CHALLENGER MOD v.1.4 for SnowRunner

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Published by Vanik (mod ID: 134466)


Hello runners! This mod is for those who wants to try little challenge or simply more immersive gameplay in snowrunner. Hopefully you will enjoy, and dont forget to give me feedback so i know if anything needs to be changed, updated.

This mod is focused on CO-OP gameplay, yet there is no downside on playing solo. Everything should be working in CO-OP without problems as far as You follow instructions.

Information about mod below:

  • Actual weight for cargo (Now You really feel that cargo on Your truck!)
  • Better tire pressure (Different tire pressure for each class of tires)
  • Real gearboxes (Improved reverse gear)
  • Better suspension response
  • New trailers for trucks
  • Modified trucks (Not overpowered)
  • Winch lengths lowered (Just a little bit)
  • Durability lowered, its little bit different for scouts / trucks / big heavy trucks, to feel realistic (One big crash and You are done)
  • OPTIONAL - Fuel capacity lowered (For more challenging gameplay) - If You prefer to play with vanilla fuel, just scroll down and download non-primary version from "Releases" list :)
  • Roof rack capacity lowered
  • More than 100paint schemes for each vehicle! (Will be adding many more in future)
  • OPTIONAL - No recovery! (To activate Recovery option back, just replace Your initial.cache_block inside initial.pak file with original one, You need to open initial.pak with WinRaR to be able to do it :) )
  • Visual changes with exhaust smoke and few other stuff
  • Legacy camera while using winches (Its much better in my opinion)
  • Mod is working in CO-OP If You follow instructions
  • Releasing lot of content soon!



If You want to play with vanilla fuel, just scroll down and download non-primary version from "Releases" list. :)

Manual- Simply just download the mod, go to This PC/Local Disk (C:)/Program Files/Epic games/SnowRunner/en_us/preload/paks/client and replace Your initial.pak , You dont have to be afraid to get any of Your files corrupted, everything is backed up by server or You can backup Your saves manually in Documents/My games/Snowrunner/Storage/random number with letters - here is Your current save

I do recommend You to install this mod manualy, as this mod is not a vehicle and won't be handled properly using the subscribe button.

This mod is compatible with CO-OP

But there is few things You should know before You play CO-OP.
You and Your friends should have only this mod installed (recommended). Few bugs might occure time by time, not being able to refuel or repair. Simply just return to main menu and restart session. Also sometimes Your gearbox can act weirdly after You switch between trucks with Your friends, as mentioned above, these bugs are only in CO-OP.

There is way to "fix" crash bug, not technically at the moment but the way I fixed it, is:

1. You will use only trucks / trailers that belong to host of the session (If crash happens, Your truck will keep same position and no trailers dissapear)

- I can upload file that gives You money so You can buy same trucks for your friend aswell if You guys request this

2. The second option (Also the option I am playing currently with) is to challenge Yourself and Your friend to use only 1 truck from each (only 1 paystar / 1 gmc etc..) brings whole new flavor into game and its hella fun i can tell.


- Version 1.2 released there was not single bug / crash in 6hours session.

- Version 1.3 new refuel bugs occure in CO-OP, will be fixed next patch


Version 1.1

  • Hotfix on Caterpillar CT680
  • Hotfix on Chevrolet ck 1500

Version 1.2

  • Fixed bug which was not letting You refuel in CO-OP
  • Increased Repair Parts in Roofpacks
  • Added paint schemes (More than 100paint schemes avaible for every vehicle, will be many more added in future / also customs )
  • Added Vanilla fuel capacities in separate file

Version 1.3

  • Avaible 2 versions for download, Vanilla fuel capacities / Challenger fuel capacities
  • Fixed issue with Caterpillar 745C
  • Added Repair Parts to scout trailers / some truck trailers (As You can see some of them have "box"/"storage" on side )
  • Added Semi-trailer Heavy Fuel tank (The big navi one), Avaible for purchase in trailer store
  • Added Small (Scout) fuel trailer for trucks, Avaible for purchase in trailer store
  • Removed "Rocket" Semi-trailer Fuel tank. (It was necessary, but dont worry if You had some of them in world, they didnt disappeared, they just transformed into younger version haha ;), )

Version 1.4 - everything is working in CO-OP of course

  • Chevrolet Kodiak C70 has been modified
  • GMC MH9500 has been modified
  • FleetStar F-2070A has been modified
  • Adjusted fuel capacity in GMC / Fleetstar / Cat 680 (They were little bit lower than intended)
  • Removed additional fuel from trailers (Repair parts are still there) due to causing "Refuel bug" in CO-OP mode
  • Voron D-53233 stock suspension is now fixed
  • Small fuel trailer (For trucks) has been adjusted
  • Semi-trailer Oil Tank is now back ! (ROCKET)
  • In READ ME I forgot to mention You have to only tap L1 / Shift for auto up/down gear
  • Guys If You see any small detail/bug that You would like to change or anything , just feel free let me know, also suggestions for next trucks to be modified are gladly Welcomed !




