Dragon Wagon for SnowRunner

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Published by Iceberg101 (mod ID: 1696681)


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The Dragon Wagon is a Heavy Equipment Transport System. It is essentially a U.S Army tank transporter tractor unit. The original M1070 is powered by a D.D 8V-92TA 12.06-liter diesel engine developing 500 hp at 2100 rpm and 1993 Nm torque at 1200 rpm.

You can depend on this do get the heaviest equipment move from one point to another.

The layout of the M1070 is conventional. The fully enclosed cab seats the driver, one crewman and up to four passengers.

Thanks to:

  • NitroScot for funding the acquisition of the Model


  • Engine: 2 options
  • Gearbox: 3 options
  • Suspension: Stock /Active
  • Winch: Stock , Autonomous Heavy, Sherpa Stallion.
  • Tires: Full range
  • Diff. Lock: Optional
  • Frame Addons: Saddle High / Saddle Low


  • Roof Top: Selectable options
  • Bumpers: None
  • Misc: Full range of customisation options
  • Exhaust: Selectable options
  • Rims: Selectable options
  • Dashboard Full working gauges with high attention to detail.


  • One option (for now)

Interior Customization

  • Bubbleheads. Custom Air freshener soon to be added

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xCRASHx @crash27

Is this mode have original M1070 elements ? Or this is console version?

Drifting1999 @drifting1999

Hey amazing mod and could you add a wrecker addon in future updates

CumminsLover89 @yourmom26

Just gonna delete my comment like that lmao

RebelTrx01 @rebel-trx-01

What gearbox did you tweak

cal.skirata @calskirata

Just an idea: You cold avoid all the slight clipping issues regarding the double/ superwide tires with the rearmost axle if you put the slimmer wheels from the front axle there too: Steering axles: slim tires, straight axles fullsize tires :)

xiGeox @xigeox

Hey iceberg would you mind tweaking the M1000 high saddle trailer to match this trucks wheels and suspension? I’m sure I’m not alone on this one. Lol Thank you for you wonderful work! 😁

xiGeox @xigeox

Armageddon happened after I went through a gate way with the low saddle and a trailer. Lol it was awesome in its own way. Thought id let you know in case there is a bug or something that you didn’t catch or know of.

Caffeinerage1 @caffeinerage1

Same thing happened to me.

I was going from the Lowland to Yellowrock in Maine with a low saddle trailer, off-road sideboard semi trailer, changed maps and both the trailer and the truck itself were clipping into the ground. I've also had it bury itself when hooked up to a trailer, same trailer
type, while changing maps with another truck and it just happened to be near by. Unsure if it just doesn't play nice with that mod pack trailer, if it's something about the map transition there, or what. Thought some more info would be useful.

xiGeox @xigeox

Could we get a single stock flap cap exhaust?

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console 🤘

Unpr3tty @unpr3tty

I have a problem using your Delta supplies semi-trailer (It works properly with other trucks). When I try to attach it this happens:

Dejidevi167 @dejidevi167

What i did to fix that problem was to make sure i had the active suspension lowered and also drove the front 2 tires up on to a couple boards or something to get the delta trailers to work right

zewel_von_lelek @zewel-von-lelek

Nice mod, Iceberg101. It is visually still quite close to the Longhorn, though. Any chance that you would be willing to make the cab and front of the truck closer to a real M1070, and maybe remove the rear steering? (The model doesn't look like there is a pivot point for those rear wheels anyway.)

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

I do have another version of this model (M1070 6x6), however the one I released here was done simply because that is the way the owner of the model wanted it. This mod was not even a major release. It was just something being worked on in the background. To create a similarly identical mod and considering the amount of hours of work it would take, is something I definitely can do but it would be somewhere down the list as I always try to ensure that my time is used wisely. I guess what I am saying is yes I can do that but not right now.

zewel_von_lelek @zewel-von-lelek

Awesome news on the 6x6 :)
About this one, I understand...

Rob000 @na8169186

Congratulations on the model. Is so nice to see a real version not variations of the Derry.
One personal sadness about these tractor trucks (vanilla ones included), They are so limited in this game, you can only use them as decoration in a role playing setting, to look nice in photos. They don't have any useful addons to speak off, even tho IRL they have.
For example:

agent00fox @agent00fox

thats the one HeavyD bought lol

XC3758 @na6774035

I saw "Dragon Wagon" and was hoping for the one that was actually called that.
The old (1941-55) M25 (G160) Tank Transporter (combination 6x6 M26 tank transporter and companion 40-ton M15 trailer).
I guess I could always used another reskin of a four generation newer truck based off the Oshkosh 1070 (M25 - M123 / 125 - M911 - M1070 for the truck progression).

Rob000 @na8169186

Usually on fiverr plenty of 3d artists.
I don't know this person but the standard package, (not the basic one) and negotiate a little bit because no need for lighting and other rendering photos), Just the model

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

A large part of creating mods for SnowRunner all revolves around the costs and availability of the models. This one here just so happened to be available at a good price and someone generously bought it and sent it to me. I did look up the one in your comment but I do not think this can be purchased anywhere and having it privately made might prove way too expensive to be justifiable. If you do happen to come across a model like that though I would be more than willing to get it in-game.