Enhanced Chevy C70 Kodiak "K70 SuperTruck" M181 for SnowRunner

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Published by maxmike181 (mod ID: 145271)


This mod started out as nothing more than a challenge to myself. I wanted to take the plain C70 and throw everything at it. Make it into a cool, useful, neat piece of kit. And after tons of trial-and-error, I believe I have landed at something unique. Now it's not without its faults*, but back to those in a second.

Changed over the stock C70 include:

- Navistar engines
- Larger fuel tank
- Tweaked vehicle weight and dynamics
- Added CrawlerBox HD gearbox
- Custom suspensions in Soft & HD
- Added wheel options*
- Winches swapped to Heavy suite with Autonomous Winch HD
- New snorkel options
- Standard AWD*
- Many new frame add-ons
- Lots of new customization options

Now the known issues as marked by *. The C70 has a really narrow rear axle so some of the rear tires aren't attached to the hubs. I could have adjusted that, but I think it looks silly with a much narrower rear track. Next, the truck has standard AWD, but it spawns in with the 2WD visuals. I have made the 4WD axle $1 in the store so its an easy self-fix.

This truck is weird, wild, and just a touch broken. But like a Leatherman it likely will have have you need to get the job done.

I recommend getting FOXCRF450RIDER's Off Road Trailers mod to compliment the increased ride height. Stock has been increased a little bit, and lifted a lot. (An M181 trademark at this point. The rear "emergency" recovery saddle has been optimized for use with the Off Road M747.)

I’m still pretty new to XML tweak modding, so drop a thumb and a review, and let me know what you think. Thanks to LoB1325 for helping me along the way.

Version History:

01 Aug 2020 - 1.1.1

- Bumped up fuel capacity to 450L
- Swapped TUZ 420 Tatarin wheels for Yar 87 wheels.

01 Aug 2020 - 1.1.0

- Added ability to tow scout trailers
- Added new low-profile cab guard
- Added weighted front bumper option
- Fixed some clipping issues
- Fixed some add-on stacking issues
- Fixed some duplicates
- Fixed some customization item locations in menu
- Updated UI text

Calling this version 1.1.0 as it seems to be optimized at this point. But due to the scope of add-ons, if you notice any problems please send me a message.

31 Jul 2020 - 1.0.2

- Fixed add-ons that did not have proper cargo sockets
- Moved Azov bed forward a tiny bit for better hitch clearance
- Softened all suspensions up (Stock more than HD variants)

30 Jul 2020 - 1.0.1

- Added Azov blue 2-slot bed for use with MiniCrane
- Fixed add-ons that should not have been stacking
- Moved some add-ons to stop physical collisions
- General code clean up

30 Jul 2020 - 1.0.0

Release version

- Lowered tire unlock levels a bit

29 Jul 2020 - 0.9.0

Pre-release test version









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PurpleFreak13:1 @purplefreak13-1

why will it not load and download on the in-game mod page?? I've been waiting for 2 days for it to load, it loaded once, I bought it then when I, now, go back into the game it WILL NOT load.... so here I am.. out 45000 or w.e on my career which is bogus..............

maxmike181 @maxmike181

This is a known bug with the game. Shouldn’t have anything to do with the mod. Basically you have to delete your mod io folder and start again. Read this:

BruTaL_ZA @brutal-za

Hi, is it possible to rework the suspension? I feel the truck bounces over all uneven terrain.
Love the engine plus bigger wheel mod.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Ok, should be a lot better now. Thanks for the heads up.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

I’ll be working on a small patch this weekend so I will look into softening up the “Non-HD” suspensions a touch.

fynnroedlingshoefer @fynnroedlingshoefer

how to equip it?

maxmike181 @maxmike181

If you subscribe to the Mod the truck will show up in the store next to the “regular” Kodiak.

patrickc8675 @patrickc8675


maxmike181 @maxmike181

F YA! Your comment reminded me I don't have a picture of it with the Stars n' *Stripes livery. I have since rectified that.

cph30075 @cph30075

Stars n' Bars refers to the flag of the CSA, not the USA lol

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Whoops, my Canadian is showing. Stars n’ Stripes then. Fixed.

cph30075 @cph30075

Hah no problem I'm American so I don't really take kindly to the mention of filthy Confederates. All good.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Thanks for steering me in the right direction

ckenning52 @ckenning52

I really want a pickup that has a crane like this behind the cab, and 1 flat bed spot (but so that it looks like the bed of a pickup). I think that would be cool lol.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Yeah it’s unfortunate that none of the truck beds are wide enough to use without major clipping. The little sideboard is the best we got currently.

noneofus @noneofus

looks nice, thx for the mod

noneofus @noneofus

update: This. is. Very. Nice.
Only two request, if possibile ofc:
1) A double bed wich the crane and the possibility to hoock the trailer
2) the single flatbed can carry crates etc wich the crane ofc.

thx in advice ^^

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Hey None, the truck is already able to equip the small Sideboard and Flatdeck with the MiniCrane, so not sure what you mean for #2. That said, I added the blue Azov bed that you can equip with the MiniCrane for request #1. It hangs a little far on the frame so I recommend using it with at least the “Stock HD” suspension for clearance.

noneofus @noneofus

that is strange, bc, when i equip the vehicle wich the minicrane and the singleflatbed i can't open the menù for loading.. if you want i can send you a pic of the problem...

maxmike181 @maxmike181

No, it's okay, I now see what you mean. The crane works but you can't "pack" or access "cargo management". That's strange, and the new bed does the same thing. I haven't encountered that problem before so I will look into it and try to patch it before Monday. I will put a note in the description. Thanks for letting me know.

noneofus @noneofus

has i said, this i a great vehicle and this is a little bug, no problem fix when you can, for the rest it's great ^^

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Cargo slots should be fixed! Enjoy!

noneofus @noneofus

fine af man, good mod ^^

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Thanks. It was the biggest scope mod I've done yet. Next up is going to be a silly little one just for fun.