C.C.M. Kaiser-Jeep M715 for SnowRunner

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Published by Fredswayne (mod ID: 504095)


C.C.M is very proud to present the C.C.M Kaiser-Jeep M715.

The G-890 Truck, ​1 14-ton, 4×4, Kaiser Jeep M715, sometimes called the "Five quarter (ton)", for its 114 ton payload rating, is an American light military truck, based on the civilian Jeep Gladiator (SJ). Design and development for the M715 began in 1965, intended to replace the Dodge M37.

main model is from hum3d(with some tweaking of the frame rails and cab floors so that the cab rode on the frame correctly and some things on the axles so that they looked detailed i.e. bolt on differential, u bolts and plates, hydraulic piston on the front axle.done by me) brake rotor model on the axles is from free3d. tire models were with the main model.(new buckshot is a modified version of offroad_tire_301 by pablo perez 2009,bfg_mt is a modified version of offroad-wheel by Duskman,Bogger is by me, newpaddle tire set all treads were made by me and rim 1 also rim 2 was from a tractor tire set off of turbosquid) interior gauges and handles recycled from the tuz template car, optional front bumper addon and motor model made by me.

things still to come.

1. working gauges.(i started to do it, got stuck. they will happen in time)

2.working mirrors(just havent done it yet, i dont really use them much so its not a huge thing to me)

3. more color customization options with second skin

huge thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way(you all know who you are, and im sure the list will get longer in time)

as with all my mods please do not under any circumstances take and re-upload anything that has been created by me without my permission and credit if i modeled it unless i gave you the files(its as easy as asking,for most people)

questions requests and or criticisms please feel free to leave them in the comment section, if its something i like, you never know it could become an addition

thanks for checking it out, hope you enjoy it as much as i do




















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steeprepublic @steeprepublic

Love this build will it be available on consoles?

Ghostydubedoo @ghostydubedoo

Any chance this might come to console we really need something like this.

Nightfiver @jmfabries

great mod, just that the tires dig into the ground on the rocks

cyressm82 @cyressm82

real love this work horse. can you make one cargo flatbed adon?

Fredswayne @fredswayne

thank you i do too its one my favorite trucks actually. and sorry as i said before, i wish it would have been suggested before i was done because as much as i love the idea of it, its just to far backwards for it to be worth it for me. the way i made the truck and textures wont allow it without me basically starting over from like the quarter way mark of building one of these things and i just dont want to go that far backwards at this point.

jetf26 @jetf26

Saw your other mods. Must say you are just pumping out awesome mods. Tried all but love this one the most. It reminds me of the truck in Tremors. Its absolutely perfect. Just one request and i think its more nit-picking, but could you please change the horn sound if possible. That is the one thing that does not mix with the truck as a whole

Fredswayne @fredswayne

ya know i never ever think about that, ive got you. i have to tweak the tires a little better anyways and its due for an update. i will find a better horn for it for the next update

Fredswayne @fredswayne

its got a new horn idk if its fitting or not. but its better than what it was for sure.

jetf26 @jetf26

checked it out. Much better!!

cyressm82 @cyressm82

this car is made to get things done. but it needs an 1 cargo fletbed ore scout gooseneck ore an low saddle. what you mean?

Fredswayne @fredswayne

yea i didnt have the thought, when i built it and going backwards that far just isnt an option for me at this point. at best i can change the pintle to one that accepts scout trailers as well as regular sized instead of just the regular, i made it be a scout that can actually get some work done, but i didnt want it to turn into a "one stop truck for all your needs" know what i mean?

SlowestArtist10 @john-bowling

Cool mod can u do a custom bed for it and the k 10 so it can haul a goose neck trailer and can u do console version of u have the time

Fredswayne @fredswayne

SlowestArtist10 thank ya, i try and no luck from me in either unfortunately, its way to past the point of return to change the bed without taking it down for days and doing a lot of work that's already done over, and as far as console, i was going to but somebody else started this same model and we decided he would aim his for console since i didn't. so keep an eye out for that one to be released as i'm sure it will be just as good if not better than mine.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

Well damn barefoot-bob I'm sorry you lost tires right in the middle of a game. Lol. The tires were the boggers. Which actually started as the same mesh for the boggers that it has now. But I did change traction values. Although admittedly they should be better all around but idk now you have me thinking . As far as scout trailers. It shouldn't have ever had the ability to hook to them though. It only has a pintle hook and I left it realistic when I built it. And only added the trailers line in XML not scaut trailers because of that. however I'm noting everything and I'll try to address them all soon... If you want to change the tire traction values yourself to get the boggers back to where you liked them I can give you the values and kind of guide you through it..this shouldn't be getting an update for at least a week so it's probably your best bet. Anyways fredswayne is also my name on discord. It's easier to communicate on there than on here. And also. Would you be interested in beta testing my current project before it releases?

Fredswayne @fredswayne

and god damn it i did not mean to delete your comment either, i answered this on my phone at 3 a. m while half asleep and clearly effed up, anyways send me either a message here or on discord and well straighten it out better for you. and ill coach you on how to make these changes yourself so you dont have to wait until i do it

barefoot-bob @barefoot-bob

lol no love just deleted LMAO

Fredswayne @fredswayne

LMAO!! damn it! nooooo its not like that!. lol i did not mean to delete you!! i was on the can in the middle of the night when i answered you and then when i came back for an answer the next day i was like wtf? where'd it go? i even left another comment because i felt like a douche over but seriously, believe it or not you're preferences for it are closer to mine than the community so i do appreciate your input, and as far as the tires go. open the xml for the boggers, change the value for SubstanceFriction from (3.2) or whatever i had it at, to (3.8) thats where they were to start. and my offer to beta test,my power wagon before release does still stand if you're interested.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

i changed the values to be better for the boggers with this update. i also changed the others to better reflect what they are i think compared to the boggers being the best tires. the 12psi freshbuckshots were where i set them initially so they should have still been good but idk. see if they are better now and let me know if you like them or hate them. i tried to aim for in the middle of what you wanted in them and what they wanted in them. and sorry for the wait, i was doing the other 2 mods on the base game version because the pts kind of broke about a week ago for a few days and thats where this one was made or i would have done it sooner

RebelTrx01 @rebel-trx-01

Is this coming to console ??

Fredswayne @fredswayne

Not right away as I have a project to finish before I can give this attention. However I am planning on re-uploading within guidelines for console in the coming weeks. So if you see it go up as a double with a made up name soon than that's what I'm trying for.