DCB US-R900 -Big Bob- for SnowRunner

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Published by DeathCoreBoy1 (mod ID: 615033)


Back in the day my granpa always said that a crazy mechanic from his division, took a 5-ton military truck and locked himself with it in an old barn somewhere in Iowa. A few weeks later, the doors opened and we couldn't believe what we saw.

This truck includes several tire and rims options, as well as frame addons. It can carry 1 loads slots or a utility addon to support your fleet.

The main model on this mod has been ported over from the game SQUAD under licence from Offword Industries. All the rights of these assets belong to their respective owners. The Squad logo is property of Offworld Industries.

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Assets owners: Offworld Industries

Truck Modeling & texturing: Alexandru Tataru

Military Tires Model: VedroUSSR

Wide tires and rims modeling and texturing: Rng3r

XML implementation and balancing: Gumides

Screenshots: SgtSoap77

Utility addon momdeling and textures, Military Tires Textures, Dakar & Micheling super singles modeling and texturing. Model preparation and exporting: DeathCoreBoy1

Special Thanks

Huge thanks to Offworld Industries for supporting our idea of porting this truck over to snowrunner. Rng3r for his general assistance and guidance during the implementation phase. our Patreons for their continued support. our beta testers for their feedback.

Special thanks to JonathaF and Sir. Raven for their amazing work on the discord server and their general feedback.

Thank you guys so much.




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Twinsteer4life @twinsteer4life

Easily one of my absolute favorites. I keep at least two around every map after Im done scouting with them. I only have two requests if you ever decide to update a nearly perfect truck.

1. Add a gooseneck hitch to pull the IR trailers.
2. A few more color options. Maybe solid colors.

Eddywu @eddywu

Nice .

Could you mod some oil field trucks into the game ?


Ranbowcrash @ranbowcrash

Really hope we get a tractor version for simi trailers

sssswhp @sssswhp

а как насчет других цветов хотя бы стандартных можно как то добавить? а мод супер спасибо

cars3 @cars3

R.Wenz @rwenz

I love this mod. just very good work, in all details. I hope there will be more mods of this type from you. I'll send you a youtube video, maybe it will help to inspire you for the future.

Globalhacker @wwwglobalhackerru

В игре он таких трудностей не вызывает 3.30 (((((( все 2 версии гоняют будь здоров, мод супер, понравился но я не люблю моды в которых машины на изи проходят любые препятствия, игра становиться не интересной

Awknott1776 @awknott1776

Love this mod one of my go too for scouting i just wish it had a dif always on since it likes to stall out alot going thru or up slight objects

nobodyepic36108 @nobodyepic36108

i absolutely love this thing its fast and powerful all while being flexible, its my go to rig for most things anymore unless its a crane job or heavy hauling. if ya dont mind some feedback i would love to see a strong battery powered winch, the thing is near impossible to flip but once it goes over its hard to get it back on its wheels if youre in a spot only scouts can get to. keep bringing trucks like this to the game an i wont be using a single vinalla truck soon lol

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Great machine. Was very excited when it showed up available for console use. Had been hoping a bobbed 5-ton would show up eventually, and hey, presto, there it was! Love it, as-is!

If anything, I might suggest securing those ammo cans, etc, a little better---but that'd be it!

ProBert @auf-achse

Nice truck, thank you.
Are there more information about the tyre attributes?

AZTEC3037 @aztec3037

The mod is really great. Could you make at least as a module full time diff lock ?

FoxSinPan @foxsinpan

I Love this Truck pls give him a stronger engine and the truck is perfect ^^

bdarling997 @bdarling997

Only thing I suggest is an autonomous winch. With removing that axle it makes the COG slightly tough to work with. Autonomous winch is all it needs 🤘🏼

Chinook4411 @chinook4411

Bob is a masterpiece. Military trucks don't really fit into the invented backstory for my in-game logistics company, but I made an exception for this one. I do wonder if you might consider a low saddle, and especially a full time diff lock? I feel the diffs on this are more "open" than other trucks in the game, requiring more LOW+ to engage diff lock than, other open diff trucks. Maybe there is a way to close down the diff a bit? Otherwise; brilliant!

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Such a cool rig and it really hauls-***. I was expecting it to be a slower vanilla type tune. I’d love an autonomous winch option. Also, this could really be a do-it-all Swiss Army knife of trucks with a mini crane too. Great work

Franky0815 @franky0815

Whoa what a beast! Because of that I have restarted my „After the Storm“ map! This is the right vehicle for this map. I only wish autonomous winch and saddle low please.

ssmol @ssmol

vaughngittinjr8 @vaughngittinjr8

it would be cool if you added a autonomous winch for it

Johnnyholster @johnnyholster

Saddle low please! Glad to have it on console!