C.C.M. CPW-46 for SnowRunner

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Published by Fredswayne (mod ID: 878143)


C.C.M. is Very Proud To Present the CPW-46. This Particular Truck Was Restored In 1997 by C.C.M. And it was Built To Be Beat. its got a bunch of different suspensions,engine, and gearbox options.

(This is the same as the PC version, the only difference being the textures it wears. performance wise there are no differences between the two)

Thanks To Everyone That helps me out with stuff, and also all of you that use my mods.

as with all my mods dont take them and upload them like you put it together. its not cool. if youre interested in using anything ive personally created i.e. tires,rollbars, etc..etc.. just ask, worse i can say is no.





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ssmol1631876052 @ssmol1631876052

sosomething @agotch902

This is a good mod. It could be a GREAT mod with a few improvements.

The good:
- Body model and textures are spot-on. Great fidelity, no weird jaggy vectors, 2-dimensional panels, or unintentional gaps in the body.
- Very creative design. Brings something new to the game while still feeling like part of the "game world," so to speak.
- Suspension / drivetrain looks great, moves realistically
- Nice amount of customization
- Extremely fun to drive (in 3rd person view)

The not-so-good:
- Whatever "dirty window / tint" texture is on the windshield makes the cockpit view completely unusable. The interior is incredibly dark and the schmutz all over the windshield is like trying to see the road while someone jams all 10 of their fingers in your face. I consider this mod slightly broken for this reason alone.
- The interior of this mod seems like an afterthought. It's so dark that it's hard to tell, but I think there's just a dashboard the same color as the body and a very jagged-looking steering wheel. Definitely not a mod for people who like to play in 1st person.
- It's either time for the C.C.M. tire shop to get a major refresh or for them to start using the BigDubz tire pack like everybody else, because the custom tire + rim models and textures are so rough when compared to how good the rest of the mod looks that it breaks immersion. The tires perform well and look somewhat better 'in game' than they do in the garage, but they basically look like they got teleported out of a PlayStation 2 game and I find it super distracting.

Overall it's a good mod from a promising modder, that could be great if the creator can kind of sort out their weak spots where they're obviously still honing their craft. It's worth a subscribe but might not make a permanent spot in your fleet for the reasons above.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

schmutz. lol nice choice of wordage. and well thanks for the feedback. ill refer you to my most recent mod of the 85 longbed to see just how much ive honed in the areas you've brought up, id also like to point out that this mod was released 194 days ago. ive made quite a few mods since then

Ethanjgs @ethangannonsimms

just to you all of you guys knorw this is the ps4 and xbox one verison of his power wagon heres the link

andgames @andgames

chris43 @chris43

Fredswayne are you making console friendly versions of your mods if so can you make the Kaiser a console friendly version

OVERRANCH @overranch

almost all of his mods are console frendly

Fredswayne @fredswayne

most of them are anyways, theres a couple i couldnt bring myself to de-badge, the scout, and the plymouth being the nicest ones probably. but the commando is basically the scout again, just a different vehicle base, and the plymouth, well idk i just couldnt strip them on it yet. maybe in time..

Nighthunter2201 @na4265745

looks cool

tesla1611075368 @tesla1611075368

Is design cancel

Fredswayne @fredswayne


Meclizine @meclizine

My best guess is they're asking if it's unbranded/console-friendly