Delta Pickup for SnowRunner

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Published by Iceberg101 (mod ID: 515350)


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The Delta Pickup has received inspiration from many sources. My main goal was to introduce a truck that would be console compatible according to the SnowRunner guidlines and would also open up more options for completing contracts to players. We can all influence and inspire each other, so long as we are creating and sharing from a place of honesty and transparency. With that said, credit is due to TnB invalidredneck for this concept which I have adopted on the Delta Pickup and the following soon to come crew cab version. DCsponseredByQueso and Delta modding (DnD modding) would like to emphasise that all our assets are either purchased or modelled in-house by the modding team and nothing was acquired by unfavourable means. You may also ask why are we trying to imitate TnB modding, well I just wanted to state that the names have completely different meanings, Tnb=Top notch builds, and DnD= Delta and DCsponseredByQueso. by no means will we try to be tnb modding.

Thanks to:

  • DCsponseredByQueso for providing the model.
  • TnB BigDubz for tires
  • RedbullTedIndustires, DCsponseredByQueso, RafaTGG and Jotaro testing.


  • Engine: 5.7L V8, 6.0L V8
  • Gearbox: General Purpose, Offroad,
  • Suspension: Stock, Lifted, Hauling
  • Winch: Stock Scout, Autonomous Scout, Autonomous Scout Extended
  • Tires: Full selection of SINGLE and DUALLY tires ranging from Highway to Chained
  • Diff. Lock: Installed
  • Frame Addons: Extra Front End Weight, Rear Box, Flat Bed, Toolbox, Gooseneck Trailer Hitch, Trunk Repair Supplies, Dually Fenders, Fender flare, Roll cage,


  • Roof Top: Various Roof Lights
  • Bumpers: Multiple Front and Rare bumpers
  • Misc: Full body paint, Long hood Antanna, Mud Flaps,
  • Exhaust: Rear-sides exhaust
  • Rims: Several custom options including some base game options based on tire choice
  • Dashboard Full working gauges will high attention to details, moving parts in cab.


  • Full selection of color options including 1 unique paint

Interior Customization

  • Air fresheners, bubbleheads. Custom cards

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-Product of Delta Modding-


Delta Gooseneck Trailer Pck













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xiGeox @xigeox

What’s holding this up? This makes 4-5 mods that have been updated for next gen consoles MONTHS ago and Saber doesn’t test them. 🤦‍♂️

Cold.Ocalus @cold74

Can we get this repacked for Xbox series x/s. Thanks for this great mod.

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

At some point in the past few days, some problem has appeared, at least on console for some players... I don't know if it has to do with issues is experiencing which should clear up with time, or something else.

The issue that I and some others seem to be having is that some mods come up with something like an error message: "This mod is depended on other mods, which are not approved for consoles. Because of this, you cannot download this mod." This mod is one that is impacted by this, it seems...

That is unfortunate, because I have used this mod several times in the past. It's quality work, even if maybe a little RAM-hungry. Driven well, it seemed balanced yet quite capable, just like I like'em.

I don't know if this issue is something that needs attention from your end, or if it is something that will clear up in a few days, or what the deal really is. Just figured I'd mention it. If you know of a solution or a work-around for players having this trouble, it'd be great to hear it.


Okay, so, I've gotten a little more familiar with the 'dependency' limitation, now, but I still think it isn't quite working right, at least not reliably, for all console players... Probably issues more on's end than on any modder's end. Is 'dependency' a new thing, or has it always been around...? I hadn't noticed it, before---or it hadn't caused me this sort of problem, before, anyway...

The problem some console players are having is that even if we DO have the pre-requisite mod subscribed to, downloaded, installed, and even enabled, the dependent mod might still say that it can't be used, can't be downloaded, if we try to get it from the mod browser in-game on our consoles...

Fortunately, there does seem to be a work-around. If we console players come on to the website, we can subscribe to the depended mod, here, and then when we get on the game on the console, the mod will automatically download, regardless of whether or not we have the pre-requisite mod.

Speaking of, folks have also had problems getting your Delta Hercules, for the same reason. Which brings me to another point---the dependency seems to be working BACKWARDS, here! I've been able to download your gooseneck and semi trailer packs on any console I've tried, while the seemingly pre-requisite mods---the Pickup and the semi---give us problems! If anything, shouldn't it be working the other way around? This whole 'dependency' thing seems like it needs to go on the scrap heap...

ironkaboom @ironkaboom

schum198217 @schum198217

Dripping_Vertex3 @dripping-vertex3

Hello can you make a Chevy widebody and low please...???

thronic @thronic

A favorite for sure, just wish it was a tiny bit even more capable.

Orion0271 @orion0271

One of my personal favorites!

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Looking forward to the update ✌

JustAnotherAssH0le @whogotporked



ioyj @ioyj

Can you not make your own description format? Gotta copy someone elses?

Rustyzz @rustyzz

Is the crew cab long bed version coming to counsel and is there any plans on adding more trailers gooseneck or bumper pull?

popperpat @popperpat

Please update and repair the goose neck hitch. Thank you

Nightkiller56 @nightkiller56

its not broken you need to install the trailer pack to use it.

Mmatt87 @mmatt87

Can anyone explain why the gooseneck hitch isn't showing up on xbox one x??

popperpat @popperpat

Isnt showing up for ps4 as of 7 days ago ethier

Drifty_Customs @driftycustoms

You need to download Delta Gooseneck Trailer Pck for it to work.

TrTimo @trtimo

Its a nice mod but i dont have a goosneck on ps4

popperpat @popperpat

It keeps deletint itself everyday, semi trailer packs should work for it. You should had the hitch or goose next should be moved back.

godsbane6661797 @godsbane6661797

Love the truck great mod but your trailer pack does not work for it