Enhanced Ford CLT9000 AWD "Adventurer" M181 for SnowRunner

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Published by maxmike181 (mod ID: 141707)


The CLT9000 is one of the easiest trucks to overlook in Snow*Runner. This mod seeks to rectify that by swapping out the old motors for the CAT CT680's engines, standard all-wheel drive, available locking differentials, and a small increase in fuel capacity. A small roof rack has also been added to get you back when you go a little further than you could before. I have also added a wide variety of off-road tires from some classics like the ANK, Pacific series, CAT745, and Tayga.

I recommend getting FOXCRF450RIDER's Off Road Trailers mod to compliment the increased ride height. Stock has been increased a little bit, and lifted a lot.

Once again, big thanks to LoB1325 for the assistance to make this thing work.

Version History:

Jul 21 2020 - 1.3.0

- Further tweaked vehicle weight and c.o.g.
- Added new spare tire options (including one with a winch point) for use with add-ons in open frame space
- Added WWS 4964 cab guard
- Added "Adventurer" to name and changed in game UI text a little

Jul 20 2020 - 1.2.0

Bigger update this one, based on user feedback and the latest patch.

- Roof rack swapped from K1500 to new TUZ 16 Actaeon rack (better fit for roof size)
- Fixed item stacking on roof so clipped items cannot be dual equipped
- Moved stock spare wheel forward and added additional spares to compensate for new rack loadout
- Added Azov 42-20 Antarctic double beacons for use when roof rack equipped
- Repositioned FleetStar bumpers for better fitment
- Made largest P12 AT tire size a little bigger
- Adjusted suspension parameters to compensate for bigger loads
- Adjusted vehicle weight and centre-of-gravity to better represent new build
- Changed unlock requirements on some accessories
- Swapped winch set out for Heavy Truck winches, and beefed up Auto winch to "HD" model
- Moved middle winch positions upwards and outwards for better leverage when recovering

Jul 16 2020 - 1.1.0

- Added front bumpers
- Added Autonomous Winch (request) (Priced for balance)
- Added CrawlerBox HD custom transmission

Jul 15 2020 - 1.0.0

Release version

- Fuel tank at 350L
- Added roof rack and repositioned snorkels (Need to fix add-on stacking still)
- Some add-on errors requiring duplicates in menu (To be fixed)

Jul 14 2020 - 0.9.1

Revision testing

Jul 13 2020 - 0.9.0

Personal test version









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shbtfrsfxrhbtg @shbtfrsfxrhbtg

First I'd just like to say that overall I enjoy the mod. However, a few problems.
1). The truck flexes far too much and seems ready to tip over at any moment on rough terrain or any sudden camber changes. Maybe lowering the centre of mass or stiffening up the suspension would help.
2). I noticed while having the fuel tank body addon, the winches are absolutely useless at pulling the vehicle level again if you catch the truck mid-fall (Same with righting the vehicle when using the autonomous winch - it will just drag you towards the winch point on your side). Maybe add more powerful winches, reduce the body flex or adding more winch points would sort the issue.

Nice mod otherwise

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Latest update should touch upon a lot of your concerns, check out the patch notes.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it. I’m actually working on a patch right now for some other things so I will take a look at your observations and make some adjustments.

shbtfrsfxrhbtg @shbtfrsfxrhbtg

Cheers man, the update did the job. Makes it much less wobbly but not completely planted so you still need to be careful.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Glad to hear it

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Looks great!

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Thank you! Still just testing the waters, enjoying it so far.

Captainadok @captainadok

Pas besoin de plus, impec.

maxmike181 @maxmike181


christofferselin152 @christofferselin152

i wish this truck had a shorter wheelbase

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Yeah, unfortunately re-doing the truck like that is above my skill level, but I have added some accessories to fill the dead air a little on this truck and the White Western Star I did.