Delta Arack for SnowRunner

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Published by Iceberg101 (mod ID: 1598856)


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The robustness and load-bearing capacity of the Arack are reflected in the application-specific cabs, both in the durable, exceptionally resistant cab bodyshell and in the powerful design. The 8x8 vehicle with axle load compensation for reduced wear and better handling in off-road use.

Thanks to:

  • AtlCanadian for Michelin and Continental tires.
  • My Patreon supporters.


  • Engine: OM 629 / OM 457 LA / OM 926 LA
  • Gearbox: 8S Highrange / 6S Offroad / 5S Special LowRange
  • Suspension: Stock / Raised / Stock-Strong / Raised-Strong
  • Winch: Stock , Autonomous Heavy, Sherpa Stallion.
  • Tires: Seasonal / mud / off-road
  • Diff. Lock: Always On
  • Frame Addons: Several Body customisation options


  • Roof Top: lights / roofrack / spares
  • Bumpers: N/A
  • Misc: Full range of customisation options
  • Exhaust: n/a
  • Rims: N/A
  • Dashboard Full working gauges with high attention to detail.


  • Full selection of colour options

Interior Customization

  • Bubbleheads. Custom Air freshener soon to be added

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RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Another nice piece of work from you.

My one and only complaint is that all the transmissions are fine-tune, but that's not enough to kill the mod even for me.

I just hate the fine-tune transmission, personally; it just feels so slow to change gears, like to go from LOW to REVERSE or any other setting. Would much prefer a more basic transmission with the full range of LOW settings, similar to the base game off-road box. I had no problem, even LIKED MudRunner's gearbox, but SnowRunner's poor imitation forces that slow movement, which just doesn't feel right...MudRunner's shifting, you had to put in effort to fine-tune it, didn't have that forced slow movement of the selector, felt more skill-based, less hand-holdy.

Lis178rus @lis178rus

Не знаю почему но на 16.0 все текстуры черного цвета

xiGeox @xigeox

This truck drive’s fantastic. I really hope the faster steering wasn’t added for the automatic warriors. Really hope faster steering doesn’t make the truck turn all squirly.

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Hello my friend, in the first picture made from behind the trucks, we can see 3 different dual-tire choices. Those are not on the console version of the truck or at least they're weren't last week. Are you updating the console version with it? It looks great bro and definitely suit the truck well.

Ejjackson83 @ejjackson83

Congrats and definitely appreciate all ur hard work

Mazinkaizar @mazinkaizar

Awsome one man thanks, hope you do also classic delta truck based on mercedes truck LS 1924-36

Brax4796 @brax47961

Well, this mod has one of the most "realistic" driving feeling response I have in the game... simply "spot on"!
Really awesome job, only one little thing to get perfection... a slightly bit faster steering response.
My heartfelt congrats to you Iceberg, your quality is superb.

birseysoylicem @birseysoylicem

u r king! thanks dude

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

What makes a great "community" talented modder stand out above others?

Is the fact that guys like Iceberg101, Rng3r, bartelbi7, Glitchworks, JohnJohnHotRod, DocBugsy, Poghrim, yansors and OlSom don't waist them talent building "BS" everything they bring out is a masterpiece, useful and fits right away into this game! Beside spending them free time building us amazing mods they listen to the community, come back to you when you ask something, fix asap any problem with the mod, try meet the needs in the game, are always open for new ideas, improvements and requests, answer your questions and really appreciate when you give them the thumbs-up and your honest feedback "good or bad"!

Thank you guys for all of your hard work, time and talent💯👍🏼. You guys are amazing and really make this game so much better👌🏼.

I wish you all happy holidays and i "we" really hope you guys keep modding for this game in 2022.

Cheers guy,
PS4 player

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

Thanks for your feedback and appreciation for my work. This community is thriving with talent and this is what keeps this game alive.

