Ford LTL9000HD for SnowRunner

Released . Ranked 294 of 2,974 with 3,667 (4 today) downloads

Published by congafuryru (mod ID: 763657)


Ford LTL9000 from Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds






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arma2rus @arma2rus

Нужен полный привод, высокая подвеска и длинная лебедка

keithpilant @keithpilant

Would love to see this and many other great mods come to console. I'm thankful for the ones we can get and to all those that work so hard to make these mods for the community. Keep up the great work, you guys don't get the credit you deserve for all the effort you put into these projects. I for one am grateful, Thank You.

Arbiter2398034 @arbiter2398034

is this on console?

RomanTurbo @turbo1596716708

Привет! Машина отличная! Но вопрос, мод еще будет обновляться?

jephotography0 @jephotography0

Loves how this fool trys to hide my comment, **** you.....realize all console paid players ******* hate u pc dickheads


RGBJammal @rgbjammal

Dude, you do know that you are being reported constantly, right? Please Stop this before you get banned.

STUFFINurPIE @woolaloo1

broke boi sad cause poor and dumb :(

Brokenbroth @brokenbroth

Good, we aim to please. Go cry to your mommy and see if that works any better than it did here.

Watlimes211 @watlimes211

Then leave we wont stop you.

DJ_Sukoi @dj-sukoi

Cry me a river, you chose to buy something with limited potential for entertainment. Maybe dont be lazy and figure out pc's before you act a c u n t.

ROSIEDOG22 @rosiedog22

I completely disagree

jephotography0 @jephotography0

Another great mod that console players dont get...i am ******* tried of these modders.. just like all other console players...we paid real money and get nothing..pc people get game for free and get all the mods...**** you modders you have the power to make it for console too, but u are lazy and go ahead and tell me i am wrong but all proof points to **** the console players


STUFFINurPIE @woolaloo1

you literally paid for something that specifically tells your stupid a s s that you cannot download mods that arent approved... then get mad at people who dont get paid for this??? why dont you whine at the devs who refuse to put a decent roster of trucks in a game with very little content.... this is literally the 3rd spintires and its finally got console mods and you losers still whine about FREE Fu ck ing FREEEEEEE content. boo hoo, go get a job buy a pc and stfu loser

Watlimes211 @watlimes211

Its people like jephotography0 that make me want to stop trying to get things on console. I think its funny how your ignorance has blinded you. Alot of modders are trying to get mods to console for you console players yet you dont see that. You only see the branded mods and feel the need to spew hate. Console players should be upset I agree. But they should be upset with people like this. Not the modders, we are doing our best. If you think its so easy to build a truck and have it published on a console i invite you to give it a try before you post your next hate speech.

Brokenbroth @brokenbroth

Mod makers owe you nothing man, they didn't have to make it at all. But if they're so "lazy", why don't you go and make it yourself? Hell make something better and only release it to console if it makes you feel better... Oh, its not that simple? You don't know how, or don't have the resources? Then sit down, shut up, and go sit in your corner until you can make a coherent sentence without making yourself out as an idiot. Congafuryru, you did a great job, ignore this prick.

jdack02 @jdack02

Or maybe you could quit being a snot nosed whiny kid and realize you are Wrong. P.C. player paid money for the game as well, and if you can get it through that tiny little brain of yours its not up to the modder to put it on console its up to the dev team has been that way since mods dropped for console. Its whiny bitchy post's like this that ****** a modder of to the point they wont do anything console friendly.

Boynya @boynya

And Modders paid the model just paid $95 for one from Hum3d for my next truck

ericn76 @ericn76

Great truck, what about to add at least basic colors - white, red, blue, AWD and maybe minicrane? it cloud more usable 😉👍