Crew Cab Trail Brawler for SnowRunner

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Published by JohnJohnHotRod (mod ID: 998635)


Purists might want to look the other way with this one. It’s a mix of 76, 77 & 78 stylings with a modern vibe and a twin-turbo powerplant from its arch-rival.

This is unbranded so I hope to see it on consoles soon.

We took this one down to bare steel with tons of modifications. The fuel doors, tailgate latch, and trim were shaved. The back of the bed has been tucked, the bumpers were smoothed, the fenders were cut… you get the idea.

The truck follows the TrailRunner Spec Parts & Tunes from my previous build. It’s a great OP-ish power-to-control ratio.

Addons include a TrailRunner Package, Tire Carrier, Hoods, Fender Flares, Chrome or Black Bumpers, and Grills along with some other goodies.

There are 10 Tire options. 5 different wheel styles and each one has a matching rim on the tire carrier.

If you hate the fender flares they’re an addon so they can be removed. Just run it with the classic rock crawler style cutout fenders (aka poor man's lift). There’s a Mild & Wild version for the flares too.

Note, the Stock Rear Bumper can be removed leaving you with just the off-road tube bumper.

The rear license plate is hiding the tow hitch and can be removed/added for the public roads.

This truck is on the same custom ‘skateboard chassis’ (a swappable platform like Teslas use) as my previous build (just stretched a bit), so I can spend more time making cool trucks, and less time rigging suspension.

The truck has a completely new engine and twin-turbo setup too.

Speed Tune Disclaimer: The Pin it to Win it Tune & Speedy Gonzales Trans are strictly meant for bashing and honing the truck. These are in no way intended for normal gameplay.

This truck has a super-soft suspension so it’s pretty much worthless for towing unless you use the specific towing suspension. There is an addon of a standard hitch and gooseneck option for the [IR] Gooseneck Trailer Pack. (Thanks IR)

Pro Tip: Pin it, and hold the turns longer than you typically would in SR to kick the back end out and power-slide turns. Also, all my transmissions have a High Gear if you need a bit more speed.

This is a work in progress so there might be some changes along the way.

Credits: Thanks to BigDubz for his Baja Claw and Irok tire. Truck model TurboSquid. Engine and Turbo setups CGTrader. Other tires CGTrader and Sketchup. Some of the wheel centers, LED lights, and other misc parts that weren’t made by me started life as CAD conversions from GrabCAD, so a massive thanks to all of those artists for sharing their creations.

Finally thank you to all the map makers for making all these amazing places for us to abuse our trucks.

See ya on the trail…

BTW…It should go without saying but please do not steal or reupload any of my mods or assets. Thanks and have a nice day.











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UmlautIronjunk @umlautironjunk

Any chance of getting the Stock-ish transmission for this or the Bruiser in a future update?

Ejjackson83 @ejjackson83

Beautiful mod, definitely enjoying. Definitely appreciate it

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Thanks...really glad you like it. Enjoy

ExactCurve79146 @exactcurve79146

This is an amazing set up thank you

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Thank you

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

OH MY GOD... Did you.... Did you make a pick up truck that is ACTUALLY scaled to vanilla truck size? Compared to the 750 the cab dimensions are nearly spot on! I'm NOT ******** on other modders, I don't know how it works I just wish the Devs had a scaling tool for modders so trucks would look correct.

Please say you have plans to make a more stock-ish version lol. A custom crew cab short bed highboy would be awesome with the 7.50-16s or 9.00-16s.

Thanks for the beautiful mod, man!

Nightkiller56 @nightkiller56

welcome to console.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Looks great but I don't like how it handles. :/

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

No worries, maybe give my Classic Series mods a try. They are a bit tamer and have a more realistic center of gravity. Thanks for giving it a try.

CaptainNorman6 @captainnorman6

This this is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing all your hard work I love this truck

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Thanks and you're very welcome

bakruppa @bakruppa

Reduced file size another time! Your work is amazing dude!

Bangs07 @bangs0735

anyone else's game crash when the download this mod? i really wanna try this truck but my game keeps crashing :(

blountthomas00 @blountthomas00

mine 2 have u found a fix this mod looks amazing

Bangs07 @bangs0735

no. i even tried downloading the new version through the game. do we have to install this mod manually??

Xtinct1984 @secrest1970

Mine does too... I can load every single mod in here accept manual installs just fine? Is it a hardware issue?

Bangs07 @bangs0735

not sure. my game runs great. but when i try his mods none of them work for me :( that kinda sucks

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Sorry to hear you're having issues. Wish I could help. I tried this on my brother's old and slow laptop and it works just fine. I will say there are certain maps like Raglan Creek that I still have not been able to play because they will not load or crash the game. I have a pretty nice PC. That particular map worked for a day, they updated SR and it has never worked again. So odd but annoying so I get it. As I learn more, I will continue optimizing my mods, so fingers crossed. I do know there are a lot more issues with mods not working since that last update. I guess maps have been really hit or miss too.

Bangs07 @bangs0735

Hey mate, cool mods wanted to try them out cause I saw some youtube videos about them on how detailed and cool your truck mods are. I got a pretty well set up pc that can run everything on 4k with 100+ fps on max, so i wouldn't think it has anything to do with my PC. I'm just about to finish the Michigan map. but when I try to load into the game it crashes after 10 seconds into the loading screen. hope you find a fix soon! cool mods

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

How many mods do you have? There is a limit on PC too, and when you reach it, game crashes when you try to load a save...
So i'd say, try to disable a few mods, and try again.

Bangs07 @bangs0735

omg bro!!!! you are a legend. i thought the limit was only on consoles. thank you. it worked for me :)

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Got it, sounds like you've got a really nice PC. Hope the SR team works out all the issues with mods and the game in general.

Bangs07 @bangs0735

your Squarebody Trail Bruiser works on the Alaska map. :) its dope