negative feedback that I had to switch their appearance to use various Cargo Container meshes.

Thank you either way.

McKillem @mckillem


First of all, thank you for the mod. But about that "It does nothing else" bit...

I was juggling around between medium log trailer and the fork for the long logs and the game perplexed me by suggesting I could autoload long logs on a truck with the front fork and medium log trailer. Knowing how awful the game is at explaining itself, I was about to think it was just yet another undocumented bit of inner workings, but double checking on vanilla ended with a bust. Toggling your mod on and off seemed to trigger this sudden burst of utility. Picture for reference:

Don't know if manual loading or unloading at mission destinations works, but thought this interesting quirk should be at least noted, if not investigated for stability or removed.

IFASF @ifasf

Ment to do that

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Removing that addon requirement is the only way this mod works and the only way to auto load vanilla log onto modded addons/trucks. Gotta pick your battles... lol

Malidictus @malidictus

You'll probably see people from the trailer pack mod coming soon, since this mod got cross-linked. I've had issues getting this approach to work on my side. From what I can tell, you're redefining cargo_logs_medium_trailer_log.xml with the same contents but with the trailer requirement line missing. This doesn't seem to work on my side, and I'm not sure exactly why. A random GUESS suggests that it's something to do with either load order or object overriding, but I don't know how Snowrunner handles either.

This obviously works for some people else there would be more comments, but the only way I could fix it was to define a unique set of Long Logs and modify the respective mods into using those, instead. Literally changing the names of the logs solved the issue.

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Can you link to said trailer pack so I can test it?
I do believe I broke the medium log file in the last version (12.2), so definitely unsub/resub to make sure this mod is updated on your end to (13.1). I have to do that often, even with my own mods. It happened just a few comments below.
SnowRunner handles thing weirdly and unpredictable at times for sure.

Malidictus @malidictus

I stand corrected. I was able to fix the aforementioned mod using yours. I'm not sure what the issue was last time. I think I might have tinkered with the aforementioned mod manually which may have thrown things off. I ended up getting a bunch of "wrong version" errors in multiplayer and had to roll back my tweaks. Trying your mod again fixed those issues.

I still have no idea why one works and the other does when they look like identical implementation, but it is what it is. It works, so thank you for that :)

Malidictus @malidictus

My apologies. It's this one:

Incidentally, that mod has an identical solution already built into it (a text diff of the files shows a near exact match but for some meaningless whitespace). It's also not a consistent issue. This seems to work for most people, but not all of them. For some people, it seems to work with just that mod. For some, it works with that mod and yours. For some, it doesn't work with both.

This is what leads me to suspect that the game does some shenanigans at runtime and may not always run the mod Medium Logs override after the Vanilla Medium Logs, or may not even do a proper override but instead create objects with duplicate identifiers. I'm not at all familiar with the underlying engine, but I do know that object overrides are very volatile when it comes to load order.

On my side, I ended up tweaking the mods locally by defining a new renamed copy of Medium Logs for the modded trailers to use. That forced it to work, but it did create a duplicate object which I'm not sure is necessarily best practice. Did mean I could tweak Medium Log stats for modded trailers without affecting Vanilla Medium Logs, though :)