C.C.M. LARC "Bertha" for SnowRunner

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C.C.M. Is very proud to present "Bertha" the LARC, LARC's are amphibious vehicles originally used in the military. this particular LARC was salvaged for scrap at one point in its life and just barely missed the cutting torches. But the owner of the yard saw something in this rotting hulk of steel and decided to keep it for himself. After many of years the time finally came for "Bertha" to get her second lease on life. The owner heard of the restoration done on the DUKW by the shop and thought "its almost the same thing"... So she was packaged and shipped to a marina close to the C.C.M. custom shop And the resurrection began. after 3 long years and many failed attempts at making "Bertha" float again, The boys had her finished, but the owner had tragically died in a freak explosion caused by combining personal lubricant and a spray-on deodorant so she had nowhere to go and now is the property of Co-Core Motors where she mostly gets rented out to anyone willing to operate her

So you want to run a LARC? ok...well heres to rundown. its huge. it weighs a literal 100 tons. it does not go fast and when it does it gets damage. just like with the DUKW low gears in the water is the way to go. anything above low will just spin the tires and when in the water the object is to spin them the least amount you can so even if you have to let off the throttle to achieve that, it works!.

Be Aware of what you're trying to maneuver in. really strong currents aren't a great idea. Big embankments into and out of water again. not a great idea..

It is To Big to fit out of most garage yards. so be aware of that when trying to use it. it may not be the best base game choice.

well that's about it i guess try not to sink it.

Huge thank you to everyone and anyone thats helped me out with this stuff. without you all id be way back still.

KNOWN BUGS.. ramp does not go all the way down when its going to land on either ice chunks or soft mud.. hard ground and pavement it works great but the other two it will just hover for some reason unbeknownst to me.

Model Is scratch built by me. the only thing that isnt is the rim it uses. that was a free tractor tire rim off cgtrader.

As with all my mods. do not under any circumstances. take and reupload anything ive built. private is one thing. but public is another.. if interested in using anything ive created i.e. tires rollbars. etc etc.. just ask worst i can say is no

will this come to console??? Hell If I Know?? just gotta wait and see i suppose.


larc.6.zip118.66mbBEtaV1.0.7 NO MORE TESTY'S O.o

larc.5.zip118.66mbBetaV1.0.6 Public????


larc.3.zip117.5mbBetaV1.0.4 Public??

larc.2.zip117.5mbBetaV1.0.3 Testy 3

larc.1.zip117.49mbBetaV1.0.2 Testy2

larc.zip117.49mbBetaV1.0.1 Pre Public Testing


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ChromeDogxx @chromedogxx

Is it possible to give the tires higher psi and code in higher grip levels to compensate? It kinda messes up the traction. Other than that, it's one heckin' beast.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

i wish i could. cant mess with the traction much, the tires are part of the magic of it moving in water and too much will make it move in the water too good, as far as stiffness i can try to make them stiffer, but i have already tried before and this was the best i got them.. i know the flat spot running around the tire is annoying but idk. as far as grip and psi. theres really no correlation in how it performs in game. thats just a visual

YURIY1607809319 @yuriy1607809319

игра выдаёт ошибку и закрывается

Fredswayne @fredswayne

одиночный или многопользовательский? и вы несколько раз пытались, чтобы это случилось? потому что из более чем 2000 сабов проблема возникла только у тебя. кроме одного парня, пара комментирует, у кого были проблемы в кооперативном режиме

Awesome2Sauce17 @awesome2sauce17

This thing looks cool. I hope it comes to console soon

Dippers_Towing @dipperstowing

*laughs in d-day flashbacks*
No but seriously, this thing is great, and I hope it comes to consoles!

cristianoweimann @cristianoweimann

wie kann man sich so ein mod menu runterladen?

Fredswayne @fredswayne

Keine Downloads erforderlich. Ich ändere die Eigenschaft in den Zoneneinstellungen auf jeder Benutzerkarte, auf der sie noch nicht aktiviert ist.

panolo @panolo

haha this is crazy but returning to garage results in a CRASH of the game unfortunately... can you fix it?

Fredswayne @fredswayne

so myself and another peroson tried to get our games to crash with my mod,for about an hour we repeatably drove and recovered and couldnt make it happen, so can you explain what you were doing to get one to happen maybe?

Fredswayne @fredswayne

i havent had that problem or know of anyone else that has either

panolo @panolo

I would like to thank you for your testing! Unfortunately i just try the vehicle in coop for a few seconds and almost every time i hit "return" it will crash. Probability is around 50%, i literally didn't do anything special... My friend doesn't have this problem tho...

Venerhia @venerhia

coop games are like the best nest for snowrunner bugs and crashes lmao

Fredswayne @fredswayne

hmmm that is strange and im not sure what i can do on my side to make a difference if its isolated to your setup. it shouldnt be an intensive mod though its not really "big" other than in looks. umm maybe its driver issue or something silly like the such?

Bis91 @bis91


Fredswayne @fredswayne

1. перемещать грузовики или грузы по большим водоемам на любой карте. 2. Чтобы пойти со всеми моими другими модами на военную тематику, которые я сделал. 3. Потому что я хотел запустить DUKW, который я сделал, выключить и снова включить. и наконец 4. Просто потому, что я подумал, что это здорово, когда я узнал, что это за

DaBaus98 @dabaus98

How are you able to post so consistently without working yourself out you're a living legend

Fredswayne @fredswayne

Haha thanks and idk I just really enjoy doing this stuff.

wasptube1 @wasptube1

If you increase the length of the ramp a little bit it should touch the ground a bit better and if you make it all wheel steering (front and rear steering) it should make it a bit more agile on land, otherwise great work and looks good.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

hey thanks. and really if i just tell the hinge that operates the ramp to open like 10 more degrees it would come down to the ground but in all honesty i dont have any problems getting anything in or out of the ramp with it how it is. the rear steering is a thought i like however, ill consider giving it a few degrees in the rear to help a little. but i didnt model the rear wheel wells with the intention of it. so it may not be possible, and i cant promise it