-weight of trailers

-additional tires for some vehicles

At the end, I recommend You start from Michigan to Alaska and finally Russia, not using Russian trucks on US maps (Its really worth it!),

Hopefully You will enjoy my first made mod ever! Feel free to give me Your feedback :)

Your Vanik :)

Big credits to






AQ-TEAM #ColorFullWorld



challenger_mod_vanilla_fuel_v.1.4.zip84.35mb1.4 + vanilla fuel


challenger_mod_vanillafuel_v.1.3.zip84.35mb1.3 + vanilla fuel





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Tomlintm @tomlintm

i must be blind but i cant seem to activate the mod after replacing the ini file idk what im doing wrong but please help me

Vanik @vanik

Hello, after You replace initial.pak, You dont need to activate mod. Just hop in game. (Also I recommend You have all mods set to "OFF" before replacing initial.pak and not turning them "ON" )

mcattack666 @mcattack666

thanks for the new Experience. how can I adjust the damage values of modified vehicles?

Vanik @vanik

Hello, You need WinRaR and Notepad++ , open your initial.pak and You are looking for DamageCapacity="X" , You will need to change it inside of approximately 100files+.

thiextar @thiextar

My game freezes then crashes every time a friend tries to join my game, or i try to join their game.

I followed the manual install instructions replacing the initial.pak file, then replacing the initial.cache_block for recovery, exactly the same as my friend did

any ideas what might be the cause?

Vanik @vanik

Hello, have You both downloaded same version? there is 1.4 / 1.4 + vanilla fuel, anyways I will look into it.

thiextar @thiextar

Yeah, we both have exatly the same version (1.4)

laloe77 @laloe77

Gracias :) Por fin llegó ......

Vanik @vanik

espero que disfrutes :)

nhl2050 @nhl2050

does this mod make the truck frame twist? Like it was realised in MudRunner

Vanik @vanik

Hello, I am not sure what you mean, I have played MudRunner only about 10hours. Can you send me some video about it?

nhl2050 @nhl2050

This detail was realised very well in MudRunner. All trucks goes very well, smooth and realistic because of frame twisting. Try to see the difference with KamAZ pack and original trucks.. Or this is impossible to make?

See 1:18

Vanik @vanik

So If i understand right , You mean this mod - ? I think its possible, will look into it in few days, I am sorry but I am too busy, also world editor for snowrunner was released and I am kinda curious about it. Anyways, thank You very much for suggestion ! Will let You know later how it turns out :)

nhl2050 @nhl2050

Yes, this mod) Twisting(flexing?) like this we can see usually on offroad trucks for better articulation, but I see, that some offroad trucks not enough good with that compare to real trucks. See 7:30.

Oh no, don't spend the time for this, i just asked;) Thx for answer

Vanik @vanik

Hey, ive been busy last days, (map editor + was learning first steps in 3ds models but its just too much and my mind is going to blow up lol) so i kinda went back to file editing as a break, after several hours of searching between roots/codes (I am really beginner with file editing aswell, thats why everything taking me so long to figure out) i finally found out how to make frame twisting , also found out that some trucks has that , for example DAN has really good frame twisting by default, anyways , my question on You is, what trucks should be improved? For sure I am doing that on kodiak / gmc right now.

nhl2050 @nhl2050

I think all Voron trucks (Ural) and Zikz 5368 shoud be improved, because they are really bad with that. Also, I think there are shoud be improved suspension travelling of scouts like chevy k1500, international 800, don 71, tuz 166 maybe some another trucks like Freightliner m916a1. Try to compare diagonal hanging on the trestlework for seeing the difference between the trucks and you will see, that some trucks unrealistic bad with that

Thank you :)

mcattack666 @mcattack666

ty works fine

Vanik @vanik

glad to hear that, i found out there is need to be fixed few suspensions, next update will include that (hopefully all of them), its just little bit hard to check every detail for single person

laloe77 @laloe77

esperando lo nuevo, podrías agregar que dure más la lluvia ?

Vanik @vanik

laloe77 next update will be probably tuesday/wednesday, cant sooner