C.C.M. Kaiser-Jeep M715 for SnowRunner

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Published by Fredswayne (mod ID: 504095)


C.C.M is very proud to present the C.C.M Kaiser-Jeep M715.

The G-890 Truck, โ€‹1 14-ton, 4×4, Kaiser Jeep M715, sometimes called the "Five quarter (ton)", for its 114 ton payload rating, is an American light military truck, based on the civilian Jeep Gladiator (SJ). Design and development for the M715 began in 1965, intended to replace the Dodge M37.

main model is from hum3d(with some tweaking of the frame rails and cab floors so that the cab rode on the frame correctly and some things on the axles so that they looked detailed i.e. bolt on differential, u bolts and plates, hydraulic piston on the front axle.done by me) brake rotor model on the axles is from free3d. tire models were with the main model.(new buckshot is a modified version of offroad_tire_301 by pablo perez 2009,bfg_mt is a modified version of offroad-wheel by Duskman,Bogger is by me) interior gauges and handles recycled from the tuz template car, optional front bumper addon and motor model made by me.

things still to come.

1. working gauges.(i started to do it, got stuck. they will happen in time)

2.working mirrors(just havent done it yet, i dont really use them much so its not a huge thing to me)

3. more color customization options with second skin

huge thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way(you all know who you are, and im sure the list will get longer in time)

as with all my mods please do not under any circumstances take and re-upload anything that has been created by me without my permission and credit if i modeled it unless i gave you the files(its as easy as asking,for most people)

questions requests and or criticisms please feel free to leave them in the comment section, if its something i like, you never know it could become an addition

thanks for checking it out, hope you enjoy it as much as i do
















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barefoot-bob @barefoot-bob

ok you know i love this truck but now i do have a couple of things that are a bummer. I wanted to take it to a new custom map. and of course when you play a mod map you start at lvl 1 well i can't do anything with the truck with a decent engine until level 14 ! also when you first made the mod there was a set of tires on there that worked (sucked on rock traction), well im in the middle of game and my tires disappear! lol ( i knew it was an upgrade) but what we got back for tires were awful! they made the truck squirrely and unpredictable. so i switched to the military tires. but now i swear the truck has slowed down, i can not hook to a scout trailer. and it was pulled and changed 2 more times i don't know what for . and i have stayed with the military tires. could we please get back trailer attachment ability, and remove the lvl 14 for a decent motor so i can use her on mod maps . i will deal with the tires because maybe they are working for other players.
thanks bob

RAMDAN11 @ramdan11

Is this coming to console ??

killamail @killamail

ever since one of your last updates this keeps crashing my game on loading screen i really loved this thing got an idea what to do?

Fredswayne @fredswayne

Hmm idk last update was only the boggers and new rims, all of my mods got them on the same day pretty much. See if say the Corvette or Econoline do the same. If they do it could be an issue with your rig not liking them for some reason? . I'm in Massachusetts so I won't be awake for about 6 hours and I'll see if I can find anything. But it's hard if it doesn't crash mine. That's strange.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

And actually just had a thought if it was the update download an older version and swap it in the numbered folder for the mod it's at the top of the page I believe. And see if it solves the crash it would verify it doesn't like the new rims and tires

killamail @killamail

cheers will try i did also have the same issue with the econoline

Fredswayne @fredswayne

Ok I bet those new rims and tires I added are the reason. Let me know if the old version things works or if you need better instructions on how to do what I was saying.and I'll think about what I can do in the meantime.

BoostedGT @boostedgt

Hi there,will a version of this Mod be coming to consoles by any chance ? It looks great by the way.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

hey thank you, and tbh idk. i mean the only thing holding it back is the fact i named it what it actually is, so i think a console version would just be a re-upload with a made up name. however i would consider doing just that if there is enough demand for it. thumbs up on these two comments will pretty much determine if i do or not

Jimisabastard @jimisabastard

I would thumbs up like 1000 times but I dont have that ability. Truck is great looking. Would be nice to see it on console. Thanks for your time.

BoostedGT @boostedgt

Well I certainly hope that we get enough likes to get it onto consoles,come on guys give this a thumbs up everyone,lets get this beast onto consoles ๐Ÿ‘

Keddy902 @keddy902

Probably one of my favorite trucks now so thank you for this!

Only thing id suggest just in my opinion is changing the shock absorber boot to red, add a tool box/gas tank in the bed for supplies and a truck bed roll bar with some spot lights but I dont know the first thing about modding so don't mind me lol.

Also a light bar would fill that gap in nicely under the grille on the Exo Cage!

Fredswayne @fredswayne

Keddy902, thank you, its my favorite at the moment as well. but did you leave your comment on the wrong model maybe?. this one does have a toolbox in bed and gas cans on the side. and also sidenote. even if you don't know modding, you do have an opinion, and they do help mold these things most of the time. so thank you. youre the second one to suggest a rollbar with lights. so im gonna say thats probably going to happen this week

Keddy902 @keddy902

Hmm it may have been a glitch for me lastnight after i downloaded it. I was even going through the customization list as i wrote my message on here and I still dont see a gas tank on the sidez or toolbox in the bed today ๐Ÿค”.

Also some 5 hole offroad slot wheels would look sick on this truck!

RachelTGG @racheltgg

two small things:
-Can you change the color of the toolbox from green to gray-ish (or have it follow the color of the truck)? Green looks odd on most colors.
-Can you add on the description of the gearboxes if they are "stock", "highway tuned" and "offroad tuned"? just to make it easier to know wich one is wich.

Otherwise, the only other thing that would make it perfect would be able to swap the bed for a 1 slot sideboard bed or something like that, but its not a must. I really love it.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

done aaaand done. lol and thank you, im glad ya like it!, i am trying like hell, and i have tried to address everything that everyone has brought up to this point.. this one is actually more useful than fun and the community seems to enjoy it so no problem. if you think of anything else or notice anything else thats beneficial, feel free to let me know. tbh i think this is my favorite one so far. its gonna be hard for me to top this one in the future.

kskozlow @kskozlow

The mods is truly awesome! But... My only complaint is that the 2 custom Mud tires act like they are Aired down too much IMO. I dont know but could you maybe adjust that? Once again awesome mod, have a nice day!

Fredswayne @fredswayne

i really like the aired down look though.. lol however.... i can compromise and add doubles that aren't aired down as much in a future update

kskozlow @kskozlow

Awesome, I think it could be cool to see some sort of roll bar in the box with some lights on top. Just an idea, do what you'd like with it!

BossCarson @bossboy678905

finally someone made a classic jeep