C.C.M. Morvair for SnowRunner

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Published by Fredswayne (mod ID: 1572809)


C.C.M. Is proud to present Morvair. Have you ever found yourself falling down a Youtube rabbit hole and next thing you know you are watching tow recovery videos at 3.00 am. and you see an old bright yellow wagon pulling all kinds of things out of "situations"? and have you ever thought to yourself, "That's a beautiful car, I want a Lakewood Wagon on a 4x4 frame to beat through the woods"? Well these things did happen to me, And I do want a Lakewood Wagon on a 4x4 frame, so I made one in SnowRunner. Now, I wasn't going for an exact copy, just a close resemblance, and I think I accomplished that.

Original model from hum3d, conversion from sedan to wagon was done by me. Axles are from grabcad. frame is by me. Tires are the same as my last mods.

All Pog-Tires created and provided by poghrim.

Huge Thank you to everyone that uses and helps with my work. I appreciate it a lot.

If You're interested learning the ropes or just peaking behind the scenes. feel free to find your way to the IX/SE discord server

As with all my mods. Please do not under any circumstances re upload anything ive done as your own work. if you want to learn to mod, than start taking the steps to learn. there are resources available and lots of people who are always willing to help anyone willing to put in the work









morvair.5.zip465.13mbBetaV1.6 Probably Public

morvair.4.zip462.32mbBetaV1.5 possible public



morvair.1.zip433.85mbBetaV1.002 pre public

morvair.zip425.94mbBetaV1.001 Pre Public Test


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michaelh78 @michaelh78

How do you install this mod on the Steam version of SnowRunner?

Got it working.This is an awesome rig.

(Don't think I could ever drive in-game,as well as Matt does with the real-life MORRVair.)

Fredswayne @fredswayne

lol i dont think i can either, but it is fun to pretend. I'm glad you got it working since i only checked the comments 22 days after you left this. haha.

donnestarside @donnestarside

Oh my god, this is brilliant. Are you planning to do the Banana?

Fredswayne @fredswayne

ummmm the banana is the only one i wasnt planning on to be completely honest, the C60 raven that dubz made in yellow makes for a pretty good banana already. but I made lil' suzi as a golden nugget build. and am planning on doing trailmater, and the fabrats fj in the semi near future.

jack5mc @jack5mc

Can you please do Fab Rats Fj45

Vattenkatt @vattenkatt

Awesome work man!!!
Would you ever consider taking on and making the new Banana? :P

Fredswayne @fredswayne

Thank you. And I've thought about it. But if you paint the raven c60 yellow it does the job pretty good. I'm doing a sj20 build now. But it won't be the golden nugget since we'll can't really do it until it's complete but anyways.

Vattenkatt @vattenkatt

Good tip on the RavenC60, it's close enough to the V.1 Banana.
But i much prefer the way your Morvair handle! 10/10
looking forward to try out the sj20, will it come with a weather reporting Ed in the passenger seat? ^^

Fredswayne @fredswayne

lol. ummmmm no, but only because i know i will obsess to get his face right and turn it into a thousand hour model. lol

jskrahn14 @jskrahn14

Bought the game just for this and it did not disapoint.

Cobray96 @cobray96

You don't mention Matt's youtube channel in the mod description?

Fredswayne @fredswayne

well I figured the first line of the description was enough, because if you watch the channel you know the car. I also intentionally left an r out of Morrvair. but I got you. I'm gonna link the first line to Matt's channel, that way there's no confusion as to which youtube famous car i could be talking about

CoolCA55 @coolca55

Thank you so much for this mod. Been playing Snowrunner for quite a while now but Just discovered your Morvair mod today and downloaded it. We never miss an episode of Matt's and now we can pretend we have our own recovery Morvair in Snowrunner. So far using it today, found it is fantastic and having lots of fun with it.

brookemac @brookemac

cadilac ambulance

Fredswayne @fredswayne

corvair lakewood wagon. unless you were suggesting a future build

DHraptor173 @dhraptor173

I've personally never seen the towing videos on Youtube so my bad, however I love the mods I've gotten to try from you. I love how you actually put a Corvair in the game, I'm actually lucky enough to own two monza coupes myself. So from the bottom of my heart thanks for the cool car truck mod.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

well thank you, I'm glad there's people out there enjoying the stuff I make. I just do the things that get me excited to make them. and yea the real life car is gorgeous. idk if i would have ever thought of a lakewood wagon build without stumbling on to them. but anyways im rambling. thank you for the compliment. I've definitely been trying to get decent at this stuff

mackboss @mackboss

You did send a link Matt ??

JacobKeithLittle @jacobkeithlittle

I see your also a fan of Matt's offroad recovery! This thing is great, I've always loved that thing too.

ssmol1631876052 @ssmol1631876052