Σ_ƧΛЯƬӨ @na3207329

Great work. Realistic mod, great texture.
My only request is regarding the crane that collides/goes through the fender/mudguard. See if you can adjust this to maintain the excellent realism.

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

Thanks for the feedback. I struggled getting the fenders to fit right. I was gona remove them cuz I personally dont like the look but I figured I would fix it one day.

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Pls don't remove the fenders bro! I don't think that the overall great looks of the truck would benefit from it🤔! Right now the truck looks amazing, we all know that you'll be able to find a solution for the mini-crane/fender collision, you always do😁. Another great change would be replacing the "small" russian crane with the "a little more capable" american crane. This would make more sense as this is a long weel-base truck and the really short reach of the rus-crane makes it really difficult to reach the attached trailers. You should also add the new tatra mini-crane for those "like me" that mostly use *mini-crane + low/high saddle + trailer. Definitely my favorite combination and with the bigger tatra crane you'll also fill a little bit more of the empty space between the cab and the saddle. As for the fenders would be great if you could add those 4 small mudguards for the backweels from the vanilla trucks. Would look great and add an even more realistic feeling to this truck as it does on the Tatra Phoenix from "bartelbi7".

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Finally, we're able to welkom another gorgeous truck from Iceberg101 to console🥳. Yet another masterpiece bro👌🏼💯. I'm such a big fan of those "cabover" trucks and up until a month ago was nothing in this game that made me want to play with it! I was so glad to see the "Tatra Phoenix" coming into the game and at the same time so upset because the lack of diversity from it😭! This was only until bartelbi7 got his hands on it and made that truck so much better and versatile! I was so in love with it that i sold all of my trucks and bought 7 "Phoenix's" for my main campaign! Finally.......a proper capable and gorgeous off-road cabover truck! Credit for the devs for introducing such a great basic truck and even more credits to bartelbi7 for making it so much more useful. I really thought there's nothing out there that i would prefer to play with...... and then this masterpiece came out and I'm really totally sold after playing with it for 5 minutes😂! Great job bro, it really is a masterpiece. Thanks for your hard work!

Cheers mate and keep them coming,
PS4 player

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

Thanks for the awesome feedback. Its always great to add something unique to snowrunner and even more to to see the joy it brings to the players,.

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

There are a few things with this truck that really set it apart from others.
1. The raked angle of the frame. The rear is up higher so when you add cargo weight, the rear squats yet you still have the ability to turn!!!!! Very important and very realistic! Most trucks (even vanilla) come pre-squated. IMO it looks dumb and really hinders the trucks.
2. IT FEELS HEAVY! I loaded a 6 slot low boy with slabs and it doesn't pull the truck around. This is a real problem with almost every truck (even vanilla). There is no weight so the trailer(sometimes empty trailers) dictate where the truck goes and how it reacts to terrain. TRUCKS NEED WEIGHT!
3. The suspension articulation is TOPS! Even with weight it still has articulation!

Very realistic mod, mods like this make me wanna play the game again! Only thing I don't understand is how narrow the wheel track is in the rear when running singles. Maybe it's like that IRL? Idk.

Thank you and keep it up!

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

Thanks for you feedback. I have addressed your concern regarding the wheel tracking. Originally the truck uses duallies at the rear so It does look weird with singles. For that, I have made adjustments to the tracking and also added alternate dually sets for each single option. The dually sets are heavier and offer more traction across all the stats.. Feel free to inform me of any discrepancies' and thanks again for your support.

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console ✌

scraggsds1 @scraggsds2

Man you should put your logo in the circle. That would be sweet.

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

The thought did come to me.. ive been looking to model a lions head either for a bubble head addon or a logo

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Both would be great but definitely the logo bro😁👌🏼, especially on this truck would look so damn nice as it feels like is definitely missing something on the grill. Is like those cheap soap series where they need to take off the brands on the cars because they don't get permission to show them hahaha! So yeah, damn yeah you really should make a nice "chrome" lion head as your own brand💪🏼👌🏼🙏🏼