Claire's_F'ed-750 for SnowRunner

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Published by Claire_Bear_Cares (mod ID: 137319)



-To the creators for the Truck.

-The colors to HotshotGNX Link:

-All other edits are my own.

You must have the Beta test server to install this edit,

and make sure to back up the original "Ford F-750's" files in case you don't like it.

You need to unpack the Initial.pak with WinRar to access the right place for the files.

You also need to Unpack my Zip file, and insert the files inside of it manually.

Have Fun & Enjoy!




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Mr.NKVD @mrnkvd

guys, tell me, please, the program for converting mods from previous parts in this game, and then the constant tuning default is already, frankly, got

HellriderAlp @hellrideralp

it's not a mod... it's a tweak. And don't call ur self modder until u did a car from scratch


Claire_Bear_Cares @clairebearcares69007

HellriderAlp Thanks for the tip, I'm sure you feel empowered - voicing your opinion-n-all, but nobody asked. Opinions are like A-Holes, You've got too many of both.

OFFR500 @offr500

The creator doesn't claim its a mod anywhere.. it says "edit". you are just acting like a little child with this comment.

rileybingham08 @rileybingham08

dont be salty that you cant produce mods yourself

V0lat1leCr0SS @v0lat1lecr0ss

most of the mods for this game are tweaks. dont be an *** about it.

LoB1325 @lob1325

Most of any game mods are only edits, some are mixing "modding" and "modeling" you don't need to create new model for that your product can be called a mod. A mod to walk faster in Bannerlord is still a mod, but only edits values. You don't need a total conversion to call this a mod, Also, never forget that tweakers also help to maintain some playerbase. If people like us wasn't sharing tweaks, i'm not sure peoples would have something to play to wait for "real mods".