Derry Longhorn 3194 upgrade for SnowRunner

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My name is kinda hard to say but it's pronounced like this squa-sage-is

The stock Derry Longhorn is a good truck but with some fatal flaws, it has no diff lock and has a "floater axel" with no drive. I have fixed those issues and more. Get the most out of the derry longhorn 3194.


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Many things have been tampered with in this mod I am NOT responsible for broken games/saves but am not heartless so I will try to help

Release 1.0.0 Adds:

  • diff lock
  • pusher/middle axel drive
  • more power for the Westline V12 M900
  • taller front axel so the truck is level
  • bigger fuel tank 570L
  • sharper steering angle
  • middle axel steers 15 degrees
  • more expensive for game balance 193,200$
  • unlock by rank 5

Update 1.1.0 adds:

  • New Engines sounds (Detroit Diesel 8V92TA)
  • New engines
  • Switchable AWD
  • New prices and ranks for engines

Update 1.2.0 adds:

  • New name for the Westline 12V M900 now Detroit Diesel 8V92TA
  • New description for Detroit Diesel 8V92TA
  • widened axel track for front and middle axels

Update 1.3.0 adds:

  • increased fuel efficiency for the Detroit 8V92TA cause it drank more than the weird old dude you see behind the drug store
  • Increased fuel tank size now 600L

Update 1.4.0 adds

  • PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 1.5.0

  • better tire grip
  • new spare wheel
  • other stuffs fixed

Update 1.6.0 adds

  • Mo powa for the Detroit engine

The goal of this mod is to make the Derry better but not OP










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sansa64 @sansa64

не особо он и хорош

squwausages @squwausages

как так? Кроме того, вы говорите по-английски?

tarsis31 @tarsis31

This takes a truck from being an idle curiosity you may use once or twice then sell, and changes it into a useful, fun, trailer dragging monster. Very strong, but not super OP. Rated up.

I would like to see is all of the paint jobs from the base truck added, even if you do not have it planned. The camo blob is.. blah.

squwausages @squwausages


tarsis31 @tarsis31

Aww yeah, I can't wait to see her sexy shape! Thanks man, you really went above and beyond by adding that, I think. Time to take a break and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

squwausages @squwausages

Hell ya I will, thanks for the kind words and sticking with the mod even if it wasn't all you had wanted it to be

kevmeister11 @kevmeister11

yeah, hard to believe that once-upon-a-time the "screamin' jimmys" were the goto engine for off-highway applications (they were made to rev high and work all day runnin' wide open). gentleman I worked for said "if noise were power, ain't nothin' gonna hold 'em back". looks like a good mod, gonna try 'er out. as far as fuel capacity goes, the smallest fuel tanks I ever used were 60-70 gals a side (100-110 gals = 450+ litres so your tanks are closer to real-world specs). plus, if your using a truck in the boonies you're gonna spec it with bigger fuel capacity anyways.

squwausages @squwausages

Thanks for the kind words, lol if the truck had a fuel tank of 60-70 gallons you couldn't even drive out of the garage compound without running out of fuel, it is possible to make the truck fuel-efficient though just use the stock engine and trans you can get 5-8 liters per minute or 1.3-2.1 gallons per minute.

sttlssct @sttlssct

Awesome work. Thanks.
Please make the diff-lock switchable.

squwausages @squwausages

Is the truck drinking too much fuel? If so I will change it but if not I don't see the point in making it switchable

Ir0nbear @ir0nbear

Great mod, would love it if the diff-lock was switchable for fuel consumption on roads, also color customization possible? Overall, awesome tweaks.

squwausages @squwausages

Thanks for the kind words I could make AWD switchable so that the back two dully wheels drive, preferably I would like to keep diff lock on always but if the fuel consumption is that bad I will make it switchable. As for the color options, I will look into it

Note I am aware that the consumption is bad that's why it has a 570L fuel tank
also good timing I am planning an update tomorrow if I have time

guileguns83 @guileguns83

some oshkosh M911 had free floater axel in the middle but there were some oshkosh M911 that had a switchable power axel in the middle but all of them would go up and down by air switch in the cab and they all had diff lock and a detroit 8v92ta turbocharged 12-liter Diesel V-8 engine that was a two-stroke

squwausages @squwausages

I am not skilled enough to make the axel go up and down I learned how to mod only 3 days ago. I will, however, be putting the Detroit 8v92ta in the truck after further research. I might be making a civilian version where the tag/floater axel is removed completely -SQ

sikkraz3r @sikkraz3r

what are you using to mod? i want to try and learn aswell

guileguns83 @guileguns83

i got to drive one and it was fun we were logging my dad had a twin steer kenworth C500 and that two stroke M911 Oshkosh would pull faster everytime it was nice then my dad sold it to a guy that pay him more money then he bought it for and still to this day he wishes he never sold it the kenworth is a good truck also. And the M911 had better acceleration maybe from the two stroke but it had power

squwausages @squwausages

That's so cool I wish I could drive one of those trucks, I got the 8v92ta engine sounds in the truck I might be updating it today if I have time, and if everything is completed

guileguns83 @guileguns83

nice job on the truck bud and the paint options go to the guilde on here it shows some stuff good luck

SIDDHESH.U @siddheshu

can you make the floater axel lift up and down like the real truck did ? it will make the mod more realistic

squwausages @squwausages

I am new to the modding thing I only learned how to mod 3 days ago, this is way out of my skill level to make it lift and lower. I wasn't going to make the Derry exactly like the Oshkosh M911 anyway