Emil's Pacific P12W for SnowRunner

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Published by emilhetty (mod ID: 136094)


Emil's Pacific P12W should work with subscribe and enabling in mods section, no need for manual installation.
It is a new car that you'll find in your truck store, unlocked to be purchased everywhere.

You don't have to make it OP like the pictures, everything else than the steering is stock, the rest are upgrades.
List of upgrades and available options:
- Always AWD
- 8 New engines
- 2 new gearboxes, one with 8 auto gears, 3 low gears and 1 high gear and one with 15 auto gears, 3 low gears and 1 high gear
- 2 New winches, one with maximum length and strength and one with double length and maximum strength. Both are offline winch that work without the engine running
- Improved steering
- Several raising options
- Added support for Scout trailers
- Added all wheels in different dimensions and with different offsets
- Option to remove front bumper
- Option to remove exhaust
- New Sideboard with extended frame for 4 loading units with support for Russian Minicrane at the end of the truck
- Added RU minicrane, RU crane, low saddle, flatbed and sideboard addons

Please let me know if you find any issues or request addional mods.

Constructive comments are welcome, if not, please keep it to yourself. Unconstructive comments will be deleted.
I put a lot of effort in making mods for all of you, it takes time, so please appreciate my work or don't use it.





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rpschwaben @rpschwaben

Hallo Emil

Deine mods sind echt super.

Kannst du einen Sound erstellen Motor Scanja V8 730 PS erstellen.

Und die Alten LKW haben eine super Motorbremse.

Den 4 Achs Anhänger sollte es Länger geben .

Danke im voraus

addek92 @addek92

it dosn't install for me :( i have like 4 mods from you that are just standing in que

hipal @hipal

can u fix the cargo load postition

Jackadoo6 @jackadoo6

I guess you've heard this a lot but all the cargo gets packed under the bed? It's a shame bc I love this mod but I can't use it :P thank you!

rtmjrx @rtmjrx

My cargo also gets loaded under the truck and also crashed my game when I tried to travel through the portal from Drowned lands to Quarry. Only way I could travel to Quarry (even after all the rebooting, and reverting to an earlier save and returning the P12 to the garage) was uninstall the P12. Then I was able to travel to the quarry map again.

ddyo @ddyo

just saw the history (not used to this site....used to steam) Thank you for the Emil spare tire

ddyo @ddyo

The Emil spare tire please.....please......please.

rostvo @rostvo

Ha ha. My cargo gets loaded under the truck when using a sideboard bed.

TheSnake1588252037 @thesnake1588252037

i have the same problem

Sirgypsy @sirgypsy

What a Beast!!! Once again you have done it. TY for the awesome mod Emil. I have enjoyed all your mods. My mod area is 90% you mods and 10% others, keep up the great work!!!

JDIZZL420 @jdizzl420

Thank you for your time making these mods Amazing. I have your whole fleet.

Is there anyway to add your ultimate spare wheel somewhere on the truck for the frame addons to work together? As in the sideboard beds. If its too much to ask I understand.

Keep up the great work Emil!

emilhetty @emilhetty

Thanks! Yes, I'm working on a solution for it

mr2_fast @mr2-fast

OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I have all of your mods . I really like like having the ability to tune each mod from mild to OP . Keep up the good work! maybe you have something in mind for the new 750?

emilhetty @emilhetty

Thanks! Yeap, stay tuned!

matchan_3 @matchan-3

Love your mods, keep it up. but I have the same prob with the load being packed in the belly of the truck like a cargo plane. Its funny as heck and doesnt conflict with anything, just really goofy looking.

emilhetty @emilhetty

Thanks and thanks for reporting. I will fix it

matchan_3 @matchan-3

okay, i got an update for ya. It only loads like that when its used in snowrunner public test version. I played it in regular snowrunner and works fine and the load is in the right spot. So it must be how the test vers. is set up. Thank you

lijonet @lijonet

Its happening to me in regular version.

pawel153 @pawel153

Hi mate very good job creative mind ,can you do it for ps4 please

michels101 @michels101

No repair option and when packing load it packs under the bed. 4space addon with crane. And mind adding a lil rear steer for the 4 space options. Needs a lil bit when turning