Derry Longhorn 4520 Blueline-X (Phase 3 update) for SnowRunner

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Published by Obiwayne (mod ID: 179798)


Please note: If you are looking for a more or less vanilla variant dont download this. Try one of my other 4520 Mods or another 4520 tweak here on This was made for Yukon which is a demanding region. Dont expect it to be like the vanilla 4520. This tweak makes it considerably better. If you think thats cheating, you should not subscribe

*** Trailers seen on first picture are from Kot76RSK's trailer pack ***


Version 1.0.4

- added logging equipment, new cosmetics and 2 new paint jobs
- added one more engine
- changed to 12-speed gearboxes
- added P512 wheels

Version 1.0.3

- fixed ui_name issues

- Moved interior camera a bit back and up

- added 2 paint jobs (Nr. 22 & 23)

Version 1.0.2

- fixed ui_name issues

Version 1.0.1

- updated for consoles

- changes all rearwheels to duallies (except vanilla mudtires)

- exchanges the 4520 engines with slightly tuned and more fuel hungry us special (Twinsteer-)engines (same torque values as the kolob engines)

- adds always on Difflock

- adds Frameaddons: Cat745 Fueltank, Bandit minicrane

- adds 1 new bumper with lights

- adds optional special gearboxes and custom 9-speed gearbox

- increases wheel size to 55"

- increased ride height to accomodate for bigger wheels

- adds P16 tire options

- adds Cat770G tire options

- increases truck price to reflect better engine performance and truck efficiency

- removes lvl requirement

- weight reduction

- decreased rear steer to avoid clipping of rear duallies with chassis

Available engines are:

- A16V-2000
- Westline V16 M2300
- Westline V16 M2450

(all slightly tuned and more fuel hungry to be on par with Kolob engines performance)

Known issues: Bandit crane clips a little bit with chassis winch and toolbox(?), Cat Fueltank mudflaps clip a little with tires when they swing back and forth

Feel free to check my other mods:

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metyheaval @metyheaval

This is my favorite truck in the game. Its a badass looking truck and you've made it usable. It could use a touch more torque. It seems do come to a hault going up any kind of grade. And then doesn't have the power to turn the wheels. But i like it the way it is but it would be great if you could give it a touch more torque. I like that its not op it runs and feels realistic good job. And thanks for the mod.

NastyNate3561 @nastynate3561

Why dont you add adjustable suspensions , flex? Also is there a way to get quasi tires. Love the truck just a suggestion. Like these and jbe, need more modded heavy trucks.

Obiwayne @obiwayne

To have such a flexible suspension as on JBE mods, I would have to raise the suspension even more + lower the center of mass to keep the truck stable. That changes how the driving feels. I want to keep the base-game feel of the vehicles I tweak as much as possible.

Td84 @td84

Could u add flatbed

Obiwayne @obiwayne

There are already some other mods that do that. I want this to be a tractor only.

diexiel @diexiel

I subscribed to pacific p16 but somehow got this one, and enjoying it alot. With proper engine and gearbox this truck can ne playable now. I dont think that the fuel add on is fitting but i just dont use it.
Thx for the mods, great job

Wizzard_73 @wizzard-73

I don’t consider this cheating...! I consider this a REAL truck! Too bad I can’t add it to PS4, because the original Longhorn is a wicked truck, just weak as mouse turds....

Good Work here!

Obiwayne @obiwayne

Thanks man ! The 4520 always needed some love :)

Yeah I wish I could affect that but unfortunately its all in the devs hands

brendonleebarthel @brendonleebarthel

You do excellent work man. I've been loving your mods since you change up the vehicles that deserve it but don't make them OP. Great work :)

If you're open to requests, I think the CAT CT680 definitely could use some love since it's supposed to be a higher level truck, but it feels really lacking. Any chance you could give it a lift? And perhaps mudtires? Heck maybe even smaller 770G tires just for the goof of it xD

Obiwayne @obiwayne

Thanks mate :), glad you like them

Ill try to make something nice with it once I get back to SR. Im still a bit burnt out on it and havent been playing much since yukon patch though. Too many bugs, also. So it could take a while.

Eddywu @eddywu

Very nice wheels for the derry

Obiwayne @obiwayne

Yea its very capable now. But I am still thinking of making the rear steering wheel single so it can turn better but Im happy for now :)

Eddywu @eddywu

Do you plan on making your mods available on consoles?

noneofus @noneofus

do you accept request for a "better custom (imo)" for this truck?

Thx for the reading ^^

Obiwayne @obiwayne


noneofus @noneofus

one slot bed on the behind of the vehicle plus the bandit crane ( wich it's already usable ) and the possibility to attach the trailer and finaly maybe a roof repair and fuel point, i think this can be a meta point for this vehicle...

(sorry for my bad english, thx for reading)

Obiwayne @obiwayne

I thought about that but there is already a mod here that does exactly that. Mine is intended to be an ATV tractor only. I have other mods for that purpose on different trucks, just check my profile. The 3194 Omnitruck should be more to your liking.

If you are looking for more stuff on the 4520, check Lob1325s "4520 SE Clawfinger "