C.C.M WC-54 for SnowRunner

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Published by Fredswayne (mod ID: 764405)


C.C.M. is very proud to present the WC-54. The WC-54 is another restomod project built by the C.C.M. custom shop in the late 80's it was actually built alongside the WC-52 in the same shop at the same time. the wc-54 features top load axles and a lift kit as well as engine upgrades, making it a very capable ambulance.

body came from turbosquid, alterations and additions done by me with parts of projects past , baja claw and bfg k02 tires and associated rim are from dubz tire pack mod created by (TnB BigDubz420) all credit where its due for the beautiful tires

many thanks to everyone that helps me with this stuff, you all rock.

things still to come?

1. probably gonna do mirrors on this one in the next few weeks actually

2. idk?

is this coming to console? hell if i know? i mean the packs are in there, and theres no badges or branding, there is the name however sooooo idk? maybe

as with all my mods do not under any circumstances take and reupload anything ive built in any way shape or form, just learn to make mods if thats what youre looking to do. if you want to use any asset ive made just ask. worse i can say is no.


wc54.zip470.61mbBEtaV1.0 pre release test


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Headfull-Eyeballs @headfulleyeballs

I recently checked out this mod, feel free to check out my video here:

ssmol @ssmol

SlateOfficial @slateofficial

great mod, i would love to see a jeep willys in snowrunner

Carisa_Contzen @carisa-contzen

You're so fast I can barely keep with them :D I haven't even touched your previous truck yet and now I see a new one. Impressive work. I remember this truck because I have a diecast model of it it's a pretty cool recovery and recue truck. Keep up the good work m8 ๐Ÿ‘

JuicyFruits @juicyfruits

how do you realease mods so quickly!

Fredswayne @fredswayne

streamlined approach(these last two shared axles and leaf springs) and i have no life at the moment so im able to give them 15 16 hours a day sometimes...

JuicyFruits @juicyfruits