Double-Decker Multi-Load High Saddle Log Trailers for SnowRunner

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Published by MrSkladak (mod ID: 1602505)


As of version 1.0.3 you need to manually manipulate landing gear (feet).

You can now, however, chain the trailers into a "train" and pull several with one truck.

Multi-load high saddle log trailers for long, medium, and short logs. Raise and lower a second "hopper" deck that catches unpacked logs or can be raised for dropping 3 logs at a time: for re-packing. See video.

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NOTE: The third trailer will be an immovable brick unless the second trailer is attached to the first trailer with a winch (despite being hitched): limitation of the game physics.

I pretty much always drive with the winch applied between first and second trailer anyways -- except when trying to pull truck out of a bad situation. The trailer hitch/pin arrangement is not bullet proof and the pin will sometimes jump out.



  1. drive up to loading zone: use high-saddle truck for towing
  2. raise the second "hopper" deck using "LOG TRAILER CONTROLS" => "RAISE"
  3. load logs from loading zone and "PACK CARGO"
  4. "UNPACK CARGO" and the logs will be loaded into the raised deck
    • ensure your "LOG TRAILER CONTROLS" => "LOG SHUTE" is closed otherwise the unpacked logs will drop right down
  5. repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as you need
  6. lower the second level using "LOG TRAILER CONTROLS" => "RAISE" and drive off
  7. once at your destination raise all the logs to the second level
  8. open the shute using "LOG TRAILER CONTROLS" => "LOG SHUTE"
  9. wiggle the 3 logs by shaking the second level by quickly alternating "LOG TRAILER CONTROLS" => "RAISE" up and down
  10. once 3 logs are down on the lower level, "PACK CARGO", and deliver
    • if you accidentally drop more than 3 logs, and you need the extra log for a subsequent delivery, make sure to remove the log using a crane and place it back in the second level hopper
    • remember to close the "LOG TRAILER CONTROLS" => "LOG SHUTE" as soon as you have 3 logs on the lower level

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Z2's ZZ Boss truck was the catalyst for this.

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This mod is open sourced. The git repo with all the files:




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sasha-kera @sasha-kera

Good mod, would add closing a top ;)

ЛенивыйКот @na1599978069

will there be trailers?

MrSkladak @mrskladak

I didn't plan to make hitch trailers, just these.

XboxCharles @mononclecharles

MrSkladak The LP-4 grab rotation does'nt work with your trailers attached.

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Ah, indeed XboxCharles.. will look into this control conflict, maybe will need to remap the hitch buttons... thanks for the report.

Will also try to find some time to add the long-logs addon to 3-slotters...

XboxCharles @mononclecharles

Thanks, much appreciated!

MrSkladak @mrskladak

XboxCharles, I don't know how to fix this (yet?). This might be a Saber bug.

The only work around I have at the moment is to disconnect while operating crane :/.

Interestingly, this doesn't happen with non-logging cranes...

XboxCharles @mononclecharles

What happened to your tires? You have dually wheels on there.

Seems more stable with the wider axles.

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Yes XboxCharles, I've changed them on all trailers to give it width. This was based on suggestions, good suggestions 👍. Thanks.

XboxCharles @mononclecharles

Great mod.

If you're going to use gooseneck on these trailers could you put a platform for your fuel trailer same as your other pack of trailers or better still room also for your repair trailer in addition to your fuel trailer? Thanks.

Would be nice if the front was more see thru like conventional log carriers so as to have a better view when driving third person.

Axles could be a bit wider for more stability, tires don't even reach the sides of the frame.

Your second deck doesn't need to be that high, filling it up would be the equivalent of more than 2 loads of packed logs up there, in mud it wants to topple over with less than half of unpacked logs while standing still which are generally the conditions at a logging station.

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Will look into widening the axles, thanks.

MrSkladak @mrskladak

XboxCharles, do you drive with the top deck up high? I never really intended it that way: centre of gravity and all. If you see my video, I pretty much unpack all loads and drop the top before driving: to lower the centre of gravity. When I get to destination I just raise, drop 3, pack.

XboxCharles @mononclecharles

Nope like I said I was loading the thing up standing still in mud at a log station and the trailer was starting to tip over, you do have to raise it to load it.

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Ah, OK. OK I widened these. But also now I've put these on trucks (new mod). Maybe more stable?

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console

MaiklFox @maiklfox69 Жадность до добра не доводит....))))

Garofalo @garofalo

bro wtf, its a good mod
but u put the smallest wells and only 2 of them on the biggest trailer! it tips over too easy. put bigger and more tires. and make it like normal not gooseneck.

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Thanks for the feedback. I usually drive with the upper-deck down and only raise it for loading/unloading. Maybe will need to revisit weight distribution. Will take a look.

benchez23 @benchez23

can i ask the name of the yellow truck please ?

MrSkladak @mrskladak

If you mean above, in my photos, I use the "Barek" Civilian ANK ( Usually I'd use one of my JoAT trucks (, but this version of the ANK is perfect for me.

If you mean below, in @chestl1's video, it's the FAT (