Concept Mighty-Runner for SnowRunner

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This is one of those vehicles that caught my eye many years ago because it was so oddly cool. Love it, or hate it give her a whirl because she’s a unique girl.

This truck is based on a one-off custom concept vehicle built by the manufacture that rhymes with Steep. (speaking in riddles to keep this console friendly)

The original vehicle debuted at the 2012 ‘Easter ‘Steep’ Safari’ in Moab UT, so Google it if you haven’t seen the OG vehicle.

I built this along the lines of what the truck could look like if it debuted in 2021 instead of 2012.

The original concept was more show than go since it had an underpowered stock V6 and a stock-ish chassis.

I keep the body and exterior visuals very close to close to the original, including the bedside mounted bottle opener!

But this has a custom 2021 interior, a built Hell-Kitty V8 crate engine, and custom chassis which I went a bit overboard on.

The original concept vehicle was fitted with a set of 39in Krawler mud tires so that is the smallest size you can run, I also added a larger option because bigger is better right?!

Here are some of the other cool features to checkout…

Paint options:
-Concept Truck Gloss Paint
-Concept Truck Gloss Paint with Black Accents
-Custom Dusty Trails Paint Jobs with Dust, Brush Scratches, and Trail Kisses (a.k.a. trail damage)

Expandable 1 or 2-pice Racks:
-Front - Off-road Gear
-Rear - Overland Rack with Tent and Gear

Expandable Truggy Spec Back-Half:
-Low Pro Fiberglass Body with Bed Cage
-Bed Cage Upper Half
-Bed Cage Spare Tire

The truck includes a set of stock-ish spec mud tires and the vanilla engine & transmission tunes from the stock SnowRunner F750. This is my attempt to bridge the gap for all of those people who have requested toned-down versions of my trucks.

There are 3 hitch options. Use the invisible chassis weight along with the tow suspensions for heavier loads.

The gooseneck hitch is compatible with the [IR] Gooseneck Trailer Pack. (Thanks IR)

If you like having mega repair points check out my new goodies addons. I tried to keep my other addons a bit more realistic.

Like most mods, this is a work in progress so there may be some changes along the way.

Credits: Truck Model. Interior is from my Project 2067 mod. (TurboSquid) Tires CGTrader & Sketchup. A huge thanks to all of those artists for their creations.

Finally, thank you to all the map makers for creating all the amazing places for us to abuse our trucks. Massive respect for all your work, time, and creativity.

See ya on the trail…

BTW…It should go without saying but please do not steal or reupload any of my mods or assets. Thanks, and have a nice day.





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Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088


Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console 🍻🍻

LibertyMods @libertymods

Hey johnjohn, ever thought about making the original jeep fc?

Yetislayer99 @yetislayer99

Killin it with amazing consistent work bro, thank you and keep up the amazing work.

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

Come on devs, do your job...

6.7cummins21 @carsongforf

There approving rechecks

AlphaDJKILl @alphadjkill

No there not they literally just approved all rechecks yesterday

6.7cummins21 @carsongforf

They were backed up this week

AlphaDJKILl @alphadjkill

There not adding it bc they don’t give a **** bc there ****** lowlife devs that don’t do anything for the community

chestl1 @chestl1

Hello this is my review of Concept Mighty-Runner, please support it by liking the video, if it's not difficult.
I use an automatic translator in my videos. I hope it is correct.
Привет, это мой обзор внедорожника Concept Mighty-Runner , прошу поддержать лайком видео, если не

LibertyMods @libertymods

Omg. I was looking at picks of this (IRL) the other day and I thought "what if this was in snowrunner?" can't wait to try it out great job on this stunning build 🤘

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Cool, well hope you like it. Enjoy!

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

JohnJohnHotRod do you have a discord showcasing your future projects or anything?

Shadowhunter-117 @shadowhunter-117

Cool to see this in game. The concept that inspired this build was a throwback to the "Steep" Forward Control (or FC) built back in '56 to '65.

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Thanks. Yeah, the OG FC's are really cool too!

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Your work on cabs and customization is always great
I really regret that all your mods use the same chassis/suspensions though, some variety could be welcome

I noticed on this one the doors dont get wet (and probably dont get muddy too)

thx for sharing your work ;)

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

I'll look into the water on the doors. Thx

Not sure what you're talking about chassis-wise. This is almost an entirely new chassis. New Frame, new coil overs, new axles, new axle trusses, new swaybars, new trans/trans case, a totally new setup... yeah some of my other mods share the same chassis but the last few have been new/different or refreshed for each build. There are only so many ways you can reinvent the wheel and I focus my attention on build aspects that matter to me. In reality, there is only so much time I'm willing to spend on a mod.

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Oh, pls accept my apologies then. I playtested this new one without having any of your previous mods loaded, and i assume i judged too quickly ;)

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

No worries. All this 4-link suspension kind of looks the same after a while.

ssmol1631876052 @ssmol1631876052

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod